Sunday, August 12, 2007


This week, Sher and Upsie at "What Did You Eat?" (USA) are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #114 although they are crying the loss of theit beloved Sundance (see link) who was ill (FIP)...

To submit your kitty picture(s), you can either leave a message in their blog's comment section (with your permalinks) or contact them via e-mail without forgetting to give all the needed informations.

Fridolin, the "jumping pea", could be compared to a battery that never gets flat...
Day and night, he is full of energy and tires us out with his endless yammering, need for affection, attention and action as well as his impulsiveness. Although he is 12 years old and a cyborg (handicaped by his accident), he has enough power to run up and down the apartment and go on our nerves because of his "idiotic" pastimes (scratching the settee, being nasty to Maruschka, going in forbidden places, sticking his nose everywhere, etc...)!

Sher, please accept my deepest sympathy.
Sundance was a cute little kitty that we will never forget.
May he rest in peace and have fun in cat's paradise.
In thoughts with you all...


  1. very cute, this weeks Fotos of Fridolin with the glimmer in his eyes.

  2. Heureux comme un chat !!! Bises, Marie

  3. il n'est pas trop mal ce gros minet!! riire!! biises micky

  4. Thank you so much Rosa. It has been a great help top have so many kind thoughts from my online friends. I also love to see pictures of Fridolin. What a little devil! :):) Love cats like that! I do!

  5. LAMIACUCCINA: Thanks ever so much!

    MARIE CUISINE: Oui, ça tu peux le dire ;-P! Bises...

    MICKYMATH: Merci ;-P! Bises...

    SHER: What happened to Sundance has really moved me. Such a sad story... I hope that you are feeling a bit better now.
    Thanks! Yes, he's a little devil, but like you, we love those kinds of kitties ;-P! Cheers and hugs...

  6. Fridolin -- what a sweet little goofball!

    i liked scrolling down through the rest of your blog, too...sweet cakes and mountain views, flowers and pretty cats.

    last but not least, your lovely au revoir to the precious sundance.

    he'll be missed, that's for sure.

    and thanks for stopping by.

  7. Fridolin you are very handsome indeed! Sending Happy Purrs and Loves and Have an excellent week ahead!

    Bad Kitty Cats

  8. My goodness, Fridolin does look ever so energetic - look at the gleam in his eye, ready to jump up again I am thinking?!?!?

    I am also so sad about Sundance - what a bright light like sunshine he was...

  9. TABOO & WHALESHAMAN: Thanks! I'm glad you also like the other posts on my blog!
    Yes, Sundance will be missed!

    BAD KITTY: Thanks! Purrs and love to you too!

    CHINA CATS OR WILLOW: He's always ready to jump somewhere! Sundance was a unique cat...

  10. Trops mignons ces chats qui ont l'air d'être bien heureux.
    Bious, Doria

  11. DORIA: Merci! Oui, Fridolin est heureux (enfin, je crois ;-P)!
    Par contre, le roux est au paradis des chats... Bises!