Friday, March 28, 2008


As the Salève is a very interesting place and as it never stops revealing new aspects of itself to us, this post will once again be centered around the flanks of this enigmatic mountain...

There is a break-neck and beaten down old path which snakes up the Petit Salève and which leads to a little village called Monnetier. This is a very popu
lar walk, although it is not the easiest if you are not well-equipped (good shoes and walking sticks) for the ride. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go up all the way, because it is somehow quite dangerous and not very secure. Anyway, I went far enough in order to have a taste of what this route offers.

The Petit Salève is covered in thick, gloomy forest that, somehow, confers an eerie as well as a prehistoric atmosphere to this track. As if haunted, you can sense the spirits of the people who walked up this path for thousands of years. It is impregnated with history, events and the lives of our predecessors/ancestors. One feels totally transported by the heavy energy of the place... A very special spot!

By the way those pictures (click on the photos to enlarge) were taken a few weeks ago. Now, everything looks more spring-like and flowery.


  1. Comme toujours, j'aime la balade. Alors, il vient ce printemps, enfin?

  2. Belles images comme d'habitude. Il n'avait pas l'air de faire bien chaud!!! bonne journée :)

  3. Chez moi, les feuilles commencent à apparaître sur les arbres mais la pluie gâche un peu le plaisir.

  4. Une très belle promenade dans cette forêt.
    Bisous et bonne journée, Doria

  5. comme je ne sais pas quoi faire ce we , je viens faire une balade avec toi , ces paysages et tes photos m'attirent beaucoup

  6. I guess, after seeing all these lovely photos you have posted on the Salève, I simply must go for a hike there next time I vacation somewhere near there... :)


  7. I hope you go back and show us what it looks like in the spring.

  8. the forest did look mysterious, but I imagine it is full of life when the green leaves come out?

  9. Quelle jolie ballade ! Ici le printemps est arrivé aujourd'hui. Pourvu que cela dure !

  10. J'aime bien ta dernière photo ! Heureusement que les vacances approchent car tu me donnes envie d'évasion ! bon week-end, bises !

  11. toujours de belles photos par ici

  12. GRACIANNE: Merci! Oui, le printemps est arrivé, mais le temps reste maussade...

    NADINE: Merci! Non, il ne faisait pas chaud ce jour-là...

    HELENE: Ici c'est la même chose :-(...

    DORIA: Merci et bises!

    MOUNET: Tu es la bienvenue... Merci!

    CINNAMONDA: Yes ;-P!

    CYNTHIA: I will...

    GATTINA: Yes, it looks a lot better during the warm season, but it still has this creepy atmosphere...

    PAPILLE ET PUPILLES: Merci! Oui!!!!!

    GUYLAINE: Merci et bises :-D!

    SALWA: Merci!