Monday, April 24, 2006


Spring took a long time to show (tree-wise), but suddenly things have started to speed up and within a week a big difference was to be seen/felt!...Last week, the trees were still a little naked...
The private gardens (with trees in bloom) that I see from my bedroom windows (facing north)...
On Easter Friday: a view on the Salève (there is still a bit of snow covering the top)...This weekend, thanks to the warm temperatures and sunny days we had, the trees exploded in a symphony of green!
The same view under a different light...


  1. Truly breathtaking, you are so lucky to see such beauty!

  2. Waou, it's beautiful, amazing ...

  3. How beautiful. As I've told you before, Switzerland is my all-time favorite place in the world. So lovely. Lucky you. sigh.

  4. So spring came at last to Switzerland. It feels so good, doesn't it?

  5. So lovely. Geneva is such a breathtaking city with the Saleves next-door and all.

  6. PAMELA: ;-)

    S'KAT: I'm aware of that and I'm very happy to live in such an environment!...

    FABIENNE: Thanks!

    ROSA: Thank you! You also seem to live in a beautiful place; America's sceneries makes me dream and I'd love to visit your country...

    GRACIANNE: It does feel extremely good, ;-)!!!

    SUSAN IN ITALY: Thanks. I'm happy to hear that you like Geneva and the countryside around the town!...