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A few days ago, I desperately wanted to cook something healthy, yet exotic with rice, so I went on the net in order to hunt for an interesting dish. That's how I discovered Manivan Larprom's blogs (see link) that contain many great authentic Thai and Lao recipes...

In Laos, like in many other Asian countries, the people's daily alimentation depends on rice. Laotians eat a lot of sticky rice which they have the habit of crushing into a ball with their fingers and using like a sponge to soak up sauces. It is their staple diet. As their close neighbour Laos (see map), Vietnam and Thailand also know this kind of speciality that they call "Bahn It Tran" in Vietnamese and "Khao Tod" in Thai.

This vegetarian dish is delicious and very fulfilling. Thanks to the egg "glaze", the patties are meaty-tasting and nicely crispy on the outside. On the contrary, their inside texture is rather glutinous and quite elastic (something not everybody likes...).The fragrant "Ginger Sauce" is the perfect accompaniment to those delicately flavored "rice burgers", although it's origin is more Chinese than Lao (my adaptation)...

~ Thai/Lao Sticky Rice Patties ~
Recipe by Manivan Larprom, adapted by Rosa
@ Rosa's Yummy Yums

Makes about 12 patties.

2 Eggs
3 Cups Cooked glutinous rice, one day old (see infos)
Salt, to taste
Oil, for frying

For the "Ginger Sauce":

2 Tbs Light soy sauce (see infos)

1 Tbs Dark soy sauce (see infos)
2 1/2 Tsp Rice vinegar (see infos)
1/2 Tsp Sesame oil
1 Tsp Sesame seeds, roasted
1/2 Tsp Fresh ginger root, finely chopped

1. Beat the eggs in a small bowl.
2. Take 1/4 cup cooked sticky rice, spread it flat and sprinkle with salt.
3. Knead the rice to incorporate the salt and shape into a round patty.
4. Put the sticky rice patties into a frying pan with enough oil, over medium high heat.
5. Fry for 5 minutes, until golden brown.

6. Flip the sticky rice patty over and brush the beaten egg mixture.
7. After another 5 minutes flip the sticky rice over and brush with the egg mixture again.
8. After one minute, flip the rice patty and repeat the operation
by flipping and spreading more egg mixture over the sticky rice patties, until the mixture has all been used.
9. Stir together all dipping sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Set aside.
10. Serve immediately.

The rice patties might be very sticky at the beginning, but don't worry, after a while they will be crisp and will not stick to the pan anymore. Just try not
to touch them while they are frying (for the first 5 minutes before you flip them over), otherwise you'll end up with a pile of mashed sticky rice!
You can also grill or barbecue them.
Once the patties are cold, you can cut them into strips for the appetizer course.

Serving suggestions:
Eat those patties warm or cold and dip into the sauce, as an appetizer. A lettuce salad or any kind of Thai, Lao, Vietnamese salad would be the perfect accompaniment to this dish if you serve it as a main dish.
Instead of using the "Ginger Sauce", you can very well use my Vietnamese "Nuoc Cham Sauce" (see recipe) that also goes very well with the rice patties...

View a useful video showing you how to make those "Fried Sticky Rice Patties": click here.

(Van Viang - Pic by
Weeraphan Thawaitakham


  1. Uhm, Rosa, they look lovely and really tasty and crunchy. Thanks for the recipe and the link, I am going to explore that.

  2. Magnifique tes galettes de riz, j'adore.

  3. merci pour le petit cours de géographie :-)
    tes galettes sont tres jolies mais pour trouver les ingrédients il va falloir que je roule 100 km et donc je vais commencer par préparer une liste d'achats
    bonne journée

  4. ca m'a l'air très bon

  5. miam j'en prendrais bien!

  6. Jolies photos, miam !
    Lsgirl67 ->

  7. Un de mes futurs appetizers ! Tu nous ouvre des horizons nouveaux !

  8. De jolies galettes très appétissantes!

  9. GRACIANNE: Thanks for your kind words! Those patties are wonderful...

    PAPRIKAS: Merci beaucoup :-D!

    MOUNET: De rien! Tu habites aussi loin d'un magasin asiatique! Que c'est dur ;-P... J'espère que tu apprécieras ces galettes. Bonne journée!

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    HÉLÈNE (cannes): Tu m'en donneras des nouvelles, alors! Je suis contente de pouvoir te faire découvrir d'autres cultures culinaires. Bises...

    CHRIS: Merci, Chris!

  10. mm, ça doit être très bon!

  11. je les ai preparé, Rosa, selon tes instructions. ils sont vraiment incroyables :)) merci pour la recette.

  12. Hi, Rosa! I have been searching EVERYWHERE for this recipe. I'm so glad you have it posted.
    I had one question about the flavor of the rice patties- Do they have a slight hint of coconut flavor to them or is that something that would be added in the recipe if I wanted that flavor?

  13. LORY: Merci!

    BUREKABOY: Je suis vraiment contente de l'apprendre!

    BECOMING THE FIRE: Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment!
    They don't taste of coconut, but if you want that flavor, I guess that you could add some grated coconut to the patties mixture or cook the glutinous rice in coconut milk...

  14. En laotien, on l'appelle le 'khao ti lao' ('khao ti' = riz grillé littéralement mais aussi pain 'lao' = laotien).
    Ma mère n'arrêtait pas de nous en préparer quand nous étions petites, mes soeurs et moi pour le goûter. C'est surtout ma petite soeur qui adore avec du maggi tout simplement. Et maintenant, ce sont mes enfants qui se régalent quand ils rendent visite à leurs grand-parents.

    Bravo pour ta sauce 'plus élaborée' et parfumée au gingembre.
    Et je suis ravie que tu apprécies la cuisine lao car elle est très peu connue.

  15. Helen in Houston6:36 AM, August 19, 2011

    I have been looking for a recipe like this for so long. It is served in Kim Son's restaurant in Houston, Texas, and I love these rice patties.

  16. Thankyou so much, I'm half Thai and I still remember these from the last time I was in Thailand. Thanks for bringing back old memories!