Monday, January 16, 2006


Ok, as many of you add lots of memes on their blogs, I thought that this one would be funny to answer and share with you. In this way, you can discover a few aspects of my personality...

7 things to do before I die:
1. Be happy.

2. Travel to the places I’d love to see (Canada, USA, South-East Asia, Germany, Thailand, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, etc…).
3. Have my own little house and live in another country like Canada, maybe?...
4. Win the lottery, so that I wouldn’t have to work till the end of my life.
5. To have tested all the recipes I find interesting.
6. To have a goat, a dog, a donkey, a pig, a cow and many more cats.
7. Buy and read more books.

7 things I cannot do:
1. Drive.

2. Be a superficial person or a materialist.
3. Be dishonnest or fake.
4. I can’t throw away food, so I always have a lot of leftovers.
5. Be patient.

6. I can’t stand lies.
7. I can’t see a cute animal without totally freaking out or melting on the spot!!!

7 things that attract me to blogging:
1. Get to meet many interesting people.
2. Get to share my interest in food with others who understand my passionate ramblings.
3. Something do do in order to make my momentary life situation more bearable.
4. To share the pictures of my cute kitties Maruschka and Fridolin.
5. To feel more confident with my ownself.
6. Something to be “proud” of.

7. Pure pleasure…

7 things I say most often:
1. Bibi!
2. Nein Muschki or Fridi isch finito?!!!!!

3. Bloody hell!
4. I’m fed up of this tin box kitchen!
5. Mmmmhhhh!
6. Oh la la!

7. P*%&*?% de m*%&*!!!!!

7 books I love ( In no particular order):
1. All Anne Rice’s novels.

2. Anything by Stephen King.
3. Perfume by Patrick Süskind.
4. Dean Koontz’s books.
5. My three Culinaria books (Greece, South-East Asia and Caribbean) and other cookery books.
6. Yukio Mishima’s writings.
7. My books about North American Indians and many others. I love books, but can’t afford to buy (m)any at the moment…

7 movies I watch over and over again ( in no particular order):
1. Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch.
2. Avalon by Mamoru Oshii.
3. The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) by Zacharias Kunuk.
4. Hana-Bi (and all films) by Takeshi Kitano.
5. Nightmare Before Christmas (and all films) by Tim Burton.
6. Lagaan by Aamir Khan.
7. 2046 (and all films) by Won Kar wai and many many more…..

7 people I Want to Join In:
1. Anybody
2. who
3. is
4. interested
5. in
6. sharing
7. thoughts!!!

(Castle Mountain, Canada -Pic by Norbert Woehnl
(Cute Animals -Pic by
(Dessert -Pic by

(My Kitchinette -Pic by Rosa
(Kachins -Pic by
(Atanarjuat -Pic by

(Penguins -Pic by


  1. My cousin asked me for xmas to buy her a tshirt from the movie "Nightmare before Xmas". Arghhhh, not easy to find ! Finally I found it on Ebay :) great movie !

  2. It's really a great Xmas film with great effects and a superb soundtrack!

  3. Ouah des gouts de cinema pas communs, je ne connais pas grand chose de ces films, je vais en louer un ou deux pour connaitre mieux.

  4. Je te conseille vivement ces films qui sont très spéciaux et artistiquement beaux.
    Nightmare Before Christmas, 2046 et Lagaan sont plus "softs" que les autres qui peuvent peut-être choquer de par leur "bizarreté" et leur violence (non gratuite)...
    J'aime plutôt les films hors du commun qui offrent un plaisir visuel ainsi qu'une histoire intéressante.

  5. Fun list to read! I want to win the Lotto, too. :))))

    I've tagged you for another meme, if you can stand it. You can find the info here.

    If you'd rather not participate, I understand.

    Happy blogging,

  6. Paz & Crazy Gaijin: thanks for tagging for another meme. I'll write my thoughts as soon as possible,