Friday, August 29, 2008


Geneva offers many interesting as well as beautiful walks. Since the canton is quite small, it is easy to get out of town by foot or reach the countryside in a matter of minutes (I live only 7 km away from the centre)...

During our holidays, on one particularly nice afternoon, we decided to take the Bus 8 (see TPG site) and go down at the "Appia" stop near the Red Cross And Red Crescent Museum and the UNO. Then, we walked up the hill, past the Château de Penthes and it's magnificent garden, till the little village of Prégny (in Prégny-Chambésy). After a few minutes wal
k, we reached a bench from where the view over the Lake Geneva is absolutely stunning. It also overlooks the airport, so we were able to observe the neverending ballet of aeroplanes taking off and landing every minute or so.

Enjoy those shots (click on the pictures to enlarge)!


  1. Sounds like common sense when I read "(I live only 7 km away from the centre)..." But in Japan, they say time such as how long it takes to get somewhere bus or car etc.

    Anyway, loved your photos. Beautiful and peaceful place!

  2. Rosa,
    Magnificent view. I wouldn't mind walk for kilometers if the view is like this!
    The last photograph, who's house is that? is it the Chateau?

  3. ces photos me tentent comme c'est pas permis! je crois qu'il est temps que je vienne rendre visite.

  4. GOCBEP: Right! Thanks!

    ELRA: Thanks! It is the "Château de Tornay" (see link on post)...

    CELINE: Alors, qu'est-ce que tu attends ;-P?!

  5. Stunning photos. It must have been even more beautiful in the flesh.

    Thanks for the pain batbout recipe. I cook a lot of moroccan inspired recipes and this would be an interesting change from the standard pita I usually serve up. (I'm still drooling over that dinner you cooked up!)

  6. Nice views. I actually visited Geneva on the 14th of July and I really enjoyed this fab town...and as you wrote it's so easy to get out of the town and enjoy great sites. (If only I could get a job at the UN....pffff) ;)

  7. l'endroit ideal pour d'echapper du train-train quotidien ,vraiment belles les photos!

  8. Superbe Rosa, comme je regrette de ne pas avoir pu te voir mercredi... Les pains blancs sont divins ! cuits comme je les aime... Bises

  9. DEE: Thanks for passing by and for the kind comment! I'm glad you like that recipe!

    TELLOU: Thanks! Good to know that you liked Geneva!

    BELLA: Tout à fait! Merci!

    SENGA: Merci! Je regrette aussi de ne pas avoir pû te voir mercredi/jeudi :-(! Une prochaine fois! Bises et bon weekend!

  10. What a wonderful way to spend a day Rosa:D

  11. Marvelous pictures of your outing. Looks like the weather cooperated! Loved the building in picture #1.

  12. Tiens, ça a changé par ici!
    Toujours de belles photos qui nous donne envie de voyager...

  13. toujours de belles photos et de magnifiques paysages
    bon we

  14. Are they just like fairy-tale?! I never see this country, except from the photos at your blog. But on my last trip and took a transition flight, then saw it! It is really very beautiful!!!

  15. Gorgeous! I'm so jealous, it really IS like a fairy-tale!

  16. BELLI VALLI: Yes :-D!

    CICERO SINGS: Thanks! Yes, the weather cooperated a little...

    MELANIE: Oui :-D! Merci!

    MOUNET: Merci!

    GATTINA: I'm glad you had a glimpse of my country ;-P!

    HOT GARLIC: Thanks! I guess so...