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The foods of the Mediterranean and of the Middle East have always interested me, so it is very naturally that I directed myself towards the Ottoman (Turkish) cuisine for which I have a strong penchant...

The Turkish cuisine has inherited a lot from the Ottoman culture/Empire (1299-1922). It has been highly influenced by the Turkic (Central Asian), Armenian, Arabic, Persian and Greek cuisines. This heritage can be felt on Turkey's refined culinary tradition which is a fusion of the above-mentioned cuisines. But, we should not forget that Turkey has also influenced those cuisines as well as the one's of the Western European and of the neighboring countries.

Turkey has a variety of dishes and centuries old recipes that are regional, delicious, yet simple and homey. Turkish food is regarded as the world's great cuisines. The dishes are not too difficult to prepare, tasty and above all extremely affordable. Many fresh ingredients are used and there is no need to have high technical skills in order to cook something mighty delectable. Simplicity is the word, but it undeniably pairs with subtlety and delicacy!

Some of the most common ingredients of the Turkish cuisine are: dill, mint, parsley, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, cloves, paprika, fenugreek, saffron, salep, chili, garlic, onion, sumac, yoghurt, olive oil, cucumber, bell peppers, chickpeas, fava beans, okra, scallions, coriander, lamb, eggplants, spinach, walnuts, sesame seeds, orange flower water, rose water, honey, tomatoes, olives, white cheese (very much like Feta), eggs, rice, fish chicken, filo/yufka pastry and bread (Ekmek, Pide Simit, Manti and Börek).

"Lahmacuns or Lahmajouns" are a kind of Turkish "pizza" (also known as Armenian "pizza"). In Arabic this word means "meat with dough". It is an Anatolian and Middle Eastern dish made with an oven baked flat round and thin piece of dough topped with meat (lamb or beef), tomatoes, red bell peppers, onions, garlic, parsley and chili. It can be sprinkled with grated cheese and lemon juice...

This speciality is particularly interesting, appetizing and mouthwatering! Although it is m
ade with very humble ingredients, the taste that results from the combination of all of them is extremely pleasing and delightful. It's exquisite flavor comes from the the sucessful alliance of bread and meat combined to the wonderful aromas confered by the bell peppers, tomatoes, parsley, onions and garlic. A winning mix that will have an effect on your tastebuds! It is a humble and unpretentious dish that can cast shadow on any so-called high-priced luxurious food, because it tastes "true", is tradition impregnated and levely like the people behind it's origins!

~ Lahmacuns ~
Recipe (for the basic filling) by Bebop at "Plaisir Des Papilles" (Switzerland) and adapted by Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums

Makes about 10 "Lahmacuns".

Ingredients for the dough:
500g Plain white flour
1 1/2 Tsp Salt
1/2 Tsp Castor sugar
2 Tsps Dried yeast
240ml Lukewarm water
Ingredients for the filling:
2 Red peppers, cleaned and cubed
3 Cloves garlic. chopped
2 Onions, chopped
1 (1/3 - 1/2 Cup when chopped) Bunch parsley, chopped
400g Canned tomatoes
1-2 Tbs Tomato puree
1 Tsp Red Tabasco sauce
1/2 Tsp Ground paprika
1/2 Tsp Dried oregano (optional)
500g Ground beef
Sel, to taste
Poivre, to taste

~ Unbaked Lahmacun ~

Method for the dough:
1. Sift the flour and salt into a big bowl.
2. In a small bowl, mix the yeast together with 100ml water and the sugar.
3. Set aside for 5 minutes and then stir well.
4. Incorporate the yeasted water and the leftover water into the flour.
5. Mix well until you get a ball of dough.
6. Knead well for about 10 minutes, until it becomes smooth and elastic.
7. Shape into a ball, place in a bowl and cover with a tea towel.
8. Leave to rise in a warm place for about 3 hours, until doubled in size.

Method for the filling:
9. Preheat the oven to 230-240° C (475-500° F).
10. In a food processor, blend together the red peppers, the garlic, the onions and the parsley.
11. Add the tomatoes, tomato puree, tabasco, paprika and the oregano to the parsley mixture in the mixer. Blend well.
12. Add this final mixture to the ground meat. Mix well. Salt and pepper to taste.
13. Deflate the risen dough and take a small portion of it.
14. Place the ball of dough on a floured surface and roll into a round, flat circle, about 0.3 cm (1/8-inch) thick and 15-16cm (5.9-6.3 inch) large.
15. Place three circles of dough on a baking sheet.
16. Take 1 big tablespoon filling, spread on one cicle of dough and repeat the process with the other two.
17. Bake in the preheated oven for about 10 minutes.
18. Repeat the process from point 14 to 17, until everything (dough & filling) has been used.
19. Serve warm (or cold).

Instead of using red Tabasco sauce, you can take Sambal Oelek or any hot/chili sauce of your choice.
You can also use ground lamb, if you fancy that meat.
Always keep an eye on your "Lahmacuns" while they bake. They have to be taken out of the oven as soon as the dough is baked through.
Pile the hot "lahmacuns" together and wrap in aluminium foil. That prevents them from hardening/drying.

Serving suggestions:
Roll the "Lahmacuns" up before eating and serve with "Tzatziki" sauce. You can eat them either warm or cold.
It is also very common to sprinkle some lemon juice and grated cheese over the meat topping


~ Lahmacuns ~
Recette (seulement pour la garniture de base) par Bebop de "Plaisir Des Papilles" (Suisse) et adaptée par Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums

Pour environ 10 galettes.

Ingrédients pour la pâte:
500g de Farine fleur
1 1/2 CC de Sel
1/2 CC Sucre
2 CC de Levure sèche (en granulés)
240ml d'Eau tiède
Ingrédients pour la garniture:
2 Poivrons rouges, nettoyés et coupés en dés
3 Gousses d'ail, hachées
2 Oignons, hachés
1 Bouquet de persil plat
1 Boite (400g) de tomates concassées
2 CS de Purée de tomates
1 CC de Tabasco rouge
1/2 CC de Paprika doux
1/2 CC d'Origan séché (en option)
500g de Viande de boeuf hachée
Sel, à volonté
Poivre, à volonté

Méthode pour la pâte:
1. Tamiser la farine et le sel dans un grand bol.
2. Dans un petit bol, dissoudre la levure et le sucre dans 100ml d'eau.
3. Mettre de côté pendant 5 minutes, puis bien mélanger.
4. Incorporer le mélange eau/levure et l'eau restante dans la farine.
5. Bien mélanger jusqu'à optention d'une boule de pâte.
6. Pétrir pendant 10 minutes, jusqu'à ce que la pâte soit élastique et lisse.
7. Former une boule, mettre dans un grand bol et couvrir avec un linge.
8. Laisser lever dans un endroit chaud pendant 3 heures, jusqu'à ce que la pâte ait doublé de volume.

Méthode pour la garniture:
9. Préchauffer le four à 230-240°C (475-500° F).
10. Mixer les poivrons, l'ail, les oignons et le persil.
11. Ajouter la boite de tomates concassées, la purée de tomates, le tabasco, le paprika et l'origan, puis mixer.
12. Ajouter ce mélange à la viande hachée, saler, poivrer et bien mélanger.
13. Faire retomber la pâte et en prélever une petite portion.
14. Former une galette assez fine (0.3cm) d'environ 15-16 cm de diamètre avec un rouleau à pâtisserie.
15. Déposer trois galettes sur une grande plaque qui va dans le four.
16. Recouvrir chaque galette avec une grosse cuillère à soupe de la préparation à la viande.
17. Mettre dans le four préchauffé et cuire pendant une dizaine de minutes.
18. Recommencer la préparation de la galette (du point 14 au point 17), jusqu'à épuisement de tous les ingrédients.
19. Servir chaud (ou froid).

Au lieu d'utiliser du Tabasco, vous pouvez prendre du Sambal Oelek ou une autre sauce aux piments.
Si vous préférez, vous pouvez aussi utiliser de la viande d'agneau hachée.
Bien contrôler les galettes lorsqu'elles cuisent. Il faut les sortir que lorsque la pâte est cuite.
Après chaque fournée, empiler les galettes dans un grand papier d'aluminium pour que la pâte ne durcisse pas.

Idées de présentation:
Au moment de la dégustation, rouler les galettes et servir avec du "Tzatziki". Elles se mangent aussi bien chaudes que froides!
On peut aussi y ajouter (après la cuisson) du jus de citron ou du fromage râpé.


  1. Delicieux Rosa. Ca m'arrive regulierement de faire une pizza a la viande hachee qui comporte pratiquement les memes ingredients, et on me la demande souvent celle-la. J'essaierai la tienne pour voir.

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