Sunday, October 30, 2005


"KUIH SALAT“ (or "KUEH SALAT") is a typical Nyonya/Peranakan (“Descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca and Singapore, inter-marrying with local Malays.”) sweet dessert.

Maybe it demands a certain knowledge of Asian food in order to make this delightful “KUIH”, but, all in all, it wasn’t really difficult to follow the instructions and produce something very yummy!

As all Southeast Asian sweets, “KUIH SALAT” is very colourful and has a delicate taste of rice, pandan and coconut milk.

The original “KUIH SALAT” is dark green in colour and the rice is left white, but I thought it might be fun to change the colours a little! On this photo, I also pictured it in an upside down version (rice on top instead of it being down); it was my own idea to change the rules again.

I’m a “NYONYA KUIH” junkie and I could not stop eating “KUIH SALAT”. I really got addicted to it’s glutinous and custardy texture. And pandan aroma is soooo yummy!!! I really loved this “KUIH” and could just eat some at any time…

If you want to make it yourself, then please The Baker Who Cooks' great food blog from Singapore and check out the recipe (see link); it’s really worth checking it out! My recipe came from her.

Thanks to you Cheryl!

(Kueh Salat 1 -Pic by Rosa @Rosa's Yummy Yums)
(Mount Kinabalu -Pic by Rabani HMA
(Kueh Salat 2 -Pic by Rosa
@Rosa's Yummy Yums)


  1. Being a Malaysian, I like Nyonya kuih too :)

    P/S: Kueh is an old spelling, and the correct spelling for Nyonya is with 2 y-s.

  2. Hi Amber,
    Thanks for the information!
    I knew that "Kueh" and "Kuih" were the same, but didn't know that "Kueh" was the old spelling. The same goes with "Nyonya" which is also sometimes written with only one "y"

  3. Très joli,..mais je n'ai pas compris q.q que c'est?

  4. LORY: Merci!
    Un "Kuih Salat" est une espèce de petit gâteau que l'on peut trouver dans tout le sud-est de l'Asie. Une couche (la rose) est faite avec du riz gluant sucré et l'autre couche est faite avec une genre de crème patissière (la verte) additionnée de farine de riz et de jus de pandan (arôme)...

  5. je le gouterai volontiers..même si les dessert au riz, ne sont pas mes préférés..merci pour l'explication!

  6. LORY: Merci! C'est super bon, mais le riz est assez présent..

  7. kuih ? kueh ?
    In Singapore we use the word 'kueh'
    but the malaysian use the word'kuih'

  8. ANONYMOUS: Thanks for passing by, for the comment and the info! Cheers.