Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I’ve been tagged by Paz of "The Cooking Adventures Of Chef Paz" from New York City. So, I’ll try to give my best answer as I very rarely get a cold or the flu. Sorry!…

Well, generally I use what’s in my kitchen and that is stuff like spices, teas or essences. I boil some water and add a herb tea bag (thyme, nettle or mint), grated fresh ginger, a stick cinnamon, 3-4 cloves, ground cardamom, pepper and a few drops of essential oil (lavender, pine tree or patchouli).

It does sound like a witch’s brew, but some of those ingredients are natural antiseptics, de-toxifiers, antibiotics, antinauseants and sedatives!!!…

Lemon juice with honey is also a good remedy if you have a sore throat. And if you feel sick, nauseated or just queesy, then a cup of hot water (boiled) or a banana can help.

Otherwise, it is also recommended to eat lots healthy nutrients like fruits, vegetables and stuff like liver in order to reload yourself with enough vitamins and minerals to fight against your cold. You should also drink a lot as it eliminates the toxins inside your body.

As I mentioned before, I’m very rarely sick (sorry folks!), so I’m not a real specialist when it comes to preparing remedies. But I find that essential oils like lavender are good as their effect (inhaled, drunken or used as bath oil) can be quite fast with pains, stress, nausea, etc...

Now it’s my turn to tag the following people:
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Of course, you don’t have to do the meme if you are not interested by it…

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  1. Je vois que tu es à Genève toi aussi ;)
    Nos trucs pour ne pas tomber malade: de l'Echinacée et deux huiles essentielles: Eucalyptus et Ravensara. C'est absolument radical !

  2. Oui, je suis sur Genève...
    J'essaierai vos huiles essentielles lorsque j'en aurai besoin, merci!

  3. Rosa, thanks for tagging me. Finally a food related meme, that really interests me.
    Like you, it's been a while since I got sick(10 years), I do remember my mom's cold/flu remedies. I am going to post them, soon.

    and it involes ginger(but in dried form,)just like your remedy. :)

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  5. Rosa, thanks for participating! I like your remedies, especially since I'm a tea drinker. I think I'll try these even if I'm not sick. ;-)

    I'm glad you rarely get ill. That means you take good care of yourself. Good for you!