Saturday, December 9, 2006


For our biggest pleasure, the very popular WEEKEND CAT BLOGGING event is again back and this time, it is a very Angry Cat who has decided to host the the round-up! To participate just email your permalinks to the_cat(at) or post your links directly on the unique "Belly Timber" blog from USA...

In this house, our cats get a fair share of the stardom, so as last week Mr. Fridolin was under the starlight specially for you, this time, our little pin-up named Maruschka has accepted to take a sexy pose. It is eye candy, believe me!!!

Maruschka is a very funny cat who has the most hilarious body language.
As soon as you start cuddling her, she shows her tummy and asks to be "kneaded" like crazy!
It is quite an energy consuming activity...
But, how can I resist such a pure moment of joy?
She gives me so much (on all levels) that I can't possibly refuse her a few intense minutes during which I massage her soft underside.
In any case, I don't really have another alternative as she knows how to command us.
She's a real dictator!!!
Anyhow, she is such an adorable being, although she can sometimes be quite stubborn kitty with a lot of character...


  1. Vive Maruschka en dictateur (trice)
    Joli billet pour un non moins joli chat.
    bises Rosa

  2. mon rêve ,devenir chat...!!!!bon dimanche

  3. Wow Rosa, great photos. Maruschka sure likes to show off :)

  4. Oh my Maruschka! You really are the sexiest kitty. You could be in one of those cat magazines that Upsie gets. They would make you the fold out. And of course you like to show your tummy--it's gorgeous!

  5. Does Maruschka also like Belly Kisses?! MWAH!

  6. My cats would be very jealous of Maruschka's bed! Very cute photo!

  7. Yowza! The fur so soft, the belly so large! This is what my cat Colin is turning into, a big marshmallow kitty!

  8. i want to rub her tummy!! if she doesn't bite my hand first, of course. :-]

  9. I do believe there is nothing in the world cuter than a cat that likes to have its tummy rubbed.

  10. BRIGITTE: Merci! Un dictateur pareille serait un cadeau!!!...

    COLETTE CAYENNE: Moi de même, mais ça dépend du propriétaire...

    D: Thanks! Yes, she likes to show of!

    SHER: Your comment made my day!!! I'd really love to get the center fold...

    RAMONA: She loves belly kisses!!!

    IMPOSSIBLE JANE: Thanks for the comment and the visit! Yes, the bed is very comfy...

    SHANNON: Marshmallow kitty, I love that term!!!! Soft cats are great...

    BUREKABOY: You can rub her tummy, because she never bites or hurts anyone! The rare and only times she "bites" is when she wants to show how much she loves you. In fact, it doesn't hurt; she's very delicate...

    TRACI: That is absolutely true! Thanks for the comment and visit...