Sunday, September 10, 2006


Once again, Clare and Kiri are taking a break from the Weekend Cat Blogging event, but Sarah of the cool blog "Chef Sarah Jane" from California is volunteering for this weekend's edition...

Thanks for making this round-up possible!

Look at our big baby Maruschka shamelessly lying in her basket like a little Miss Piggy!
It is her favorite position when she's feeling particularly happy, playful and she asking us to rub her lusciously soft and warm tummy...
Her body feels like a cosy pillow and I love to bury my face in her delightfully silky stomach and bond with her!
Maruschka is really a unique kitty with an immense heart of gold. She needs us to give her a LOOOOOOT of loving (more than we could ever give her!) and seems to be satisfied by the comfy life she has...
She is our little bear with the cute "moonface" (Do you know those old drawings of a moon with a face? Well, that's exactly what comes to mind everytime I look at her face...)!


  1. TOP COOL, that cat.

  2. Her belly hair looks really silky! I'd bury my face in it too... Unfortunetly Tiggy won't allow that kind of snuggling without a fight!

  3. I'm sending a virtual belly-kiss!

  4. meee too mee too, that belly looks so irresistable! maruschka looks like princess and the pea :)

  5. Oh, she is so very sweet. It's funny, my photos this week are of my Georgie on his back, too.

  6. Just want to rub her tummy! Awwwwww.

  7. En retard pour le week end ,je te souhaite une bonne semaine..

  8. MAMINA: Thanks ;-)!

    SWEETSARAHJ: It's a pity that your cute Tiggy is a little wild... Anyway, Muschki is waiting for you to rub her tummy!

    SHER: Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, we are really lucky to have her as she's such a sweet cat! With her, you can do anything...

    KROSS_EYED KITTY: She thanks you ;-)!

    ARIA: Nice comparison :-)))! I'm sure she'd like you to rub her warm tummy...

    LISA: Thanks, Lisa! Yes, it seems that some cats love to lie on their backs...

    ROSA: Feel free to do so ;-))))))!!!

    COLETTE: Merci! A toi aussi...