Friday, June 23, 2006


On Sundays we like to walk around our beautiful countryside. There are so many different walks that one can do when living in Veyrier.

Since we are so close to the border, we always have to ensure that we are carrying our identity cards on us, otherwise we would be a little limited. It is so easy to cross the border as most of the walking ways do so!...

On this very hot day, we went over to France and had a little walk at the foot of the Petit Salève.

It was very rewarding! We are very lucky to have such a beautiful countryside around the place we live!!!

A rather boyantly green Petit Salève...
Endless greenery...
A path...


  1. comme c'est verdoyant!
    C'est splendide, il faut que j'aille voir ça :)

  2. Beautiful! I love these shots!


  3. Now, that's green. Love it!

  4. Je suis un peu en retard, desolee, je n'avais pas vu. Ca change des photos que tu as prises cet hiver, il est plus joli habille de vert le Saleve.

  5. OOISHIGAL: Je te conseille vivement cet endroit!

    PAZ: Thanks! I'm happy you like those pictures...

    ROSA: Thanks! Yes, it's very green at the moment...

    GRACIANNE: Pas de problème... Tu as raison, je préfère aussi le Salève en été. Par contre, en automne il est aussi très beau...