Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last Friday, my good friends and neighbors Jessica & Jonathan came to my place for the evening. As I know that they love to eat and discover new things, I made a whole Middle-Eastern and North African dinner...

On the menu (see Jessica Brogan's blog "In Search Of Dessert" and her "Flickr" page in order to read her post on the subject and see her pictures of the meal) there were several courses and nine (!) different dishes, all made from scratch as well as with much care in order to stay truthful to the original recipe.

We ate "Jerusalem-Style Hummus" (see recipe), "Turkish Eggplant Purée With Yogurt", "Moroccan Lamb Cigars", "Tiropitakia Or Greek Cheese Triangles", "Moroccan Lemony Beef And Potato Tagine" (see recipe), "Lebanese Tabbouleh", "Turkish Ekmek Bread" (see recipe), "Moroccan Batbout Bread" (recipe follows) and "Maple Walnut Ice Cream". Jessica had also made extremely scrumptious "Upside-Dowm Cheesecakes" (see recipe) with Sardinian honey...

Needless to say that we stuffed ourselves until we literally exploded! As I love that kind of spicy, flavorful and exotic food, I was so glad that both my friends enjoyed the food, had a second serving (even a third serving!!!) and cleaned their plates as if there would be no tomorrow!

As you might have guessed, today, I'm delivering you the recipe for one of the specialities I made on that occasion: a very popular Moroccan flatbread called "Batbout" and which is traditionally cooked in earthenware tajines. It is also known under the name of "Metlouâ (Matlouh)" or "Bouchiar", depending on the regions where it is made.

"Manage with bread and butter until God sends the honey. "
- Moroccan Proverb -

Bread, one of the most essential stables, is sacred in Morocco and is treated with the utmost respect. As in most Arab countries and households, the Moroccans bake bread every morning in a atmosphere of communion. Before commencing the sacred act of kneading, an invocation to God is made. Once the bread has been properly shaped, each family puts it's own mark/stamp on it and then, sends it via the children to a common bakery oven made of terra cotta.

Bread is eaten with every meal, except during the holy month of Ramadan, during the fasting. It is generally used as a "fork" or "ustensil" for conveying food when eating with the fingers. Many varieties of fermented or non-fermented breads exist. The choice is vast (Msemmen, Khobz, Anise Bread, Fried Bread, Bhagrir, Mella, Ftayer, etc...).

"Batbout" bread is chewy (like Bagels), soft-crusted, pliable, delicately spongy and overall delicious. It is ideal for dipping into the savory sauces of "Tagines", scooping into any kind of dip or for making sadwiches/wraps.

Those Pita-like loaves are very versatile and will rejoice any gourmet eater in search of new gastronomic horizons to discover. With their pleasant as well as delicate flavor and their scrumptious texture, it will soon be impossible for you to plan any Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean or North African meal without including this flatbread as accompaniment!

Picture courtesy of Jessica Brogan.

~ Moroccan "Batbout M'Khamer" Bread ~
Recipe by Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums and highly inspired by Minouchkah at "Passion Culinaire" (France).

Makes 3 flatbreads.

300g Plain white flour
100g Fine semolina (Durum Flour/Semolina Di Grano Duro)
1 1/4 Tsps salt
1 Package (7g) Dried yeast
300-320ml Water, lukewarm (not hot)

1. Sprinkle the yeast into the water in a bowl.
2. Stir to dissolve and leave for 5 minutes, until it becomes frothy.
3. In a big bowl, mix together the flour, semolina and salt.
4. Make a well in the centre and pour in the yeast mixture.
5. Stir in the flour to form a stiff dough.
6. Knead for 8-10 minutes.
7. Divide the dough into 3 equal-sized pieces.
8. On a lightly floured (with Durum Flour) surface, roll out each piece to form a round 1cm (1/2 inch) thick.

9. Let rise, covered with a tea towel, for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours, until doubled in size.
10. Heat a frying pan or a griddle over medium heat, until very hot.

11. Place one of the dough rounds in the hot pan and cook on both sides until golden brown.
12. Repeat with the remaining dough rounds.
13. Let cool on a wire rack.

The dough should not be too sticky.
Add more water if it's too dry or more flour if it is too wet.
If you wish, you can add a little oil in the pan. It is not necessary, though.

Serving suggestions:
Eat those breads alone or with honey, "Hummus" (see recipe), "Baba Ganoush" (see recipe), "Lemony Beef And New Potato Tagine" (see recipe) or the dips/sauces of your choice (see my recipes).


~ Batbout M'Khamer ~
Recette par Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums et fortement inspirée par Minouchkah de "Passion Culinaire" (France).

Pour 3 pains.

300g de Farine blanche/fleur
100g de Semoule très fine (Semolina Di Grano Duro)
1 1/4 CC de Sel
1 Paquet (7g) de Levure sèche
300-320ml d'Eau tiède (pas chaude/en dessous de 50° C)

1. Mettre l'eau tiède dans un bol et saupoudrer avec la levure.
2. Mélanger pour dissoudre et laisser reposer, à température ambiante, jusqu'à ce que le mélange devienne mousseux, pendant environ 5 minutes.
3. Mélanger la farine, la semoule et le sel.
4. Faire un puits et ajouter le mélange eau/levure.
5. Mélanger afin d'obtenir une pâte homogène et pas très collante.
6. Pétrir pendant 8-10 minutes.
7. Diviser la pâte 3 trois portions égales.
8. Sur une surface farinée (avec la semoule), rouler chaque morceau de pâte afin d'obtenir un rond de 1cm d'épaisseur, puis couvrir avec un linge.

9. Laisser lever, à température ambiante, jusqu'à ce que la pâte ait doublé de volume, pendant 1 1/2 - 2 heures.
10. Chauffer une poêle épaisse à feu moyen, jusqu'à ce qu'elle devienne très chaude.
11. Cuire des deux côtés, jusqu'à ce que vos pains soient joliment dorés.
12. Répéter l'opération avec les 2 autres pains.
13. Laisser refroidir sur une grille.

La pâte ne doit pas être trop collante.
Ajouter un peu plus d'esu si elle est trop sèche ou un peu de farine si elle est trop collante.
Vous pouvez ajouter un peu d'huile dans la poêle bien que ça soit pas vraiment nécessaire.

Idées de présentation:
Les "Batbouts" se dégustent nature, sucrés avec du miel, servis avec du "Hummus" (voir ma recette), du "Baba Ganoush" (voir ma recette), un "Tajine Marocain Au Boeuf, Pommes De Terre Nouvelles Et Citron Confit" (voir ma recette) ou les dips/sauces de votre choix (voir mes recettes).


  1. Tu as dû cuisiner pendant 2 jours au moins pour ce repas ? Tes pains Batbout sont splendides, une vraie réussite.

  2. Je note ta recette, elle me plaît beaucoup. Je croquerai bien dans un de ces petits pains tout doré.

  3. cette recette est super surtout que c'est bientot le mois de Ramadan ! merci!!

  4. Rosa, tes pains sont SUPERBES ! Alors là je m'en vais essayer au plus vite cette recette :)


  5. LA CUISINE DES 3 SOEURS: Oui, j'ai cuisiné pendant 2 jours.... Merci!

    MO: J'espère que ces pains te plairont! Bises...

    MOUNI: Merci et de rien! Tout à fait, le Ramadan approche...

    NILUFER: Merci! Bien du plaisir, alors...

  6. I found you via Jessica's blog -- I actually grew up in Switzerland (in Lausanne) and it is always a pleasure to read you. I though it was time to say hello in your comments. The bread looks wonderful! Bonne journee :)

  7. I'm with you and just love this entire menu:D

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    les batbouts j'adore et les tiens ont l'air très réussis
    comme là bas !

  9. CITY GIRL: Thanks for passing by and for the kind comment! Interesting... Bonne journée!

    BELLINI VALLI: Thanks ;-P!

    MOUNET: Non, tu ne rêves pas! Merci!

  10. Coucou Rosa,

    J,aime bien ton nouveau look de ton blog, le virage au blanc...Je sais pas si permanent mais jA'ime bien.

    Merci de nous faire découvrir cette recette de pain que je connais pas du tout.Je suis plus habitué au pain européen mais j'aime bien découvrir ces cousins étrangers:)
    Bonne journée!

  11. Wish I was there to eat all that delicious food!

  12. Oh I just love all this delicious food!

    Rosie x

  13. Tes pains sont super reussis ,tes photos sont splendides !

  14. WOW! Rosa!
    I have lots of catching up to do!
    All those nice things you've made while I was gone... Right away, I'm going to check 'em out. Your Daring Baker's Filbert cake especially, is absolutely wonderful! BRAVO!

  15. Olá

    Só para avisar que as incrições para o desafio entre blogues culinários estão abertas.

    Vamos lá!

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  17. AWOZ: De rien! Oui, j'ai changé les couleurs de mon blog car je voulais qqchose de plus propre... Bonne journée!

    LINDA: ;-P!!!

    ROSIE: Thanks! xxx

    BELLA: Merci beaucoup!

    VIBI: Thanks ever so much! Yes, you have a lot of catching up to do!

    MAO NA MASSA: Thanks for passing by and for the explanation! That sure sounds very interesting, but I am quite busy lately so I'm afraid that I'll not be able to participate! Sorry... xxx

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  20. Oh my gosh, I just realized that you are the blogger rosa. I met you at Jess'weddding. I was there with my daughter, we live in the US, but I am originally from St. Blaise. I am not sure if you remember. I just saw your photo on Jess' blog... I have come and lurked on your beautiful blog in the past. I just didn't put two and two together and I met you in June! ;-)
    Lovely photos

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  24. I love this kind of menu. Mezze is such a great way to eat --especially outside. I'm lucky to live in a neighbourhood that has both a large number of Persian and Israeli families. As a result our stores are chock full of the ingredients and even ready made versions of some of the things you made for your party.

    Thinking about it makes me hungry!

  25. Rosa, le look de ton blog est beaucoup plus doux, j'aime beaucoup
    pour les pains, jute a question, tu penses livrer à Nice ??!! ;-)

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    I've just come back from Jessica' site. What a nice party!
    I like your new template.

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  33. how long can it be kept ? breads with Durum often tend to be dry next day.

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    Bises Hélène

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  40. J'apprécie beaucoup que tu nous parles de la valeur sacrée du pain et des traditions de ce pays.
    Au Quebec, en général, les gens sont pressés et achètent tout fait à l'épicerie toutes sortes de produits préparés. La nouvelle mode : des sachets individuels de biscuits ou friandises comptant 100 calories.Quel gaspillage d'emballage!

  41. dire que j'adore ça mais que je ne m'étais jamais lancée dans sa fabrication..là je n'ai plus d'excuse, c'est trop bien expliqué

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  43. Rosa

    This bread reminds me of Indian naan. I'll try out your recipe soon.

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    This bread looks fabulous.

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    This looks heavenly, indeed.

    Oh, why can't you live closer to Georgia (the state)?


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    Incredible what can be done with bread.

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  67. lovely recipe and yummy pics! these resemble the arabic khubuz bread (pita). surely wanna try.

    this is my first visit to your blog. do saunter by my turf too sometime





  69. SABINEM: Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving such a nice comment! Yes, I remember you... That was an awesome wedding!

  70. Bravo,il est bien réussi ton batbout !!

  71. I've been ECSTATIC to tell you I DID try the bread you posted last week and it was nothing short of PHENOMENAL! It was EXACTLY what I was after and it was chewy and delicious with hummus! I will cut and paste this part on that post too so your dear readers know it is a keeper. I've been searching for a bread like this for years, so I can't thank you enough for posting it!

  72. Je vais faire pour midi avec de la farine T110 car j'ai recommencer à faire du pain, et je ne peux plus arreter. Avec de l'hummus on fonce pour midi :-)

  73. Tes pains étaient si jolis que j'ai testé la recette dés le 1er jour du mois du Ramadhan mais si le résultat s'est trés largement rapproché de tes pains, je dois avouer que j'ai dû apporter pas mam d'aménagements à ta recette : avec 310 ml d'eau la pâte n'était pas assez solide donc j'ai rectifié avec de la farine et pour avoir ce joli doré sur les pains et ben, il m'a fallu mettre de l'huile (pas trop quand même) car autrement, ça noircissait. Au final, ils éaient trés jolis et surtout super bon et tendres comme je les aime.

    merci pour la recette.

  74. FERIEL: Merci :-D!

    HOT GARLIC: You are welcome! Thanks for the ever so kind comment! I'm really happy to know that you liked my recipe and loved the bread :-D!!!

    TEXMEX: Bonne boulange, alors et bon appétit!

    DOUA: Merci pour ton commentaire et pour tes conseils! Oui, comme ma recette le mentionne, il faut un peu jouer avec les quantités d'eau car le temps a une influence sur l'humidité de la pâte... Pour ce qui est de la poêle, il faut vraiment qu'elle soit anti-adhésive, mais avec un peu d'huile, ça fait l'affaire ;-P! En tout cas, je suis contente qu'ils t'aient plu et que le résultat fut satisfaisant!

  75. your bread is lovely what the hell is its name though?

  76. ANONYMOUS: Thanks! It is called "Batbout"...