Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mamina at "Et Si C'était Bon" is a French foodie blogger who loves desserts, especially when they are smooth and creamy! This is why she has asked us to share our recipes with her...

I got inspired to make this particular rice cream after having gone through one of my Indian cookbooks called "The Indian Kitchen" by Monisha Bharadwaj. Generally, I always make it without the chocolate, by just adding a bit of grated coconut and orange blossom water or rosewater. But, this time I wanted a little change and decided to create a version of this cream with chocolate.

This "Chocolate Rice Cream" is a very fresh and light dessert that will rejoice an
ybody (the children as well as the grownups). It is very smooth, delicate and interesting. The rice flour gives it a special round flavor and the Chinese five-spice powder adds just a little touch of exoticism and originality.

A tasty cream that can be eaten in peace with yourself and without stressing about your calorie count (your body will not end up suffering after you have eaten this little treat) as it's healthy and brings you all that you need. You take no risk here as the only side-effects you can come across are intense gustative pleasure and total soul satisfaction!!!

~Chocolate Rice Cream ~
Recipe by Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums

60g Dark chocolate (65 % or 75% cocoa)
90g Rice flour
480-500ml Milk
3 Tbs Castor sugar

1/2 Tsp Chinese five-spice powder (see infos)
1 Tsp Vanilla extract

A handful pink pralines, broken into pieces

1. In a saucepan, add half of the milk with the chocolate, sugar, five-spice powder and vanilla extract.
2. In a bowl, mix the flour with the other half of the milk until it is well blended.
3. Melt the chocolate and then, bring the contents of the saucepan to the boil and set aside.
4. Pour the rice flour mixture into the pan while mixing vigorously to prevent the formation of lumps.

5. Put the saucepan over medium heat and stir while cooking until the mixture becomes thick and perfectly smooth.
6. Turn off the heat and continue stirring until the cream has cooled completely.
7. Pour into glasses/bowls and refregerate for a few hours.
8. Before serving, sprinkle with the pink pralines.


You could also take normal milk chocolate, but the taste will not be as interesting as with a chocolate containing a higher percentage of cocoa.
You can also use partially skimmed milk, coconut milk or cream for this recipe. It all depends on how "light" you want your cream to be.
The "Chinese five-spice powder" can be replaced by ground cinnamon.
Maybe you'll not find this cream sweet enough, so it's up to you to
see if it needs to be sweetened a little more.
The quantity of milk may vary depending if you like your cream to be thick or not.

Serving suggestions:
Eat for breakfast/brunch or as dessert.

Pour la version française, veuillez utiliser le tradudcteur dans la marge à droite, après l'horloge violette et le compteur. Il vous faut naviguer avec "Firefox" afin d'obtenir un résultat optimal...


  1. Merci à toi... cette crème avec les pralines va vite rejoindre ma petite collection. Je t'embrasse.

  2. je préfère le chocolat noir, le rendu peu sucré, cette crème me fait saliver.

  3. Miam miam, apparement on est très crème aujourd'hui :)

  4. j'aime bien faire des crèmes a la farine de riz mais essaye de remplacer le lait par du lait de riz c'est pas mal aussi
    bon je me sers de ta crème et je vais voir Mamina :-)

  5. Très jolie cette crème avec les pralines et j'imagine délicieuse!

  6. Rosa, ta crème m'a l'air divine et d'une douceur que je devine grâce à ta belle photo.Une petite crème à tester avec plaisir!!! MIam...
    Bonne journée:)

  7. Ca me donne tellement envie de découvrir les pralines!

  8. Great blog! My wife would love it too. I will be sure to tell her about it.

    I will be back for more


  9. Onctueuse à souhait, cette petite crème !
    PS : Mon brunch arrive bientôt ! ;o))

  10. Hummm...une belle crème avec des pralines !

  11. elle m'a l'air bien bonne cette petite crème... j'y tremperais bien ma cuillère... gros bisous Rosa...

  12. Sublime cette petite crème!

  13. Quelle jolie petite crème! Elle m'intéresse vraiment, d'autant plus qu'elle est à la farine de riz. Je l'essaierai bientôt.

  14. Elle a l'air sublime ta crème.
    Bisous, Marie

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