Saturday, December 30, 2006


On this very last weekend before the New Year, it is Lisa of "Champaign Taste" who is kindly hosting this edition of Weekend Cat Blogging. To participate, give your permalink when leaving a message on her blog or send her an email with all the informations needed...

To end this year in beauty, the featured cat is a certain "Black Beauty" known under the name of Maruschka!

Maruschka is indeed a princess with a beautiful face and a sweet character, but she can also be a devil in disguise...
Today, she nearly drove me crazy; I could have strangled her, he, he!
You all know now how food-obssessed she is. Well, this beginning of afternoon was a real torture for me!
You see, I was preparing some "Cheese Straws" (the recipe follows soon) and of course, my activities in the kitchen aroused her attention and put her in her food related state of trance during which it is IMPOSSIBLE to control or to discipline her.
Nothing calms her.

She generally gets those immense crazy eyes, this terrible sad concentrated look on her face and starts to move over to a spot close to the kitchen in order to play the freakish voyeur.
And God, I can't stand that bizarre head position she adopts nor
her eerie attitude as I don't recognize her. I swear she becomes someone else so much she behaves like a possessed kitty...

(Mad Kitty -Pic by


  1. lol, poor you, rosa! your food is just too good and it drives her insane.

    yep, some days they make you want to strangle them!! :)) somebody has to make trouble though or it would be too boring for you, hehe.

  2. Maruschka est elle le "Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde" de la gent féline? je te souhaite une bon fin d'année et à l'année prochaine.

  3. merçi rosa et comme tu dis!!! à l'année prochaine!! encore mes meilleurs voeux! mimi

  4. What a beauty she really is! They are scary sometimes, aren't they?! The cheese straws sound great . . .

    Rosa, I've posted your link on the roundup already here at Champaign Taste, so you don't need to send it to me. Happy new year!

  5. hahaha Maruschka is posessed! she's so cute with those eyes peering out of her round face i can totally see it! :)

  6. Cheese straws!!!!! Well, I can understand why Maruschka was trying every strategy to get one. I love cheese straws too and I'm sure that Rosa-made straws are delicious! Happy New Year to you Rosa, and to Fridolin and Maruschka! Thanks for all the great posts this last year. I look forward to next year!!!!

  7. BUREKABOY: You are right, he, he!
    Yes, cats can be very nerve racking and the only thought you have in mind is "murder"!!! But, without them and their silliness, life would be bland...

    MAMINA: Je crois!!! Bonne Année à toi aussi et A+!

    MICKYMATH: Merci et bisous!

    LISA: Thanks ever so much for the kind comment. Yes, indeed they are quite scary at times! Happy New Year 2007!!! Cheese straws... The recipe comes soon.

    ARIA: Yes, and I have to call a food exorcist!!! Her eyes can look quite strange when she's in that state (like big saucers)...

    SHER: I guess that the reason why ;-P!!! Cheese strwas are delicious! Happy New Year to you and Upsie! The same goes for you; thanks for your visits, comments and for having such a great blog! I'm looking forwards to seeing you soon and reading your posts...