Tuesday, May 15, 2007



All those memes going around have inspired me greatly. I always have a lot of pleasure taking part in them and tagging other bloggers...

This is the reason why I decided to create a new meme and round-up in relationship with Sunday mornings and food!

The idea is that you show us your typical Sunday breakfast or brunch table, give us a detailed description of what's on it and tell us why you love to sit around it to eat. If ever you live in a country where Sundays are not free (weekend) or if you don't really do much on this day, then you can also participate by writing about the kind of breakfast/brunch that you have when you are on holiday or free...

I hope that this meme will feed you interest and fulfill your healthy "voyeur" predispositions by virtually sneaking a peak into your fellow foodies' homes, on Sunday morning, in order to see what's in their plates!!!

On Sunday, we usually eat around dinner time (12 PM). I would not call this meal a breakfast, but rather a brunch.

It is made to hold fill our stomachs till the evening, therefore we eat more consistantly. We like to enjoy savory food as much as sweet stuff and I find it important to have a healthy element added to it all. In fact, it is kinda typically Swiss!

I always make my own bread as we rarely buy it. I believe that mine is the best I've eaten so far (without wanting to sound too pretentious!)...

I really look forwards to my Sunday morning as it is the only day of the week during which we can relax while eating, enjoy the balcony as well as the nice weather (in the Summer) and savor some good food.

Here is a idea of what you'll find on our table:

. Cheese of any kind as long as it's tasty and has a strong flavor.
. Bread, always homemade (see recipes) and fresh (out of the freezer and refreshed in the oven).
. Butter as it makes enhances the flavor of food!
. Vegetables like cherry tomatoes (depending on the season).
. Honey because it goes best with peanut butter...
. Peanut Butter as I can never get enough of it, especially when paired with honey or even cheese!
. Jam that is always homemade by my boyfriend's mother or by myself.
. Praline Paste, homemade (recipe soon to come). One of the most gorgeous spreads, especially on brioche bread. You'll not always find it on our table as sometime we will have Lemon Curd (see recipe) or something else.
. Nutella, of course! This spread is a real drug as once you start, you can't stop!

I tag the following people (if they want to participate...):
Here are the rules:
1. Create a post (on your blog/site) that speaks about your typical Sunday (holiday or free day, also accepted) breakfast/brunch. Take pictures of your table and write about it.
2. Mention "SUNDAY BRUNCH MEME" in the post and add a link back to my blog (www.rosas-yummy-yums.blogspot.com).
3. Email me the (perma)link to your post at grandchamp@gmx.ch before June the 30th 2007.

Anybody can participate, so please spread the word! I hope that you'll be many to participate.

Version française ICI.


  1. I will be happy to participate. Thanks for tagging me.

  2. Your sunday breakfast sounds good! Mine's very boring... sunday is the beginning of the work week here in Cairo ;-)
    I should visit this blog more often.. already contemplating the panettone...

  3. Merci pour la version française. Mon anglais n'est pas parfait. J'aurais bien voulu goûter à ton brunch, hummm !
    Bonne soirée, Doria

  4. How wonderful!! I would love to participate. I really enjoyed seeing your brunch. Thank you for tagging me!

  5. What a great meme, Rosa!

  6. Wonderful idea! I like how you always make your own bread. I think that's great. My idea of brunch usually consists of calling for delivery from the restaurant. My food, usually pancakes, sausage and eggs are delivered and I make sure to give the delivery guy a good tip. ;-)

    Paz (who hopes to make her own bread one day)

  7. What a fantastic idea! I would love to participate except I teach on Sunday mornings so my breakfast fare is usually half a warm bagel and a cup of coffee, lol. Not a very interesting foodie post! Still I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else does and was absolutely fascinated by seeing what's regularly on your table. You're right: Nutella is a drug... and on that note, why did you remind me about the jar of Nutella sitting in the cabinet? It's 11:01PM and I should not be thinking about Nutella, darn you!

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  8. will do, rosa. thanks for the invite :) i hope that's SWISS cheese on your table! LOL.

    hey, rosa, you eat brunch at 12 AM?? isn't that a bit late?!! LOL. i think you meant PM.

    i'll email you with the details.

  9. Oh dear. Sunday, huh. We're bad on weekends. Thanks for including me (I think). hehe

  10. This is a great idea for a meme combined with a foodie event! Look forward to seeing what others come up with!

  11. J'y particeperai avec grand plaisir, chère Rosa. :-)

  12. What a great idea! I love food, and I love that luxurious Sunday brunch with lots of slow sips on coffee, yummies and the Sunday New York Times. I would love to play along! When I have a good Sunday in the next few weeks, I will leave you a comment with my Sunday Brunch Blog!

  13. hi rosa, i'll definately take part, i love breakfast/brunch foods. i'm anxiously awaiting your recipe for praline paste, oooh man that sounds good!!

  14. Godd idea! Est-ce uniqument les blogs taggués qui doivent participer? Puis-je participer?

  15. OK Rosa, je vais participer au Sunday brunch meme. Je te fais signe dès que je suis prete!

  16. C'est d'accord Rosa je participe, bonne soirée, bises !

  17. BARONESS TRAPUZINA: I'm looking forwards to your participation!

    LULUBERLUETTE: Merci pour ta visite et pour ton gentil commentaire! You know, it doesn't really have to be about your Sunday breakfast/brunch if you work on that day. You can also post about your typical holiday/free day breakfast...

    DORIA: De rien et merci pour le compliment! Tu sais, j'ai un traducteur dans la marge à droite, après l'horloge violette et le compteur (avec Firefox). Bises...

    SHER: Thanks for the kind comment! I'm looking forwards to your participation!

    IVONNE: Thanks! I hope you'll join us all, then...

    PAZ: Thanks for the compliment regarding my breadmaking! It's doesn't matter if you get your breakfast delivered, I just want to see what you eat! I hope that you'll participate. Maybe this time with your own bread creation ;-P?

    ARI: Thanks! You know, it doesn't matter! You could also blog about the typical breakfast you have during your holidays or free days. Yeah, Nutella, one could write books about this dangerous paste ;-P!!! I hope that you'll take part in the event...

    BUREKABOY: I'm glad to hear that you'll participate, BB! Yes, that is Swiss cheese on my table ;-P! I meant 12 PM LOL ;-D!!! I'm looking forwards to your participation, then...

    ROSA: That doesn't matter! Then why not blog about the typical holiday/free day breakfast you have? Please, do take part in this event, I'm begging you :-D!...

    FREYA AND PAUL: Thanks! You can also participate, it's open to everybody who is willing to show what's on their Sunday table! I'm inviting you to take part in that event...

    ELVIRA: Alors, à bientôt! Je suis impatiente de voir ce que tu manges le dimanche matin...

    LANNAE: Thanks, Lannae! I also love that kind of lazy breakfast! I'm looking forwards to your participation...

    ARIA: Thanks! I'm glad that you want to be of the party! I will soon post about that delicious praline paste, don't worry ;-P...

    HÉLÈNE: Merci! Non, tu peux aussi participer! C'est ouvert à tous...

    MOUSSETIC: Je suis contente de savoir que tu participeras! Bises..

    GUYLAINE: Super! Bon weekend et bises...

  18. J'suis toujours à la traîne, moi ! J'avais loupé ce billet...
    Je t'envoie bien sûr ma table de brunch dès que je rentre de New York, c'est à dire en fin de semaiine prochaine.
    Tu as là une super-idée !

  19. moi aussi je veux bien participer ... Non pas que l'on "brunche" à proprement parler, mais parce que l'heure du petit déjeuner du dimanche est carrément indécente !
    Je pense à prendre une photo dimanche prochain !
    à bientôt et merci pour cette idée séduisante.

  20. Bon j'ai une photo, elle est pas super mais bon ... je vais la mettre sur mon blog avant le 30 !


  21. Thanks for pointing this out to me Rosa. I have 2 Sundays to get my act together. Will try to make the event.