Friday, June 30, 2006


Going to the Asian supermarket is always a highlight for me. I call it "Ali Baba's Cavern" since there are so many products that I get like hypnotized whenever I decide to shop there! I really love my little Asian supermarket humbly named "Asia Store"!!!

I visit my favorite supermarket quite often and when I do so, you can be sure that I come back with bags full of goodies... Since I use certain products nearly on a daily basis (fish sauce, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, spices, etc...) and love Asian food, I always make sure that there is nothing missing in my cupboards.

This place is really great as it carries so many different things. Everything is crammed into a very small space! One can find Thai , Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian products, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs as well as cooking utensils. Another positive point about this store is that it's prices are very cheap (cheaper than in "normal" supermarkets). When I'm in there, I'm in heaven!...

So, here's what I bought (from left to right):

1. Fresh yellow turmeric roots (from Thailand).
2. Fresh red chillies (from Thailand).
3. Thai fish sauce (nam pla).
4. Coconut milk (from Thailand).
5. Tamarind concentrate (from Thailand).
6. Palm sugar (from Thailand).
7. Shrimp paste (from Thailand).
8. Fresh coriander with their roots (from Thailand).
9. Fresh lemongrass (from Thailand).

10. Juda's ears (dried mushrooms) or cloud ears fungus (from China).
11. Chinese moon cakes (niangao) filled with mung bean paste and coconut (from Paris, France).
12. Bean curd sheets (from China).
13. Koh-Kae brand coconut cream flavored peanuts (from Thailand).
14. Koh-Kae brand tom yum flavored peanuts (from Thailand).
15. Mortar and pestle (from Thailand).

If you want to buy Asian products in Geneva, here's the address of this great store:

8, rue Pradier
1201 Geneva
022/ 732 28 38


  1. WOW ! Génial, je vais y aller dès la fin de mes exas ;)
    Les cacahuètes aromatisées, j'en achetais souvent à Bangkok, je me réjouis de les retrouver ici !

  2. SAN DES FRANGINES: Oui, ces cacahuètes sont extras! Je les adore...

    Je suis désolée si je ne peux plus visiter votre blog... Malheureusent, je n'arrive plus à visiter certains sites avec mon ordi (voir post précédant)!

  3. PENGUIN VILLA: Thanks for the kind comment and for visiting my blog! I'm happy to hear that you like what I wrote about your country. I love Thai food (I'll post more recipes soon) and I'm also very interested in Thailand's culture, history, etc... It's really a place I'd love to visit!