Friday, November 18, 2005


Have taste of this, it's new and asolutely de-li-cious!!!

In the revolutionary world of chocolate making, the various manufacturers can't stop competing for the monopoly position on the market and that with neverending extravagant ideas. And with this chocolate, a new gap has been discovered as until now, I had not seen any chocolate of this kind. My guess is that their new line of chocolates will be very successful!!!...

What's so different from other chocolates, you'll ask me... Well,
Camille Bloch's last creation to date is a little more sophisticated than your usual commercial chocolate as this one has a mousse filling within it's centre. And this special variety of chocolate comes in four different types of delicate flavors: chocolat (chocolate), chocolat noir (dark chocolate), caramel and noisette (hazelnut).

Those chocolates are filled with an unctuous and airy mousse which will remind you of the best homemade desserts you've eaten. The chocolate itself is not too sweet and has a fine full taste of cocoa. And that's exactly what makes this mousse collection very pleasant. One has to enjoy those chocolates without any guilt as it would be a pity to spoil this pure moment of bliss with such negative feelings!!!

If anybody can ever get a grip on those delicious chocolates, then I recommend you to run as fastly as possible in order to immediately buy Camille Bloch's heavenly Swiss milk creations!!! Paradise will then only be a step away from you...

A bit of history:
The Camille Bloch company was founded in 1929 in Berne, the capital of Switzerland. During the Second World War, one of the most successful products which brought the founder to the top was his delicious creation called Ragusa.

Because of the shortage of ingedients, he decided to invent a hazelnut praliné-paste which was added to the chocolate mass. In the 70's, other renowned and innovative chocolates like Torino branche, Kirsch-Li and Ragusa Jubilé saw the light of day with as much success as it's predecessor Ragusa and have never stopped being chocolates of reference.

Since then, the company has continued producing quality Swiss chocolate and creating new and original products in order to perpetuate the Swiss chocolate history for our biggest gustative pleasure!...

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