Friday, December 1, 2006


As December has already started and the winter is getting closer everyday, I found it would be interesting to show you the subtle changes of nature during the fall season...

It is incredible to see how the light, trees, grass, animals and weather have evolved over the last months. Everything goes extremely fast and towards the very end of November, there is no doubt anymore, winter is already knocking at our door (although, I must say that it is too warm - 10°C)!

The very beginning of October: it was still very warm and everything was still quite green...
A bit later that month: the trees slightly turned orange...
Towards the end of October: the autumn isn't as shy as before...
November had started and the trees look more and more rusty colored...
Middle of November: the red colour of the trees turns now to gold. Brilliant hues of yellow appear...
End of November: the last leaves are holding on, but a few days later (now) they will be gone...

I hope you enjoyed this autumnal diaporama and appreciated the sheer beauty linked to the dynamics behind the seasonal changes. Nature is incredible!

"The End of Fall

Hear the scratching of leaves
as rakes pile them high,
and the cool air takes on that familiar snap.
Silently they begin their final journey.
A yellow leaf from the birth, hickory, the great elms and beech.
Reds from the maples, scarlet oaks, sumac and sasafras trees.
The scene is irresistible and there’s magic in the air.
That mystical moment when a painting comes to life.
There is color everywhere.
Trees have changed from light and dark shades of green
into lively leaves of golds, rusts, and scarlet hues
turning the landscape into a thing of beauty.
Something wonderful has happened
Mother Nature fills the land with song
and there is music everywhere.
She splashes bright colors into every leaf.
We’re only allowed to watch this splendor for a short time,
then the next process begins.
The days turn colder,
the wind has picked up its pace
This undressing of trees continue til they’re bare
These last leaves mark the end of fall,
and the beginning of a new season.
We hear the scratching of leaves
as rakes replace the roar of lawnmowers.
The air takes on that familiar snap.
The land looks like a giant, multicolored carpet.
They beckon us to walk through and jump into the crinkling of color,
to frolic and play while the air is still warm.
And then, it is gone."

~ Elizabeth Olsen ~


  1. Sur la prochaine photo, on verra la neige alors?

  2. J'aime le ciel tourmenté de la première photo !

  3. Merci pour ces belles photos...!

  4. IRISA: Merci pour ta visite et ton commentaire! Oui, j'aime aussi le ciel sur le première photo.

    RELLY: Thanks, Relly :-D!