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For those of you who don’t know that “Toad In The Hole” has nothing in common with the craoking amphibian (apart from it’s looks, maybe?!), an explanation might come handy before you start chucking loads of toads into your oven, thus letting us no other choice than to call the animal rescue!!!!…

“Toad In The Hole” is a traditional British dish consisting of pork sausages emprisoned in a Yorkshire Pudding (a type of popover) batter. It is generally served with gravy and vegetables.In fact, it is a little like a savory version of the French clafoutis...

A floppish “Toad In The Hole” is never very exciting to look at nor to eat, so it is poetically named “Frog In A Bog”… And the imagery of this expression is disgusting enough to make you lose your appetite and give you an idea of what a failed "Toad In The Hole" would look if it was unsuccessfully prepared!!!

This popular dish might look a bit nifty and messy, but it’s ugliness should not drive be a cause of repulsion, otherwise you’ll miss the opportunity to be enthralled by it’s golden, crispy and light batter and hearty aromatic sausage “filling”. It is an absolutely delightful meal which big and small children will love!

I'm a big fan of this hearty and humble countryside meal as it's simplicity is charming. That's what I call comfort food at it's best!

This recipe was partly inspired by the small Be-Ro "Home Recipes" cookery book...

Serves 2-3

600g Uncooked pork sausages

200g Plain white flour
2 Eggs (~50g)

600ml Milk
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste

1. Mix the flour and salt in a basin.

2. Make a hollow in the centre and drop the eggs.
3. Stir with a whisk and add liquid gradually, until all the flour is worked in.

4. Beat well and add remaining liquid.
5. Reserve for an hour at room temperature.

6. Meanwhile, cut the sausages into 4 centimeter long pieces and cook in a frying pan until golden brown and nearly cooked through.
7. Preheat the oven to 220°C (425°F).
8. Grease a shallow pan, add the sausages and pour the batter over them.

9. Bake for about 40 minutes or until the batther is golden and cooked through.
10. Cut into square slices and serve.

The batter should be smooth and not lumpy, therefore you should add the liquid gradually and beat well.
The batter should be fluid and have the consistency of single cream.
Types of fresh ground pork herby sausages to use: Cumberland sausages, Swiss saucisse à rôtir, Sicilian sausages, Lincoln sausages, Louisiana sausages, Abruzzo sausage, Banger sausage, Boerwurst, Italian sausages, Medisterpoelse sausage, Merguez sausage, Korv sausage, Tuscan sausage or Linguica sausages.
Don’t use precooked sausages like frankfurters or hot dogs!

Serving suggestions:
Serve hot with onion gravy (see recipe) poured over the slice of “Toad In The Hole” and with a nice wintery salad.

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  1. oh, your recipe like me and i want to try it the next week-end ...

  2. Si tu en as jamais mangé, alors je te recommande vivement ce plat que j'adore et qui est simple!

  3. Ton plat est très appétissant !

  4. Ooooohhhh...! Ça a vraiemnt l'air très bon!

  5. Je vois que nous avons les mêmes goûts yyyyyyyuuuuuuummmmmmyyyyyyy !!! ;-)

  6. Decidement, entre ta recette et celle de Doriannn, je suis vraiment tentee par ce crapeau dans son trou moi!

  7. Elvira: Merci! Et ça l'est...

    Doriannn: Et bien, je vois que tu as aussi très bon goût ;-)))!!!

    Gracianne: Je te conseille vivement d'essayer ce "clafoutis anglais au crapaud"!!! Tu ne le regretteras pas...

  8. Hi Rosa - toad in the hole is such a wonderful comfort food - made with proper pork sausages and served with a yummy onion gravy, it's one of my favourites during winter!

  9. Pille: You are right, if all the ingredients used are good quality-wise (especially the pork sausages and only homemade gravy), then this dish is wonderful! I love toad in the hole since I'm a toddler...

  10. I just found your blog through Farm Girl. Love your name--smile. I wish I had this recipe last night as I was craving a traditional English food. This looks yummy and I'll put it on my list of "to-try." Yum.

    P.S. Switzerland is my all-time favorite place on this earth!

  11. RoSA: Thanks for passing by! Yes, I also like my name ;-))!...

    Traditional English food is very delicious, especially if you are craving for something nurishing and old-fashioned...

    So, you love Switzerland, did you go there once?