Sunday, December 18, 2005


Have you ever wondered if there would be another kind of sauce that could replace your good old ketchup?!? Well, actually the Brazilian’s have come up with a totally inventive version of ketchup that has been funkily named “GUATCHUP”. So, what exactly is “GUATCHUP”, you might ask, a bit puzzled?!!!…

This new and innovative product from Brazil is made with red guavas and is produced under the control of the Guava Producers’ Association (GOIABRAS) who not only protects the producers’ interests, but also encourages the developpment of guava culture in disfavored regions. This special exploitation of the country’s natural resources is also respectful to the environment. In that way, your moral conscienceness will be freed from any reserve, as when you buy this unique product your act will enhance your health, and have a social and ecological impact on Brazil. All of that can’t be achieved with your normal ketchup which you find in every local supermarket or fast-food! “GUATCHUP” is not any ketchup; it is exceptional and different in many ways!!!

The other incomparable aspect of “GUATCHUP” is it’s fabulous and exotic taste of guava! For the most reticent of you, I can assure you that you’ll be positively surprised by this alternative ketchup. It’s flavor is, in a sense, quite similar to Uncle Sam’s ketchup, but “GUATCHUP” is sweeter, surprisingly fruity and is a little less vinegary than the latter. In fact, you will not have any problem to replace your usual ketchup sauce by it’s multifaceted Brazilian cousin! And, you’ll see that you will also not come to miss the other!!!

“GUATCHUP” is absolutely yummy with barbecues, French fries, meat, pastas, potatoes, rice, fish, Asian food, with tortilla chips, crisps and vegetables. It is also perfectly fit to be used as a base to sweet and sour sauces or mixed in mayonnaise. One can use it in any manner that can be imagined…

“GUATCHUP” is a 100% natural salsa that rocks the palate and offers a sunny fortaste of paradise!

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  1. I love guavas but haven't had them in ages since they do not have them fresh where I am. Melissa the cooking diva has a wonderful recipe for a guava cook/pastry, which I plan on trying some time soon. I'd like to try this guatchup, too!