Friday, August 24, 2007


Last week, I was on "holiday". We stayed at home (no other possibility), but we had some good time nonetheless, ate well and relaxed (two of our favorite activities)...

Although we didn't travel far, last Saturday, we decided to go out for a walk in the Geneva countryside. So, on that sunny day, we took the bus to this beautiful place by the lake called Hermance (see my older post for more infos).

It is a one hour bus ride from Veyrier to Hermance which is a magnificent village situated in one of the most gorgeous parts of Geneva. There, I always feel as if I travelled to someplace by the sea!

Here is a foretaste of what's to come in part II (click on the pictures to enlarge)...


  1. Et ce week-end? Encore des "vacances"...ou bien cat blogging?

  2. MAMINA: Ce weekend est un weekend comme les autres, alors Weekend Cat Blogging comme d'habitude!...

  3. en effet ! On croirait presque que tu es partie en vacances en Bretagne :)

  4. I would stay home too, if I lived in such a beautiful place!!! :):)

  5. J'ai eu la chance encore une fois de voir sur place ce beau paysage pendant mes vacances. j'ai fais 2 fois un saut un Genève.

  6. Thanks Rosa for giving that idea ; I live quite close to Geneva so one day, soon, I think I will go there...

  7. Genève est un joli coin où nous allions souvent à une époque. Et bien entendu un tour de bateau sur le lac tant qu'à faire ! du côté ville c'est très beau et en remontant on aperçoitles montagnes c'est très beau aussi, merci pour ces belles images qui me remontent quelques années en arrière ! bises bon week-end

  8. Tu as fait une bien jolie promenade!

  9. Rosa, sometimes these vacations are the best. Too often our first impulse is to hop on a plane to some far away place but there is so much to discover right at home. Things we see and pass everyday, things we take for granted because we have never stopped to really look or explore.

    Can't wait for part II

  10. tres jolie photo.quel magnifique endroit

  11. Vive les weeks-end dans une si belle région!

  12. MARION: :-D!

    SHER: Yes, I agree with you, but when you can never travel anywhere, it very frustrating... We can maybe exchange places ;-P!!!

    PAPRIKAS: Contente de savoir que Genève te plaît!...

    CATHERINE: Where do you live? I hope that you'll like Geneva, then...

    MAMOUNETTE: C'est un plaisir pour moi de pouvoir te faire remonter le temps! Bises et bon dimanche!

    FLO: Merci :-D!

    CHRIS: Oui, tout à fait. Merci!

    MÉLANIE: Merci!

    CYNTHIA: You are right! Unfortunately, I've never been able to travel anywhere since a long time (I would always prepare my holidays, though). In that way, I have discovered many nice places here. But I need to see something else once in a while...

    BENISOU: Merci! Oui, c'est un endroit fantastique...

    MISS LOLA: Tu as raison! De beau weekends en perspective...