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For the neophytes who don’t know what ELLE À TABLE is, this magazine deals with everything in close relationship to food in a gastronomical sense. It was firstly released in 1995 in Sweden and was very fastly printed for distribution in diverse other countries like France, Germany, Australia, Japan and Italy. ELLE À TABLE is a lifestyle magazine in association with the trademark ELLE.

ELLE À TABLE is directed to people who are in search of a fresh and innovative magazine dedicated to a specific fashionable and socially rich way of life. This bimonthly magazine has a modern and fresh manner of speaking about the table arts.

The articles are very witty and humorful, thus adding a unique zesty touch to the magazine's remarkable writing. ELLE À TABLE is packed with tons of interesting and captivating columns, highly aesthetic photography and finger-licking recipes. Inside each issue, you’ll find shopping news, wine and book reviews, articles about interior decoration and food-loving people, suggestions, useful addresses of restaurants and stores, internet tips and so much more. The dishes presented are either simple, traditional or elaborate depending on the event and mood/context chosen. There are recipes by chefs and delicious menu ideas to experience with friends.

ELLE À TABLE compiles a lot within it’s classy magazine; there’s so much to read and cook that you’ll not see the time pass until the next issue comes out! It is a truely beautiful little culinary jewel to recommend to anybody who appreciates the value of good food.

I’ve been an avid ELLE À TABLE reader since a time now and this cookery magazine continues to overwhelm me with it’s magnificent contents! This luxurious gourmet magazine is a very interesting read and a real pleasure for the eyes. It’s joyful and colourful tone is very seducing and the open-mindedness of it's collaborators will enlighten you!!!

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