Sunday, November 6, 2005


Here's a beautiful wine from Southern Italy, a so-called "New World" wine which I found really delightful. "ACCADEMIA DEL SOLE" is worth giving a try, therefore I recommend you to buy it as every drop of it is highly valuable...

Grape variety: Viognier
Producers: Cantine Calatrasi
Place: San Cipirello, Sicily
Country: Italy

With such a poetic name like "ACCADEMIA DEL SOLE" this wine has to be special, and that's exactly what characterizes this wine: personality and originality!

"ACCADEMIA DEL SOLE" is a richly flavored, full-bodied white wine which has a magnificent golden lemon colour and a complex structure with a lot of character. This wine is intensively packed with nutty aromas of peaches and pears. It has a persistent note of fruits which beautifully ends up on a delicately oaked aroma. "ACCADEMIA DEL SOLE" is quite sugary, spicy and refreshing.

"ACCADEMIA DEL SOLE" will fully develop it's subtlety with cheese, fish, seafood, exotic specialities, white meat and nutty dishes.

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