Sunday, June 4, 2006


This weekend, WCB is a very special one. For the one year anniversary of Weekend Cat Blogging, Clare has invited us all to submit a picture of our cat's favorite toy or a sound recording of his/her voice!

That'll surely be very interesting, I'm sure...

Look at those two couch potatoes shamelessly lying in their comfy bed! When I see them having some good time doing nothing and sleeping all day long, I tend to feel "jealous". Why could we not be cuddled all day long, served like a pasha, fed, sleep as we wish and above all not be worried by anything in particular (apart from the time when we get supper as that's a very important event in a cat's life, isn't it?)? Heh, I ask you why? It's not fair at all, but only God knows why some have the right to live for pure pleasure while others are doomed to serve and "suffer"......
Let's meditate on that, shall we (grrrrrr...)!!!
Regarding the toys, well our cats get very fastly bored by them, so they only have a big tree which is soon falling to pieces, a living room as playground and a cat toilet in which they like to toy around for many long minutes, moving the sand from one side to another and at the end, spreading it everywhere around and as far as possible (mmmffff *@%&*%...)!!! Otherwise, they love to get combed, so we have a brush and a glove that they like to mistreat (you have to be careful not to lose you hand while doing it!) whenever we use them on them little monsters...

You will also find this picture as well as others on the great Eat Stuff blog from Sydney, Australia where you can discover Kiri's weekly pictures... If you also want to participate to Weekend Cat Blogging, then just leave your blog name, URL and permalink in a comment on Clare and Casey's site.


  1. I totally sympathize with you regarding the litter box thing. My cat get into hers and digs and digs until I yell at "stop it". Your kitties look adorable look adorable!

  2. lazy days...must be nice to be a cat living in your house! Our Stella's kitty condo looks almost identical to that with all the missing carpet. I try to tell her she's only decreasing the value of her home, but she doesn't care.

  3. They both look so lazy and comfy in their basket.

    Yeah, my kitties also love to dig dig their litter boxes until I spread newspapers around it so those stray bits won't get on the floor.

  4. They have made short work of that cat tree!

  5. I love them! That is hillarious with the tree! Mine have tore holes in theirs (carpeted) but not to the extent of yours, yet! Too funny! But, you should see some of my furniture too! Yikes!

  6. Ils son gâtés ces petits chats.

  7. SHER: Thanks for the kind comment. At least, your cat stops her circus in the litter box when you tell her so, but our Fridolin doesn't. We literally have to shake him out of it!!!!!...

    IT'S ONLY FUEL: I guess that they are not badly treated; I'll have to ask them what they think about that topic!!! Yes, cats can decrease the value of furniture and "destroy" our comfort, but they are sooo adorable that it's a sacrifice you have to accept! A pity for your carpet, though...

    BOO_LICIOUS: Arrrghhh, those stray bits, grrrrrrr!!!!.... Their toilet is next to our toilet, so we don't have much space in order to protect the floor (we barely have space for our own feet)...

    CLARE EATS: Yes!

    ROSA: Many thanks for the nice commmment! At least, ours destroy their tree, not our furniture (poor you)! But they do dirty the apartment and furniture with their dirty feet and when throwing up...

    COLETTE: Oui, ils en ont de la chance!