Wednesday, March 5, 2008


What is an egg? At first glance, it doesn't seem to be anything special aesthetically speaking, but if you take a closer/deeper look at this wonder of nature, it is quite extraordinary...

It's beige-brownish/white shell looks very common and has nothing to offer in order to capture our attention. It is plain simple and not pretentious shape-wise. On the contrary, the inside of an egg is very interesting, because it is very graphic with it's contrasting colors (the perfect/pure white and the gorgeous yoke/yellow) and textures (runny/solid, creamy/jelly-like).

As humble as it looks, it is an amazingly photogenic "object" whether it is photographed in it's raw or cooked form. In their apparent simplicity, eggs can subjugate you totally as their perfect and flawless aspect has a meditative effect one you and tends to soothe your soul!

Recipes containing eggs:
Banana Clafoutis (see recipe)
Bostoni Cream Pie (see recipe)
Chocolate Intensity Cake (see recipe)
Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse (see recipe)
Lao-Style Fried Sticky Rice Patties (see recipe)
Lemon Curd (see recipe)

Luscious Lemon Bars (see recipe)
Muffins Cakes & Co (see recipes)
Noodle Kugel (see recipe)
Panettone (see recipe)
Potato Kugel (see recipe)

Profiteroles (see recipe)


  1. Ein Ei von glücklichen, feilaufenden Hühnern mit Blick auf den Genfer See!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Superbes tes photos, Rosa, comme d'habitude :)

  3. En voilà une bonne idée de photo :)

  4. hi!
    how are you?
    this post is very nice

  5. Une bien jolie photo ...bonne fin de journée..bisou

  6. The egg yolk has such a beautiful colour!

  7. tu as su transformer un simple oeuf en une oeuvre d'art de par ta photo et ton commentaire !

  8. j'aime bien tes photos qui nous font voir le plus simple des aliments comme une merveille
    sympa ces liens récapitulatifs

  9. Très bonne idée cette mise en valeur et tu as raison, quelle chose étrange et magnifique un œuf !

  10. j'aime bien l'idée et tes photos sont superbes !!!il faut apprendre à voir et surtout à regarder plus en profondeur et plus en détail les choses les plus simples !! une vrai leçon pour la vie

  11. BOLLI: Ja!!!

    NADINE: Merci!!!

    PAPRIKAS: Merci!

    CARMEN: Hi! I'm doing fine... And you? Thanks!

    COLETTE: Merci et bonne journée! Bises...

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    MOUNET: Merci, je suis contente qu'elles te plaisent!

    BÉATRICE: Merci, Béatrice!

  12. Encore des tas de belles recettes à essayer!

  13. I totaly agree with you, and what it looks like is not to speak about what it truly contains: life.
    Have you traveled a lot, Rosa? Did you know that American eggs are white? Some European people have never seen white eggs and find it strange!
    We get both now, brown and white since about... 10 years.
    They say there is absolutely no difference, that it has to do with the type of hen that layed'em.
    You can even find natural pink, blue and green eggs in specialty stores!!!
    Great pictures, nice thoughts... as usual! Gooday!

  14. A chaque fois que je prend des photos dans ma cuisine lorsque je suis en train de cuisiner avec des oeufs, j'ai immanquablement envie d'immortaliser les jaunes! Merci de nous rappeler que les choses simples sont toujours les plus belles.

  15. Eggs are indded a wonder. And they are so essential in cooking.

  16. Yo Rosa..I am not an egg person but your pics just make me feel like having one now hehehe..

  17. Te felicito por tu post sobre el huevo en el que nos incluyes recetas, está muy bien.
    Un saludo

  18. FLO BRETZEL: Merci ;-P!

    VIBI: Thanks, Vibi :-D!!! No, I have not travelled a lot, unfortunately... Here, we also have white eggs (as well as red and brown ones). No, I didn't know that they were only white in the US. Yes, it has to do with the hen that layed them... I never saw natural pink or green eggs in our stores. Have a nice day!

    MARION: Merci pour ton gentil commentaire!

    GLAMAH16: Yes, indeed ;-P! What would baking be without that precious ingredient?!

    SHIONGE: Thanks ;-P!

    ANA: Muchas gracias :-D!

  19. J'aime beaucoup la 1ère photo !
    Je ne sais pas si on te l'a déjà dit, mais depuis un moment, j'ai un mal fou à pousser les portes de ta cuisine..., la page met environ 3 mn pour s'ouvrir...

    Bonne journée :o)


  20. L'oeuf! cet aliment de vie.
    Très beau
    Merci Rosa et bises

  21. The glossy texture of the egg yolk is really beautiful, isn't it?

  22. Faut vraiment le faire, parler d'un oeuf de façon si poétique! Tu as bien raison, la nature nous donne de si belles choses, il faut vraiment prendre le temps de s'arrêter pour les admirer.