Sunday, July 16, 2006


Unfortunately, Clare of Eat Stuff has still not given a sign of life since a while now... We are all very worried and miss her and Kiri a lot.

This weekend's round-up will be hosted (I think) by Sarah of Chefsarahjane from California, USA. Thanks!

Maruschka is so sad about aunt Clare's silence that she doesn't feel in the mood to play. She prefers to lie down under the cat tree while waiting for her coming back...

Poor little Muschki has got the blues and the heat is killing her. She only does the minimum.
Maruschka has asked my to send her regards to Australia. She hopes that everything's ok for you both...

You will also find those pictures as well as others on the great Eat Stuff blog from Sydney, Australia where you can discover Kiri's weekly pictures... If you also want to participate to Weekend Cat Blogging, then just leave your blog name, URL and permalink in a comment on Clare and Casey's site.


  1. hi maruschka it must be so hard being all black in the summer months :( you'd never know it though, your as beautiful as ever:)

  2. What a sleepy kitty. Her fur looks so silky. I just want to pet her!

  3. poor darling maruschka - cheer up, there's always air conditioning to keep cool with.

  4. Ohh, its hard wearing such a thick fur coat during the summer, crank up the fans!!

    love, Lucky

  5. I don't blame you maruschka! But, you look so pretty you can take comfort in that! Hope you feel more cheerful soon.

  6. It's like my little pussycat TATINA!!! Very very beautiful...

  7. ARIA: Yes, it is very tiring for me to have such thick black fur when it is hot! Thanks for the kind comment (blush)!...

    SWEETSARAHJ: Thanks! Her fur is very soft and silky, and Maruschka is the perfect candidate for cuddling...

    BOO_LICIOUS: Unfortunately, my mom and dad don't have air conditioning in the house, *sigh*...

    RIANA: Although our cats suffer from the heat, they don't seem to like fans! Don't ask me why...

    GOURMET: Many thanks for the nice comment :-)))!

  8. Mes chats sont également totalement abattus par les températures infernales que nous subissons...
    J'humidifie régulièrement leur pelage de ma main mouillée, ça leur fait un bien fou, ils adorent.
    Il ne s'agit pas de les passer sous la douche mais juste de mouiller ses mains et de les caresser pour que les poils soient légèrement oints d'eau...
    C'est vraiment top pour eux !
    Pour nous aussi d'ailleurs ! lol