Sunday, February 19, 2006


It's time for another WCB and this time it's another kitty I want to introduce...

Mika (aka Miki), the miniature cat of my boyfriend's parents! She is very cute, but it's very difficult to caress her as much as we'd like because she doesn't like being annoyed, although with age she's getting less wild. She's like a bonsaï house tiger! You might be interested to know that she's the cousin of our cats Fridolin and Maruschka...

You will also find this picture as well as others on the great Eat Stuff blog from Sydney, Australia. If you also want to participate to Weekend Cat Blogging, then just leave your blog name, URL and permalink in a comment on Clare and Casey's site.

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  1. Love that description, Bonsai House Tiger LOL

  2. Mika is pretty. I also like the bonsai house tiger description.

  3. I like your little bonsai house tiger...she reminds me of The Dutchess, except that Dutchie is rather, um...unminiature!
    Here via Clare's, have a nice weekend

  4. Mika looks shy and unamused at the intrusion...but she is very cute:)

  5. Mika looks like she is thinking very deep thoughts, but I guess when you're a very little girl, you have to give things more thought than when you can just plow through life. :G:

  6. Clare Eats: Yeah, this description fits her well as she's tiny, but acts like a tiger or a lion...

    Kat: Thanks!

    Kross-Eyed Kitty: She is very small and very fluffy; when she was a baby nobody saw her because she was minuscule, so everybody tends to joke on her size.

    It's Only Fuel: Thanks! In fact she didn't mind the intrusion, but she's very independant unlike our "sticky" cats who need love ALL the time!

    B'gina: Yeah, you are right. She is so small that she has difficulties to impose herself in the neighbourhood and so many cats enter her grounds...