Sunday, September 17, 2006


Another WCB is taking place and Clare is still silent, but fortunately, "" has kindly offered to host this week's round-up...

Thanks for your efforts and for taking over this special event!

Fridolin and Maruschka are the best pals in the world and they love to sleep together.
Our two lazy miniature felines like to lie in their basket and take various hilarious poses...
Generally, they stay in the basket like two lazy sausages from 7h00 AM till 16h00 PM without moving!!!
The only time they get out of it is when they have to freakishly use the toilet like two pigs on acid or start to get tiringly "sticky" because their stomachs are empty...
I really love the way they use the space in their basket; like jelly blobs!!!


  1. that basket looks so comfy :) fridolin and maruschka are so lucku, they look like they are in absolute heavan! that view from your window is so beautiful, must be so nice living there...

  2. A la maison , maintenant, c'est parfois comme ça avec le chat et la chienne, mais l'appareil photo les dérange. Pudiques, peut-être?

  3. Love the cats, love the basket, loves the colors and love the photos. Great Job!

  4. Great photos!
    Love the cats, the basket and all the colors in the photos.

  5. Awwwww, so sweet. I always enjoy seeing your kitties!!

  6. ARIA: Thanks for the kind comment! Yes, our cats love their basket! We are also very lucky to have such a magnificent view...

    SHER: Thanks! They are always sleeping together and can never be separated for too long!...

    MAMINA: Oh, j'adore voir les chiens et les chat qui dorment ensemble! Dommage que tu n'aies pas de photo; j'aurais aimé voir ça...

    COLETTE: Merci!

    MELISSA COOKINGDIVA: Thanks for the kind comment and for your visit! The cats hug you in return...

    BONNIE LOVES CATS =^..^=: Many, many thanks for the nice comment, Bonnie!

    ROSA: Thanks so much, Rosa! I too love seing your cute kitties...

  7. C'est incroyable comme ils ressemblent aux miens, ou les miens aux tiens???!