Sunday, December 17, 2006


It's Weekend Cat Blogging and this time, it is "Kitchen Mage" who is hosting the event. As usual, all participants should give their permalinks via e-mail or when leaving a comment on the blog...

For this edition of WCB, Kiki (Fridolin) gracefully accepted to lend his image for the whole world to see how cute he is. In fact, I think he likes striking the pose and
playing the furry male topmodel!!!...

Fridolin (like Maruschka) has many different nicknames and one of them is the "Schuhtanzer (Shoe Dancer)".
I know, I already hear you saying "why that?"...
Well, it all has to do with the ritual he does every time you are putting on your shoes and opening the front door.

At this very moment, Fridolin loves to turn around our feet/shoes and yammer frenetically with his typical croaking and high-pitched little shrieks of excitement!
His little dance is so funny and really sweet...
You can't not love such an adorable kitty, can you?!?

(Dancing Cat -Pic by


  1. i hope you played madonna's "vogue" song for him!! lol.

    very cute.

  2. Fridolin the "Schuhtanzer" cat !!

  3. BUREKABOY: No LOL. In fact, he doesn't even need any music to dance and "strike the pose", he, he!!!

    MIJO: Merci pour ta visite, Mijo...