Sunday, October 16, 2005


I saw this "PICTURE MEME" on Alice's “My Adventures In The Breadbox” and I thought that I might as well give it a try!

Do a Google image search of the following and post the first (or favorite) result for each:

1. The name of the town where you were born:

Geneva, Switzerland.

(Geneva -Pic by

2. The name of the town where you live now:

Veyrier, a quiet village in the Geneva countryside. It's a few kilometers away from the town of Geneva and is just on the French border (from my kitchen and living room windows, I can see France!). From Veyrier, we have an absolutely magnificent and imposing view on the French Salève mountain.

(Veyrier -Pic by

3. Your name:


(Rose -Pic By

4. Your grandmother's name (just pick one):

My grandmother from England is named "Jean", like Norma Jean Baker (aka Marilyn Monroe). My Swiss grandmother was also named in the same way, but in French it is written "Jeanne" and pronounced a little differently. My second name is "Jeanne"...

(Marilyn Monroe -Pic by

5. Your favorite food:

At the moment, I would say "Thai Curry" which I love making myself (also the paste). But, I love so many things that it's very difficult to say what's my all-time favorite food!!!

(Thai Curry -Pic by

6. Your favorite drink:

I mainly drink water, tea and coffee, but I would say that "Elder Flower Syrup" is a very special and delicate tasting drink. The one I have was made by my boyfriend's mother who lives in Graubünden. Otherwise, I also enjoy a little glass of wine now and then...

(Elder Flower syrup -Pic by

7. Your favorite song:

A song from the Mexican EBM band HOCICO called "Tales From The Third World". It is taken from their last album "Wrack And Ruin"; a great cd. In fact, that's one of my favorite songs of the moment. But, because I have a big cd collection and love music, it is quite difficult to choose a favorite song. I love so many sound styles and bands...

(Hocico -Pic by

8. Your favorite smell:

Again a difficult question... I like so many things, so, today, I'd say cinnamon, because I cooked a Greek dish which had this spice as ingredient.

(Cinnamon Sticks -Pic by

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