Monday, July 24, 2006


At the moment, it is so hot and humid in Switzerland that creating new posts is an arduous task that demands a lot of energy. The room feels like an oven and my arms are sticking on the table! Cooking/baking anything in such conditions could be labelled as suicidal for it gets very fastly blazing hot in the kitchen...

I guess that I'll have to wait for the cooler days to come back in order to be active and inspired in the kitchen!

A hot looking field nearby my path and the little paradise it leads to...
Beautiful, although I wouldn't like to be there now!!!


  1. Pauvre Rosa, je vois que la chaleur n'épargne vraiment personne et aucun pays, hélas...
    Allons nous tous devoir nous réfugier au pôle nord et le bousiller encore un peu plus qu'il ne l'est déjà ? ...
    Bref, je voulais te remercier pour tes adorables commentaires et tonsoutien pendant mon absence à rallonge !!
    Mille mercis

  2. It has cooled down a little here, so perhaps it's on it's way East. I'll blow a little your way, maybe that will help. I agree, it's been way too hot!!

  3. I know exactly how you feel, it has been far too hot here in Basel also and soooo humid at night!!

  4. Yeah. I know the feeling. It's too damn hot here, too. But at least, you have a beautiful view.