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I must say that although I love the Yule-tide (Christmas in a non-Christian way - I prefer to celebrate it the "pagan" way) atmosphere, I am really not a big fan of this mercantile Christmas craze that already starts when the summer has just ended. All I see when I open magazines or newspapers, put on my TV and look at the robotically busy crowds running from one store to another is consumption, consumption and consumption. In our modern world, Xmas is deprived of all it's meaning and spiritual aspect.

The real signification of sharing and giving has been lost. Most people buy things because they have to make gifts no matter if they have enough money or not (some ever make debts in order to buy them). It is a social obligation. The worst is that because of the way things are in our modern times, the act of offering is made without pleasure or deep purpose (I am not speaking about calculated acts of offering here, but about the meaningful ones). So that leads some persons
to offer impersonal presents that are not to the taste of the receivers and will be recycled, given away, exchanged or even thrown away. Not forgetting that many already have everything and need nothing more. This accumulation of goods can be quite pornographic, especially when you think of those that are in need.

Too many of us are stressed by those festivities,
feel pressurized by their family who sets the bar far too high and cannot bear the weight which is put on their shoulders as not only do they have to purchase loads of useless paraphernalia, but they also have to get together with people they dislike just for the sake of that "holy day", play the perfect family although hate, jealousy and adversity is in the air (so fake - love and friendship is not something you show only once a year and it cannot be commanded!) and slave in the kitchen all day to prepare a expensive as well as gargantuesque feast. What a comedy!

Everything has to be big, expensive, shiny, artificial, pompous, over the top, burden-like and imposed. In such suffocating circumstances celebrating Xmas is far from being cheery. It is more like a torture or traumatizing nightmare that never ends! I'm sure if you asked people wether they'd prefer to go through the pain of organizing the "perfect" Christmas and lose their sanity or would rather do some cocooning I'm sure 70% would choose the latter (the 30% percent who will claim the contrary are those who are blessed with kind and lovable relatives - something quite rare).

Of course, some of you are lucky to not fall easily into the commercial spiral/trap, have another vision of things and can be proud of having a normal family. In such conditions Christmas is not hollow and it is an event you can look forward to ...

I am fortunate enough to commemorate Christmas in my own way (it also happens to be my birthday on the 25th of December). We try tribute to this day in a very heathen, nature-oriented and non-confomist fashion. We don't go crazy when it comes to spending money, but we exchange humble yet wonderful gifts, value true relationships and eat a 100% homemade meal (cooked by "moi") that is rich in it's simplicity (no 5 hour sessions at the table - we prefer to eat less and to make the fancy food last a few days instead of gulping all of it on the same day). My family being plagued by petty fights, I happen to spend the holidays at home with my boyfriend and our two kitties (Maruschka & Fridolin - my babies LOL). Straight-forward, refined, authentic and humble just like me. Very romantic, laid-back and cozy!

I particularly enjoy the weeks that preceed Xmas as it is a foodlover's and baker
's paradize. There are so many cookies to bake, countless magazines to leaf through, tons of gleeful blog post to admires and heaps of wonderful food displayed on markets or in stores to drool over. When you are an epicurean like me, then you cherish this awesome period that is the Advent even more than the 25th of December itself.

Lately, I have been bustling in my kitchen, overusing my oven and baking all kinds of treats that disappear within a few hours or days (a Sisyphus job). In my house delicious things don't last long and it w
as also the case with my "Eggnog Mousse" which was so good that it was impossible to stop gobbling it.

I found the original recipe in my December issue of
"Delicious" magazine (once again!) which is a big source of inspiration and my latest culinary crush . At the origin this pudding was called "Eggnog Creams", but since I adapted it by spicing it up a little more, adding ingredients or substituting others and incorporating more gelatine, I decided to change it's title since this dessert is more like a mousse than a cream.

This "Eggnog Mousse" is a dessert that fits perfectly the Christmas d
ay dinner party menu as it is light, fresh and so festive. It is totally irresistible with it's intense spiciness, fabulous heady notes of whiskey (just perceptible), creamy full-bodiness, delicate vanilla aroma, slight custardy/eggy flavor and dreamlike fluffiness as well as lovely jelly texture. A treat that will charm your guests and conclude the meal ethereally!


I have participated in the elaboration of this issue, so if you want to learn everything about my Christmases and see my pictures then please do check out that online magazine.

Eggnog Mousse 4 bis
~Eggnog Mousse ~
Recipe adapted from "Delicious", December 2010.

Serves 8.

500ml Milk (3.5% fat)
1 1/2 Tsp Pure vanilla paste
2 Sticks Cinnamon
1 1/2 Tsp Freshly grated nutmeg (+ a little more to dust)
A pinch Ground cloves
4 Large egg yolks (free-range or organic)
110g Castor sugar
60ml Whiskey
1/2 Tsp Pure vanilla extract
1/2 Tsp Fine sea salt
8 Sheets gelatine
320ml Double cream (35% fat)

1. Pour the milk into a medium pan and add the vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Over medium heat stir continuously and bring to a slight boil. Remove from the heat and let infuse for about an hour.
2. In a medium bowl, put the egg yolks, sugar, whiskey, vanilla and salt. Whisk until thick and pale yellow.
3. Over low heat, reheat the infused milk and slowly strain it over the egg mixture. Mix well.
4. Pour back into the pan and cook over low heat while continuously stiring until the mixture becomes thickish and covers the back of a spoon.

Eggnog Mousse Picnik collage 4 bis
5. Soak the gelatine in bowl of cold water for about 5 minutes, until the sheets get soft. Discard the water and squeeze in order to remove all excess water.
6. Add to the custard and stir well until completely dissolved and incorporated.
7. Pour into a bowl and place it in a sink filled with ice cold water.
8. Let cool completely and stir every now and then. The mixture should get thick, but should not be set.
9. Meanwhile whisk the cream until you obtain soft peaks.
10 Fold delicately into the custard until the mixture is homogenous.
11. Pour into 150ml transparent verrines or glasses.
12. Chill for about 4 hours or overnight.

You can replace the whiskey by brandy, sherry or rum.

Serving suggestions:
Serve cold for dessert and decorate with the cookies of your choice (speculoos, shortbread, macaron, etc...), some grated dark chocolate or broken praline.


Eggnog Mousse Picnik collage 2 bis
~ Mousse Au Lait De Poule ~
Recette adaptée du magazine "Delicious", Décembre 2010.

500ml de Lai (3.5% de mat. grasses)
1 1/2 CC de Pâte de vanille pure
2 Bâtons de Cannelle
1 1/2 CC De Noix de muscade fraîchement moulue (+ un petit peu pour saupoudrer)
Une pincée de Clous de girofles en poudre
4 Gros jaunes d'oeufs (air libre ou bio)
110g de Sucre cristallisé
60ml de Whisky
1/2 CC d'Extrait de vanille pure
1/2 CC de Sel de mer fin
8 Feuilles de gélatine
320ml de Crème double (35% de mat. grasses)

1. Verser le lait dans une casserole moyenne et y ajouter la pâte de vanille, la cannelle, la noix de muscade et le clou de girofle. A feu moyen, chauffer et mélanger continuellement jusqu'à légère ébullition. Retirer du feu et laisser infuser pendant 1 heure .
2. Dans un bol moyen mettre les jaunes d'oeufs, le sucre, le whisky, l'extrait de vanille et le sel. Fouetter jusqu'à obtention d'un mélange mousseux et pâle.
3. Réchauffer le lait infusé à feu moyen et le filtrer tout en versant dans le bol où se trouve le mélange aux jaunes d'oeufs. Bien mélanger.
4. Transvaser dans la casserole puis faire cuire à feu doux tout en remuant jusqu'à obtention d'un custard assez épais (il doit recouvrir le dos d'une cuillère).

Eggnog Mousse Picnik collage 1 bis
5. Faire tremper la gélatine dans un bol d'eau froide pendant 5 minutes, jusqu'à ce qu'elle ait ramolli complètement. Enlever l'eau et la presser afin d'en extraire toute l'eau superflue.
6. Ajouter au custard et mélanger afin que la gélatine soit complètement dissoute et incorporée.
7. Verser dans un bol. Le placer dans de l'eau très froide.
8. Faire refroidir complètement le custard et mélanger de temps en temps. Le mélange ne doit pas prendre, mais doit s'épaissir.
9. Pendant ce temps, foutter la crème jusqu'à formation de pics.
10 Incorporer délicatement au custard afin d'obtenir un mélange homogène.
11. Verser dans des verres ou verrines de 150ml.
12. Mettre au frigo au moins pendant 4 heures ou toute une nuit.

Le whisky peut être remplacé par du brandy, sherry ou du rhum.

Idées de présentation:

Servir froid pour le dessert et décorer avec des biscuits (speculoos, shortbread, macaron, etc...), du chocolat râpé (ou des copeaux de chocolat) ou du praline.

Eggnog Mousse Picnik collage 5 bis


  1. Wow. WOW. That sounds awesome. I really like eggnog flavour and I love the creamy texture of mousses, puddings, and custards. I can just imagine this tasting perfect.

  2. Ciao rosa come non darti ragione sul consumismo del Natale , comunque una parte positiva la possiamo trovare intorno a noi con le cose che ci piace fare.
    la tua mousse è deliziosa come sempre per le tue ricette, vado anche a sfogliare la rivista online e per ora ti abbraccio e ti auguro un buon fine settimana!

  3. I second you on the social obligations part.The festive spirit is lost in the commercialization..sad but true.
    This mousse make me wanna dig in rightaway!

  4. So true about the craziness of the holidays. Good for you to keep things as simple and natural as possible! And, this dessert looks divine. Love the flavors. Happy early Birthday to you!

  5. I third about the social obligations. Raised as a Chinese, it never crossed our mind to give gifts to friends and family. The thing we are grateful is to have a dinner together as a family .

    Eggnog mousse, excellente idée, je vais essayer ça!

  6. cette mousse bien parfumée donne vraiment envie !

  7. I still haven tried eggnog, but your mousse version sounds excellent.

  8. So true about Christmas Holidays!! Hope you enjoy it to the full!!
    This creamy mousse looks fabulous!

  9. Une bien jolie version pour ce lait de poule super parfumé et bien alléchant.

  10. You are so right with your words about X-mas. Our relations to festive days is related to the menus. Kind regards. Robert

  11. wahou ! délicieusement réconfortant !!

  12. Et dire que ça fait 6 mois que je me suis abonnée et que je ne l'ai toujours pas reçu :-(
    Vivement que je le reçoive pour faire d'aussi jolies recettes !!!

  13. you are definitely right with that christmas-nightmare-thing! everything became far too material during the last years. i´m looking forward to just hanging around with my family, guess that eggnog mousse fits in perfectly... ;-)

  14. I hear you. Next year hubs and I are going to work in a soup kitchen. I'm still beat fr/ traveling at Tgiving to cranky, overfed in-laws.

    Love eggnog - would love this mousse, too.

    Kisses to the kittens. : }

  15. Oh la la quel délice.Je n'ai qu'une envie:y goûter!!!

  16. Merci de nous gâter autant ma belle Rosa XX

  17. Christmas for us is a festivity, its family time.
    Its fun but must admit very hard work too. My family will be arriving next week and I am really looking forward to see my eleven month old niece.
    We are very practical too, we ask each others what to buy.
    We play games and much more.
    As always an outstanding post. Your dessert looks divine.
    Wishing you a lovely Christmas time ♥

  18. Eggnog mousse is a lovey idea! It looks fantastic, Rosa!

  19. Je devrais partir une tradition et faire ce drink. Quelles belles photos.

  20. I totally agree with you. The true meaning of Christmas is lost to all of the commercial aspects. Every year, I get so frustrated but I still feel the pressure to participate in the madness. I do try to keep Christmas in my home as traditional as I can. It sounds like you will have a perfect Christmas. Merry Christmas!

    Your eggnog mousse looks great. My kids would love this. They are big fans of the eggnog flavors.

  21. This post is very meaningful. I mean, it's the same for Chinese New Year. Everyone gathers together but at the same time, everyone seems to spout bad things about each other at one's back. Once, a huge argument sprouted between my aunts on the third day of Chinese New year.

    Very embarrassing, I shall say.

  22. Oh my ! I've bookmarked these. I have to make them for Christmas !

  23. I've been very curious about this vanilla paste. What's this, exactly

  24. Congratulations on your wonderful contribution to the magazine Rosa. It's a beautiful issue! I so agree about the over commercialisation of Christmas and prefer the simple pleasures and baking before the big day. I'm definitely going to make this amazing mousse over the holidays. Enjoy this special time!

  25. Moi qui adore le lait de poule, quelle belle mousse!!!

    BOn dimanche ma belle Rosa:)

  26. I agree with you on the gifting thing. People loose their minds this year trying to get it right - they just need to sit back & enjoy some of your Eggnog Mousse! XO

  27. Oh my, wishing you an early Happy Birhtday, Rosa! May many more happy returns. I have to agree with you about the celebration. It sounds like everybody is spending too much and more trees need to be cut away which is very sad. I mean it takes years for the trees to grow. I am not celebrating X'mas but the mood is in the air. So, I just go along but without the trees, decorations and turkey. Hope you're enjoying the day. Have fun!
    Blessings, Kristy

  28. Btw, the mousse sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  29. I haven't had eggnog in a while, I think this would be a lovely reintroduction to festive flavours.

  30. Eggnog Mousse sounds delightful...
    I feel the same way about the Christmas Season. I so enjoy all of the lights and the feel of it though. I primarily get started on with some solstice of the ancient rituals :)
    P.S. Happy Birthday early!

  31. Superbe recette Rosa! Définitivement, cette recette est parfaite pour la table des Fêtes!

  32. Super super idea, I have a Xmas Eve dinner with my lifegroup - this would be a welcome addition to the festivities...dont let TV commercials get yah down~ It is irritating seeing commercials of people just slapping down money for cars and diamonds...but there is still good out there...we are just not as loud at the moment.

  33. Delicious and so wonderfully festive. A lovely treat, Rosa!

  34. I really love the flavors of eggnog and I am sure I would love this. Looks quite good. Perfect little holiday desserts!

  35. LOVED this post! We are so on the same wavelength!!!

    This mousse is fantastic! Happy holidays Rosa and have a very blessed Yule!

  36. Eggnog Mousse has left me speechless. Absolutely beautiful and no doubt, equally delicious.

    I agree-Xmas can get get very stressful when the spirit is lost and it just becomes consumption.

    Still, Happy Holidays to you!


  37. I like the way you choose to spend the holidays: I prefer authentic and moderation to excess and pettiness any day! Besides you are blessed to live in a wonderful country with such beautiful scenery that in itself is a treat (we often take for granted)
    This eggnog mousse looks and sounds wonderful; ethereal is a good thing in my book! I may switch the liqueur around a bit but otherwise i would not change a thing in it!

  38. beautiful mousse! i bet it tasets amazing :)

  39. Never had eggnog before but judging from the ingredients sounds very interesting.

  40. Eggnog mousse? sounds to die for! wow and you are a X'mas baby!
    I enjoy "delicious" too. :-))

  41. This is a little scary Rosa. Dido on all fronts of what you so eloquently expressed. Were we separated at birth? Actually, you being born in December and myself in April...I guess not ;o)
    BTW...I now celebrate Christmas day with family...and the Eve quietly with my two loves (one of which is my puppy 'Sushi'). I now finally live on my terms and exist in spiritual peace ;0)

    The eggnog mousse looks and seems quite delightful. I'll be maybe trying this out in January and February when I have a chance to host more friendly get togethers.

    Have a great week and flavourful wishes,

  42. J'ai eu la chance d'avoir le Delicious de décembre, et cette recette m'avait échappé, heureusement que tu es là! Je vais tester ce lait de poulet réouvrir mon Délicious!

  43. Rosa,
    This is a brilliant piece you have written. I hope many all over the world will read this. I share the same philosophy as you when it comes to the holidays. The true meaning is lost to most.
    It is unfortunate that I have to see friends year after year stress themselves out giving gifts with money they don't have.
    I hope your writing and creativity inspires people to find research the origins of what we call "Christmas" which is actually more closely related to Summer and Winter Solstice.
    Also,that notions about work and how we live our lives everyday were "given" to us. We are lost in the illusion of the material. We need more wisdom and more love than ever.
    I wish everyone balance of the body,mind, and emotions. Happy holiday enjoy your loved ones and give love to those who need it.

    Cheers Rosa

  44. Really look heavenly and look amazing! I love yours pictures always!! beauty dear! gloria

  45. CUISINE FRAMBOISE: Vanilla bean paste is thicker than vailla extract and has seeds. It is more refined tasting and powerful. Perfect when you have no vanilla beans at hand...

  46. Saw it on FB and it looks delicious, I think I might have a go at this!

  47. Wow, I love eggnog and that mousse looks mouth-watering! Must be nice to know that cooks everywhere are busy making cookies for your birthday ;-)

  48. It's beautiful!! Never thought about eggnog flavours mousse! So creative.

  49. Totally agree about the mass consumerism that represents Christmas these days. I'm not crazy about eggnog, but your eggnog mousse looks divine!

  50. Oh, and enjoy your Yuletide celebration and Happy Birthday!

  51. Rosa, I do think you have been reading my mind these past few weeks while my feelings of gift-buying obligation have risen to a level of high stress. I vow next year to dispense with the never ending gift buying and actually enjoy the season for once. That is what it is about, you are completely correct!
    This mousse sounds like such a delight! Wishing you and yours the best holiday season. I hope all your wishes come true in the coming new year.

  52. Amazing! I just love your eggnog mousse! BRAVO, BRAVO!



  53. I adore your photos and I'm soooo glad that I can't read the recipe (calories you know).

    Thanx for your sweet comment at my Wabi & Sabi place!

    P & L from Agneta
    (as soon sit on the flight to Paris)

    Ps. "Let me see if I’ve got this Santa business straight. You say he wears a beard, has no discernible source of income and flies to cities all over the world under cover of darkness? You sure this guy isn’t laundering illegal drug money?” ~Tom Armstrong Ds

  54. A very nicely written post, I totally share your views on Xmas and really like the idea of a pagan celebration :-)
    The eggnog mousse sounds delicious, with lovely pics, as usual.
    Your babies have very cute names, Fridolin reminded me of a very dear person and it brightened my day, thanks for that.

  55. Now THIS is how I want to be having my eggnog this Christmas!

  56. I am so happy to see this! I love eggnog and this must be delicious!

    Happy early birthday Rosa!

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  59. Une idée bien originale. A tester rapidement. Bonne soirée

  60. Gorgeous Mousse!! I can't wait to be snowed in. Snowy pics looks magical.

  61. Rosa, je partage entièrement ton point de vue sur la valeur de Noël. Tu as si bien formulé ton propos.
    D'autant plus appréciable que tu nous serves tout ça avec un dessert tout en légéreté...
    Happy Holidays to you and I'll come back on the 25th for the Bday wishes ;)

  62. Oh Rosa, first of all, Happy Birthday! Love the list of the recipes :-) And the eggnog looks delicious, so rich in flavor...perfect for the holidays! By the way, great photos.

  63. Elle est fabuleuse cette mousse!! Je te souhaite à toi ainsi qu'à ta famille de très Joyeuses Fêtes ma Chère Rosa:))xxx