Friday, January 27, 2006


Well, I'm back again for another Weekend Cat Blogging Round-up... This time again, the star is our pretty little devil Maruschka who plays the top model for yall of you food and cat addicts!!!

A rather eerie food obsessed Maruschka playing the "sad victim" for hours (at least two hours before due time!) while waiting to get fed! When she's waiting she's a totally different cat with a strange face expression and a trance-like attitude...

On the occasion of WCB #34, Boo_licious of the great "Masak Masak" from Malaysia (her blog is worth checking out!) will host this weekend's edition as the cute Kiri and his family of "Eat Stuff" from Australia are away on vacation for a while...

So, you can send her your permalinks of your kitties and she'll put them up.
You can email Boo_licious at her Mum's email: or leave her the links at the comment sections: Haloscan for non-bloggers and Blogger for those registered on blogger.

Here are pictures of the other cute kitties from all around the blogosphere:
1. Say hi to Sophe Oki, Lomax and Mance from Cracker Jack'd. They're so adorable that I can understand why Aunty Kathy is so proud of them.
Gigolo Kitty continues the Snowy White and the Seven Stalkers story where Snowy White is forced to join the gym.
3. Lulu the dog has a sweet little kitty nicknamed
Willow as her bed buddy in Why Travel to France?
4. Awwww, Honey the sweetie pie is now all grown up at ten months old in Anne's Food.

5. The kitties in Look Hunny, I Cooked are so peaceful in their tall perches. I must take Auntie Catesa's advice and share with my sister next time Mum brings home a new toy.
Tasha, the sleepy kitty from A Few of my Favourite Things is back in WCB. Welcome back to Bella, Tasha and Auntie Cin, glad to see you.
7. Happy Birthday to Morganna, Barbara's daughter from
Tigers & Strawberries. She's having a Chinese dim sum feast for her birthday (I wish I could be there!) and hugging Lennier who looks so happy.
8. Maruschka from
Rosa's Yummy Yums is waiting to be fed. I know that feeling as sometimes I use that stare at Mum to will her to move and fill my cat bowl with food.
9. Dutchie & Mao love their baskets which have a great view of the world in
Kross-Eyed Kitty. I want some of that too!
Doc the cat has got a side-job, he is the official proofreader of Kiplog's posts. I hope the job pays well in terms of yummy food and more pats from the master.
11. Bow down to Princess Louise, the great kitty from Stalking the Waiter. If not, she may give you the evil eye.
Molly Doodlebug is a good kitty this weekend over at Farmgirl Fare. I wonder what mischief she has planned for the coming week.
Aggie is tubsitting over at Kayak Soup. I reckon it's because it's nice and cooling to sit in there? Sometimes I also jump into the tub with Mum before she switches on the shower.
Max shows off his whiskers in passionatenonchalance.
15. Kitty Bojangles has a moment of peace from Whiskey the cat in Just Braise. Happy Birthday Auntie Stacey - Mum was drooling over the Chocolate Coconut Fudge Cupcakes you baked.
Le Gros Noir from Lali et Cie gets no sleep as Lali's little girl loves to play with him.
Lucky the Cat gets a bath with his mummy in These Days in French Life.
18. Kashim and Othello, those adorable kitties play at their scratch posts at Paulchens Foodblog?!
19. Bussi enjoys her weekend by getting her priorities right at Basic Juice. I love the sequence of photos as that's exactly what I do too when I find a nice sunbeam at home.
20. We have
Stella and Buddy wandering outside plus a bonus picture of Stella looking cute as a pie hiding in a bag over at The Poor Cracklins.
Widget and Max fight it out for the new kitty condo at Peanut Butter and Purple Onions. Hmmmm, I wonder if Mum can build me one too. Must go and bug her now with some pleading looks.
22. Xannon the black kitty joins us from Texas at Heather's Space. He looks so like the other black kitten we have at the other house, so sweet.
Samantha has a nice red ribbon that she loves to play with at the Websorceress Cooks. It looks really fun, let me bug Mum for a ribbon too.

(Muschki 1 & 2 -Pic by Rosa


  1. Maruschka, I know that feeling too. Sometimes when I am really hungry I give a pathetic meow to Mum to ask her to fill my cat bowl up.

    Lots of love

    Boo the cat

  2. LOL! Our cat Dutchie will gives us the 'googlies' too whenever she is desperate for food!

  3. Just beautiful!

  4. Maruschka looks like she about ready to throw a major hissy. Better get that meal in front of her. ;+)

  5. What a beautiful name, Maruschka. Her coat looks so silky!

  6. Boo_licious: ;-))) Pathetic, that's the word!...

    Kross-eyed kitty: A desperate cat is really nerving!

    Ivonne: Thanks!

    B'gina: She was about to give a major hissy. But if we give her food too early, then we can be sure to have her on our back all the time as then her feeding will not be at a fixed time anymore!...

    kat: Thanks! Yes, Maruschka sounds good; it was my boyfriend's idea as he had is cats before I got to know him... Her coat is thick and silky ;-)!