Thursday, July 13, 2006


As promised last week, here's what you get to discover if you continue walking down this beautiful path I love...

What you'll find at the end of it is a little corner of paradise!

After having passed the ungarded border barrier and walked further down this dainty path, you'll enter some woods. It's only a few minutes later, once you have gone through the woods and walked a little more that you'll get to a wild looking swampland with ponds lying nearby the river Arve which passes voluptuously by...

This site is really ethereal and ever so calm. the only "noise" you get to hear is the wild croaking of frogs, the cawing of crows, the cry of a buzzard, the soothing sound of the river or the wind blowing in the trees... Being there is like being in another dimension!

There, the vegetation is exhuberant (water lillies, magnificent trees, flowers, reed, blackberry bushes, etc...) and the animals are numerous (herons, frogs, crows, buzzards by the dozen, ducks, swans, rabbits, etc...) as if they all had decided to gather in this magical place!

Really mind-blowing...

After having walked through the woods (looking backwards in the direction of the Salève)...
One pond...
A romantic view of the same pond...
Again the same pond with an eye-catching view of the Salève...Another view of the Salève...
A second pond: in the background, the end of the Petit Salève and another French mountain called Les Voirons...
The Arve river flowing in the direction of Geneva...

So, did you enjoy this little virtual tour? I hope so...


  1. I did, you know I like your Saleve pictures.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


  3. It was beautiful!! Thank you so much!

  4. GRACIANNE: It makes me really happy to see that you like my Salève pictures! Anyway, stay tuned, there will be more of them...

    PAZ: Thank you very much! Your enthusiasm gives me the power to continue creating such posts...

    SHER: Many thanks, Sher!

  5. Hi
    You seem to be so much like me I too love to go to countrysides and click photos.
    I love to click day to day lives of people or you can say local people and local food sellers, I love to click roads too which shows so much about the country or place where you stay.
    So how is life in Switzerland do you stay in a country or in a city, what do you cook for your day-to-day food. Can you click some photos of cafes, or houses there, it would be lovely!!!
    In India, food is very important, usually lives revolve around food and for any occasion, the main thing is food that has to be taken care of.
    Our daily lunch looks like this,
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    Non-veg people have fried fish or fish curry with their food.
    You can read my blog and see some of the things that I cook at home
    Just like you I love visiting markets but as I am in a commercial city there are no
    Farmers markets but we have to buy vegs from local markets or malls

    So, tell me more about you
    I am going to read your blog entirely
    You click such lovely photographs it feels as though I am there.

    sorry i could not mail thro your mail so i used the comment section

  6. MAHEK: I would like to answer your message, but before I would like you to give me your e-mail address (it'd be easier)! Send it to:
    I hope to hear from you soon...


    ROSA: :-)))!