Sunday, October 9, 2005


I've always loved French pancakes because of their unique "rubbery" sponginess. It's a dish you enjoy eating as a kid and never stop rediscovering as an adult as "PANCAKES" can offer a variety of different possibilities which are all very delightful. They are super delicious when eaten with lemon juice and sugar, maple syrup, marmelade/jam, chocolate paste or folded up with a savoury filling and oven/pan baked in butter until nice and crispy.There are so many yummy ways to prepare "PANCAKES" that no one can dare say that they are boring!...


For 4-6 people (makes around 18), but if you are a BIG eater (!!!), then it is also ok for two people, when eaten as the main dinner...


500g Plain white flour
600ml Milk
350ml Water (or more depending on how thin/thick you like your pancakes)
4 Eggs (~50g)
20g Melted butter (+~50g melted butter for the pan)

1. Sieve the flour into a large bowl.
2. Beat eggs together with the milk.
3. Pour in the egg/milk mixture and whisk the mixture energetically.
4. Add the water and butter, mix well.
5. Leave the batter on the side for an hour, at room temperature.
6. Heat up a frying pan at medium high temperature (6-7 on a scale of 9) and brush it with a bit of melted butter.
7. Add a medium soup-ladle of batter. Cook the first side for about 1-2 minutes or until it stops sticking to the pan, then turn and cook the other side for a little less than one minute.

If you want, you can replace some of the water or all of it by the same quantity of milk, then your pancakes will be a little thicker and more nourishing.
Be careful not to let the butter in the frying pan get brown or burnt; you have to go very fastly and add the batter straight away.
Once you’ve spooned the batter into the pan, slightly turn the the pan (drawing circles) in order to coat the pan and to spread the mixture evenly.
Pancakes should not be too thick (unless that’s the way you like them), they should preferrably be thin and cooked on both sides.

Serving suggestions:
Serve the pancakes with whichever ingredient you wish (maple syrup, lemon/orange juice and sugar, honey, etc…) and roll before eating.
If you like them stuffed with savoury ingredients (cheese, vegetables, meat, etc…), then place the filling in the middle of the pancake, close it by rolling it like a spring roll and either fry in a frying pan with butter or bake in the oven until slightly crispy and golden.

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  1. those pancakes look absolutely delish! i'm a pancake lover myself and boy am i so gonna try out your recipe! lovely blog by the way :) keep up the good eats!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the comment!
    Keep in mind when doing the recipe that I generally cook with my "gut feeling", so you'll also have to do the same (with the quantity of water for ex.)in order to make pancakes which meet your taste...

  3. Tiens, dans les crèpes aussi..?!

  4. Oui, j'adore les crêpes. D'ailleurs, j'en fais presque toutes les semaines à la demande de mon copain qui n'arrête pas de m'en réclamer!!!
    Je suis une vraie usine à crêpe...

  5. Hi Rosa, I love these pancakes with chocolate sauce and sliced bananas!

  6. Oh wow, this seems to be the pancake season all around! Yours is the second pancake post I've read today, and I'm going to make some pancakes tomorrow myself. It's interesting to compare pancake recipies from different countries.
    And thank you so much for adding my blog to your link list!