Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A few weeks ago, I went to an American food store named "American Market" and bought a few goodies.

This is a store dealing with all kinds of foods "made in USA"...
In this little two storey store situated in the popular quarter of the Pâquis, close to the lakeside and the train station, one can find various products such as soft drinks, sweets, Hershey's drops, brown sugar, chocolate, baking products, Tex-Mex specialities, wine, crisps, bagels, sauces (A1, Ketchup, Louisiana Hot Sauce, etc...), cookie mixes, and also measuring cups, pie tins, etc...

They really carry a lot and there are many interesting products. The atmosphere is very friendly and the store is very cute with it's American style. Everything is fine, but one thing annoyed me and freaked me out: the HIGH prices (many over 12 CHF items)!!! I had to take a deep breath and open my eyes wide so much I was in disbelief regarding their prices (well, maybe I'm too used to the ridiculously low-priced products we find in Asian food stores...)! In my opinion, they were totally overdone. Or am I wrong when I think so, are the prices of imported food from the USA always so expensive?!?... Because of that I could not really buy as many things as I planned to since I personnally found that they overpriced their products. This negative aspect made me sad as I went there with the idea that I would come back home with a full bag. That was an error! I could only afford a few low-priced items and that frustrated me a lot because I would have liked to treat myself with more......

Anyways, it's a place I would recommend you to go, at least to have a pleasant look around. It's a nice store which will transport you to another (food) world!

See what I bought:

1. Kool Aid "Island Twists".
2. Nature Valley "Pecan Crunch" energy bar.
3. Measuring cups for baking.
4. Domino "Dark Brown Sugar".
5. El Rio "Refried Beans".

American Market
Food Store
3, rue de Neuchâtel
1201 Geneva
022/732 32 00


American Market
Food Store
8, rue Juste Olivier
1260 Nyon
022/362 49 05


  1. Same here, whenever you find american products, they are always ridiculously overpriced. At least you can find them.
    I noticed you bought the same set of cups I have.

  2. Watch out the kool aid it is only chemical, I prefer our local 'sirop'. At least it is real sugar!

    Some times a good idea to look at UK sites which have american products for a reasonnable price.

    PS There used to be an american store in StGenis accros GE for you in France. maybe cheaper-

  3. GRACIANNE: Of course, I could be happy to have an American store here in Geneva, but I can't possibly spend a lot of money on small fun products!... I wonder why it's so expensive?
    So, we are two with the same set of cups! I took the only ones I found, but I know that there are "nicer" ones in America...

    TEXMEX: I know that the Kool Aid is only chemical, but I never ingest anything of this kind so once every blue moon will not really do any harm, I guess... In fact, I only drink water, coffee and milk. Never any sugary drinks, but thanks for the health recommendation!
    Thanks for informing me about the US store in Saint-Genis! Maybe it is cheaper, who knows? And, yes, UK sites might offer reasonnably priced goods...

  4. That's such a funny story because here in Guam, a US territory, the US products are pretty fair/cheap and the Japanese (imported) items are so expensive. When I went to Okinawa, it was the other way The American products were soooo expensive and the Japanese stuff were so cheap...I couldn't help but know what it feels like to be in your shoes.
    What items are you interested in? I'd be happy to check into it and send you a few items if you like! It's really not expensive but maybe the shipping might be! Let me know!

  5. PURPLECUPCAKE: Your story made me laugh! This world is sometimes quite bizarre!
    Many thanks for proposing your help! Unfortunately, knowing how much the postage costs, I'll have to turn down your kind offer. At the end, it would come to the same price... Thanks anyway!

  6. Guys there is a place in Geneva where they american food is really unexpensive...
    It is in a fine grocery food who is also selling a lot of specialties...
    The shop is really nice , the people are really nice and the food is so gooooood.

  7. still looking for a shop with american product not expensive...
    let me know



  8. ANONYM: I am still looking for an American market, especially if the food there is unexpensive. Please tell me where it is! Thanks...



  9. Dear Rosa,

    I give you the address:

    It is the Epicerie Fine (Cologny Alimentation) in Cologny, in Geneva.
    They have good things, US food. Italian Food, lot of good specialties.

  10. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for the address! I know that there is an "épicerie" in Cologny, but I didn't know that it also offers such a variety of foods...

    I will try to go there one of these days.

    Best regards,


  11. Hey guys...

    try it's great and really good prices, they are in switzerland...


  12. Rosa and friends,

    The nostalgia of these products lured me in; I used to be the manager of the american store in Nyon some 2.5 years ago.

    The choice and variety of the stores continues to grow and I can only assume that it will continue to do so.

    As per previous posts, Ive noticed the concern of the elevated prices. I can assure you with full confidence and faith that there are good reasons for this; 95% of the reasons being the importation laws and taxes within this self-sufficient country.

    Most grocerie stores charge an additional 150-180% of their purchase price to the consumer. I can tell you that the american store is Much much lower than this.

    As truth to this testament, the American store in Geneva opened up more than 14 years ago and it took them 10 years in order to generate enough funds to be able to open a second store, on which the land and surface is rented, not purchased.

    The passion of the owners is a passion for American food, not a money making business. Both owners work outside the store and re-invest much of their personal finances, earned outside, into this business in order to maintain quality products and standards at the most respectable prices allowed to skim by and keep functioning.

    In their defense, I was in charge not only of the importation of goods, but also the books. They are definitely not in this business for the money.

    I hope that my insight enables you to further understand some of the more hidden elements of this business.

    If you have other questions, feel free to write to me on

    Please excuse me in advance if I do not reply straight away. My new job is very demanding and I rarely get to check my mail. Because of so much Spam out there, may I ask you to place an appropriate title in the subject of the email so that it does not get considered as spam.

    May I also kindly ask you to not send me emails with suggestions as I no longer work for the American Market. You can always request items with the clerks in the respective stores. Note however, that all requests can not be granted as access to products, tarrifs, demand and more come into play.

    Wishing you all the best in reviving the palette sensations with these nostalgic American products. I go fairly often for my Jolly Rancher addiction.


  13. DAVID: Thanks for your visit and for the explanation! Yes, I know that business is tough in Switzerland and that small stores don't make much money... Anyway, this store is valuable and I will continue visiting it in the future!

    Kind Regards,