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A year ago, while browsing through the shelves of my favorite discounter (which carries a lot of amazing products like Yufka/Filo pastry, Croatian breakfast canned beef, Turkish cheese, etc...) I fell upon some "Ajvar" from Bosnia. Very intrigued by the sauce that was contained in that jar, I was compelled to buy this fabulous Balkanic speciality...

The day I had my first taste of "Ajvar", I re
member feeling like an explorer/adventurer having discovered some kind of treasure. It was a real revelation! Since that very moment, I always make sure that my cupboards hold, amongs other things, a jar of that delicious and versatile "relish-like" sauce!

"Ajvar (or Ayvar)" is a kind of reddish-colored "ratatouille salsa" with a fine consistency which is made principally with roasted red bell-pepper (paprika), eggplants, tomatoes, garlic and chili peppers. It also contains small quantities of olive oil, sugar and vinegar. This wintertime staple (called "zimnica" - winter food) is very popular in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and in the Republic of Macedonia where it is traditionally made in a ritualistic way during the summer season and early autumn (it marks the beginning of fall), just after the paprika harvest. Depending on the amount of bell-peppers and chili peppers used, this sauce ranges from "mild" to "moderatly hot/piquant" (the most common), or even very "hot". According to the legend "Ajvar" was a common dish on the table of the Ancient Greeks and heroes ( Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, etc…).

"Ajvar" can be used as an addition to many dishes whether it is served as a starter or as a complement to grilled meat, kebab, fish (salmon & swordfish especially), or eaten just like pesto, tossed with pasta (spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne, etc...), spread on a slice of bread or served, as a dip, alongside hummus (see my recipe), baba ganoush (see my recipe) or salads (mezze-style). "Ajvar" is also great when mixed to other ingredients in order to spice up things (omelets, dips, savory muffins/cakes, etc...)...

This red bell-pepper concoction has a distinctively silky, smooth, yet slightly chunky texture. It somehow, looks a lot like "Red Pesto"... "Ajvar" tastes really great! With it's smoky, tangy, spicy and somewhat powerful flavor, it is just perfect with anything!

I invented this "Ajvar Dip" on the occasion of a dinner I prepared for my good neighbor friends Jessica & Jonathan (see Jessica's blog "In Search Of Dessert"). Never would I have thought that this starter dish would have had such a success. Both literally gobbled it hungrily, and simultaneously made me a happy cook and a fulfilled host!

With it's creaminess, mind bogglingly snappy pepper aroma, intense garl
icky taste, delicate yet zesty goat's cheese flavor, beautiful reddish-orange color and velvety texture, this dip is just simply perfect. A real kickass sauce that is addictivily luscious...

~ Ajvar Dip ~
Recipe by Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums 2008

Makes about one medium bowl.

350g Mild ajvar
4 Cloves garlic, crushed
6-10 Almonds, toasted
200g Goat's cheese
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste

1. Put the nuts in a processor and blend until "powdery" and fine in texture.
2. Add the garlic and blend again.

3. Add all the other ingredients and process until smooth in texture and well blended.
4. Serve.

I used flaky-style goat's cheese like the French Chèvre Bû
che (or Bucheron Chevre Cheese), but I guess that any other creamy cheese (cream cheese, sheep's cheese, quark, ricotta, mascarpone, etc...) would do...
If you wish, you can replace the toasted almonds by toasted and husked haz
You can also add some fresh basil to this mixture (step 3).

It can be made 2 days ahead and kept in the refrigerator.

Serving sugsestions:
This sauce can be tossed with pasta (warm or chilled), se
rved with boiled potatoes, used as a dip with grissini, nachos and chips or spread onto fresh bread (see recipes), toasted baguette (see recipe 1 & recipe 2) or focaccia (see recipe).

If you want to make your own "Ajvar", here's a recipe that might be helpful: see link...


~ Dip A l'Ajvar ~
Recette de Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums 2008

Quantité pour un bol moyen.

350g d'Ajvar doux
4 Gousses d'ail écrasées

6-10 Amandes, torréifiées
200g de Fromage de chèvre
Sel, à volonté
Poivre, à volonté

1. Mixer les amandes afin d'obtenir une poudre fine.
2. Ajouter l'ail et mixer.
3. Ajouter tous les autres ingrédients et mixer à nouveau jusqu'à ce que le mélange devienne assez homogène et lisse.
4. Servir.

J'ai utilisé une variété de fromage de chèvre très friable comme la Bûche de Chèvre. Vous pouvez aussi prendre une autre sorte de fromage crémeux tel que le fromage de brebis, le cream cheese, le quark, la ricotta, le mascarpone, etc...
Si vous le désirez, vous pouvez remplacer leas amandes torréifiées par des noisettes torréifiées et pelées.
Vous pouvez aussi ajouter du basilic à la préparation (au point 3).
Ce dip peut être préparé 2 jours à l'avance et gardé au réfri

Idées de présentation:
Vous pouvez manger cette sauce avec des pâtes (chaudes ou froides) telle du pesto, la servir avec des pommes de terres en robe des champs, en faire un dip à servir avec des grissini, des nachos ou des chips ou étalée sur une tranche de pain (voir mes recettes), sur un morceau de baguette (voir ma recette 1 et ma recette 2) ou comme garniture sur une focaccia (voir ma recette).

Si vous voulez fabriquer votre propre "Ajvar", alors voici une recette qui vous peut-être sera utile: voir lien...


  1. J'adore l'avjar!!! C'est délicieux....
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    Il me tarde de savoir comment tu as utilisé tes feuilles vertes, longues et odorantes.....

  4. J'adore les dips, celui-ci est parfait pour moi, jamais testé, mais il le sera bien vite :-)

  5. justement j'ai ramené plein de pots d'ajvar de mes vacances en Croatie l'été dernier , je vais donc pouvoir tester cette recette

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  25. Sounds good. But do you have the recipe for the actuall ajvar, been searching one and can´t figure out which is the "real" recepe.

  26. DOFT: Thanks for passing by and for leaving a comment! I haven't made my own Ajvar yet, but here is a recipe for this dip: