Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Here's another quiz for you folks. This time, I would like you to tell me what kind of speciality and spead it is, if it's savory or sweet (click on the picture to enlarge), etc...

Use your fruitful imagination!

The only thing I can say is that both ingredients come from two totally different cultures and that none of them was homemade...

In fact it is something I like to eat as a snack, whenever I'm feeling a little hungry. For some it might be a bizarre association, but for me it's totally yummy!


  1. De la meringue recouverte d'un coulis de mangues ?

  2. What comes immediately to mind is Apricot preserves, but I don't think that's it...

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  3. du pain tartiné à la confiture ?

  4. huuuuumm!!!ce que ça a l'air bon!! biiises micky

  5. oh don't tell me it's ketchup on naan :P
    is it red bell pepper spread?

  6. Alors la, Rosa, je seche! On dirait de la sauce pimentee aigre-douce...mais si c'etait le cas, tu nous l'aurais deja revele, n'est-ce pas ;)

  7. I think it could be sweetened chilli sauce on a crispy indian nan ! A bit hot, no ? Actually I have no idea... Nice picture however !

  8. PAPILLES ET PUPILLES: Pas du tout ;-P!

    ARI: Well, it's not apricot preserves...

    SOUMIA: Merci pour ta visite! Pas juste ;-P!

    MICKYMATH: Oui, c'est bon, mais je pense pas que ça soit du goût de tout le monde! Bises...

    GATTINA: No, it is not ketchup nor is it red bell pepper spread or naan, but you got close to giving a correct answer!...

    CONFITUREMAISON: Hehe ;-P! C'est une sauce de ce genre...

    NATALIA: Thanks! Hhmmm, that's not too bad! But one element is still wrong...