Sunday, June 11, 2006


It's time again for our weekly cat treat!!!

That's typically our little "Psycho" when he has his 10 minutes of total mayhem! When he's going nuts running around, Fridolin generally looks quite "bizarre"; he looks quite estranged, his "rabbit" leg knocks the floor with a "ra-ta-ta-ta" sound, his superior lip lets the right tooth show and his nerves shake his whole back! A real circus number which makes us laugh!!!...

You will also find this picture as well as others on the great Eat Stuff blog from Sydney, Australia where you can discover Kiri's weekly pictures... If you also want to participate to Weekend Cat Blogging, then just leave your blog name, URL and permalink in a comment on Clare and Casey's site.


  1. Awwww!! Fridolin looks so adorable. I have a real weakness for classic tabbys. They have the best personalities. But, it's clear that he also knows how to entertain you with his antics.

  2. On dirait un chat extra terreste ,bon dimanche

  3. I call those runs - venting out kitty energy.I love tabbies too and fridolin is such a cute tabby.

  4. hahahahah ratatatat... rabbit leg! fridolin's quite awesome :)

  5. SHER: Thanks! Yes, classic tabbies are real cute! And Fridolin knows how to be a clown...

    COLETTE: Oui! Il a bougé, alors ses yeux ont pris une drôle d'allure!...

    BOO_LICIOUS: You are right; good way of calling them! Thanks for the nice comment, Fridi blows you a kiss!

    CLARE EATS: When he's in his crazy modus, then the whole cat is FREAKY ;-)))!!!

    ARIA: You should see/hear it when his rabbit leg is hitting the floor! It reallly goes "RATATATATA"; that's so hilarious!!! Thanks for the kind comment...