Sunday, November 13, 2005


"ULTIMATE BREAD" by Eric Treuille & Ursula Ferrigno
168 pages, Dorling Kindersley

"Ultimate Bread" is a collaboration between the French Eric Treuille and the Italian Ursula Ferrigno. Both authors share unforgetable family memories in relation to bakery as they were privileged for having had their first experience in making bread very early. It was their love of bread which propelled them into baking bread at home and then teaching others how to do the same. Eric Treuille and Ursula Ferrigno believe that your whole life changes when you take the time to bake at home, and you'll find out that they are not wrong at all…

The result of their efforts is contained in this great book through which their enthusiasm and passion for home bakery is communicated to the reader who will be inspired and will run straight to the kitchen to start baking!!! "Ultimate Bread" comprises over 100 accessible bread recipes from all around the world (Europe, America, India, Middle East, British, French, Italian, etc...) with easy-to-follow and detailed instructions and beautiful photography.

The first 60 pages are dedicated to a thourough introduction to the fundementals of bread making, with lots of helpful informations about tools and equipment, various ingredients and basic techniques. The book has different chapters depending on bread types: basic breads, breads using starters, flavored breads, enriched breads, flat breads, quick breads, festive breads and recipes using bread. Each section is chock-full of superb and well-detailed recipes including inserts with short cultural descriptions about each bread.

I really find this book very useful and practical. "Ultimate Bread" is a complete guide to the art of bread making which comes in very handy everytime you decide to bake any bread whether it is included in this book or not. Their great methods and tips contained within the pages of this book can be applied to all the breads you want to make. You'll see that with them, no bread will ever fail; in fact, you will always be totally successful in your baking! "Ultimate Bread" is a real "bible" and guideline which makes you want to explore unknown recipes without feeling any apprehension; your sense of adventurousness will be stimulated. You will soon discover that you can’t live without it's precious help and contimuous presence at your side!

All the recipes I’ve tried so far were delicious and turned out exactly as on the pictures. Some of my fave recipes include the following breads: Baguette, Bagels, Pretzels, Ciabatta, Swiss Zopf, Parker House Rolls, Ekmek, Barbari, Pide, Corn Bread, Challah, etc.. And you’ll also find other interesting recipes like Victorian Milk Bread, Broa, Pumpkin Bread, Dark Chocolate Bread, Stromboli, Brioche, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Naan, Pita, Dresdner Christstollen, Bolo-Rei, Panettone and many more.

"Ultimate Bread" doesn’t lie and you’ll be delighted by it’s genuinety… It's one of the best books around when it comes to bread making, so grab your copy now!

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  1. Wahou, I'm sure I'd love this book. Should buy it someday.

  2. Yeah, I recommend you to check it out if you love making bread!

  3. The last time I baked bread was when my girls where little. I even wrote about it on my blog
    kooking with kids

    Maybe it's time to start again without the chaos of little "helpful" fingers.

  4. Hello Ruth,

    Thanks for the comment.
    I love baking and I would recommend it to anybody!
    I can understand that it's not very easy to make bread when all those "helpful fingers" are around... But now that your girls are older, I guess that it'll be easier! I wish you all the best with your future baking. I

  5. I will look for this book. Seems like a very good book, thanks