Sunday, August 26, 2007


This week, Ahriman and Port at "Belly Timber" (USA) are happy to announce that they are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #116...

To submit your kitty picture(s), you can either leave a message in their blog's comment section (with your permalinks) or contact them via e-mail without forgetting to give all the needed informations.

At the moment, Fridolin likes to play with his blue plastic mouse (a free gift that came with a packet of dry cat food).
He generally goes bananas while shooting it in all directions as if he would be a crazy tennis player and chasing it like a madman.
By the time his 10 minutes of total havoc have passed, the place looks like a disaster area...
The carpets are crumpled up in corners after he has surfed on them and the settee covers look as if a tornado had gone through the living room!!!
A wild "Gümpel" *...

If you want to see a funny video of Fridolin and the mouse, there see the video here.

* The term "Gümpel" means nothing. I invented this expression in order to describe people or beings which are a bit special or "doolally tap"...


  1. those are some great cat pictures! I love the sphinx look.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Fridolin looks like a King. ;-)


  3. il sait bien poser :)

  4. Ah, mousies are always good fun and looks like Fridolin is enjoying the chase.

  5. Toujours aussi craquants tes chats.
    Bon dimanche, Doria

  6. J'adore la première photo, il est royal !

  7. qu il est mignon , et ou est mon minet le chat noir que j adore et qui me fait rappele le mien
    bon week end

  8. Trop mignon ton chat.
    Bizzz, Alexie

  9. Très sympas ces photos et merci pour la vidéo!

  10. Beautiful kitties! They look calm here. I don't believe you that they could cause havoc while playing. ha ha ha, just kidding. I know kitties are good at sliding around the floor.

  11. They are all so beautiful :D

  12. J'admire toujours tes beaux chats

  13. MARYE: Thanks for the kind comment and for the visit :-D!

    PAZ: He IS a king ;-P!!!

    FREDERIQUE: Oui, il le fait très bien!

    BOO_LICIOUS: Yes, you are right ;-P!!!

    DORIA: Merci beaucoup! Bonne journée!

    MARMITEDECATHY: Merci: Oui, on dirait un roi...

    BENISOU: Merci! Maruschka sera la star la prochaine fois... Bonne journée!

    ALEXIE: Merci! Bises...

    CHRIS: Merci :-D!

    KITIKATA-SAN: Thanks! In fact, it is only Fridolin here... Kitties are havoc machines ;-P!!!

    SHIONGE: Thanks!

    MARIE FLO: Merci beaucoup ;-P!

  14. schönes Video!

  15. Hi Rosa!
    I'm finally back online and I've got my epic WCB round-up adventure posted.

    Fridolin is a gorgeous cat, and that blue mouse video is adorable.

  16. you just make us smile wow. cute kitty Pet Food