Sunday, September 24, 2006


This weekend, Sarah of "Chef Sarah Jane" is kindly hosting the WCB round-up, so if you want to paticipate to this 68th edition, please send her your permalink...

This weekend, unlike all the preceeding ones, I've decided to show you my new friend "Felix"!
It is a cute young kitty who is most of the time left outside for hours without ever going back home, because it seems that his owners don't care much about him. He gets fed and caressed by the people who feel heartbroken about his situation....
He seems to never (or very, very rarely) get fetched or taken care of by it's owners and walks around asking for love and food. He even comes in front of our entry door and cries for us to let him in. Of course, with our cats, that's impossible, but I'd love to let him in or adopt him! Poor little cat...
He is an extremely sociable cat with a sweet character. Not only is he a loveable soul, but he is also damn cute! I love his coat and his white flecks.
We don't know his name, but we call him "Felix" as he looks abit like the cat in the advert...


  1. hello !
    I've got two cats, how can i do to participate to the catblogging?
    Thanks a lot !

  2. Very cute! I just started a new job and apparently there are many stray cats in the neighborhood. One likes to lay around in the front of the building entrance. I too a photo of it but when he lay in a really interesting pose, unfortunately, I didn't have my camera then.


  3. Ce chat est magnifique....bon dimanche

  4. He looks exactly like the "Felix" who comes by to visit my mom everyday. She has yet to figure out if he's got a home.

  5. Felix is a cutie pie. It's too bad his owners don't care more for him, but he's lucky to have a neighbour like you!

    Thanks for volunteering, I put you down for October 14. The full list of 'hosters' is up on my site.

    Thanks again,


  6. I don't know how people do this to their pets. They are after all living, breathing creatures. I wish there was a law against people doing this.

    On a nicer note, Felix is adorable. I love his socks.

  7. nice cat ...yup it do look like Felix the cat...

  8. SHER: Thanks for the kind comment! Yes, many people think that cats are just wild and don't need any attention, but that completely wrong! At least, there are a few people like us with a heart who can give a bit of love to those poor kitties...

    PAZ: That's great! I also love to caress kitties that are in the street... Make sure that next time your camera will be ready to shoot as I'd love to see how those kitties look!

    COLETTE: Merci et bonne semaine!

    KROSS_EYED_KITTY: I love those Felixes! Hopefully this other Felix will find a new home...

    SWEETSARAHJ: Yes, it's a pity that some people don't see how lucky they are to have such a beautiful kitty! Thanks for choosing me as a host and for adding me to the list of volunteers!...

    D: I also don't! They deserve as much love as we do...

    KUDIN: Thanks for the visit and the kind comment, Kudin!