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Rendang 4 1 bis
Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer must develop an approach for the rest of the time... The wait is simply too long.
- Leonard Bernstein
One of the most challenging things about having a blog is being able to constantly find enough inspiration to feed it, no matter the circumstances. This task is particularly difficult when your present life is unsatisfactory, terrifyingly monotonous and your intellect doesn’t receive sufficient input from the soul or stimulation from its surroundings in order to be at the maximum of its resourcefulness.

That feeling of hitting a creative rock bottom is discouraging. It undermines my confidence and drives me crazy. Sometimes I desperatly stare at a blank page for hours without end, my brain refuses to work and is empty like a dry sponge, no recipe seems to be good enough to mention, I have the impression that my photography "skills" let me down and I end up surfing relentlessly on the net so as not to face the bleak reality and failure to be productive. On such days being a blogger is a real curse and you wonder why you are putting yourself through so much trouble when this activity, just like any job, takes all your precious time, yet it does not pay your rent, let alone your dinner. I must confess that in such moments I am tempted to let it all go, throw the towel, chuck my computer out of the window and say "f**k it all"!

You see, unlike a majority of people, I
am careerless as I never found my true calling or had any parental support in order to develop myself in this field (well, I’d love to have  a delicatessen or be a contributor to a magazine, but I lack money or the papers to carry those dreams out), my CV has holes and is a disaster, I have been unemployed since years and unsuccessful at finding a job, so I entirely depend on my boyfriend (I am not entitled to unemployment benefits as my last job lasted less than a year and I live in a couple, so I get no reinsertion support and I am out of the picture - I have been told that there was no need for me to report to the unemployment office) who is far from being a rich man, thus my future as an active person is extremely foggy and I have dropped all hopes of finding my place in this unforgiving, discriminating, competitive as well as superficial society who is not interested in our true values (we are all just numbers) and offers no second chance to "irrecuperable losers" or dropouts like me. Once you have blown it, you are seriously in trouble.

It is quite a dark and degrading place to be, and consequently, I occasionally feel low down and suffer mood swings. My existence is repetitive and not exhalirating at all as I am quite lonely (very few friends and no family), don’t do much apart from cooking, writing articles, shooting photos, listening to music, watching movies, reading magazines/books and being online.
I rarely step out of my apartement or leave my village. Everything I undertake is limited by the absence of resources so I never have the possibility to experience much in terms of travelling, going out or attending social events. Yet, I’m a fighter and firmly believe that it will once be my turn to be happy for a while and to have luck.
These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep, loving concern.
Beautiful people do not just happen.
- Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.
- Oscar Wilde

My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.
- Henry Rollins
Meanwhile, Rosa’s Yummy Yums gives me courage, hope for a better tomorrow and a reason to get up in the morning, brings me self-esteem, gets me through rough patches, helps me stay in contact with the outside world (how paradoxal is that?) and makes me dream. Therefore, even if I get tired of it I never forget those details and try not to take my work for granted. Let’s not foget that thanks to my blog I have met a bunch of wonderful folks/fellow bloggers, grown up a lot in the past 6 years, developped my passion for cooking as well as discovered a strong interest for writing and picture-taking.

Rendang Tree 1 3 bis

Nowadays, I am proud of whom I have evolved into and accept my situation philosophically. My austere lifetsyle has even become a source of stimulus. For example, in spite of having had no idea regarding what to share with you in today's post, I nonetheless put together an entertaining article and came up with a titillating recipe.

I am a foodie and writer who lives on a tightrope, but I’m totally comfortable with that fact, because I know that what I create is unique and doesn’t carry the stigmatas of my brokedome. Despite that, I am a wizard at transforming humble produces into refined dishes and an expert at finding subjects to talk about eventhough not much is happening around me. Having learnt to do more with less, quick-wittedness and inventiveness are my middle names.

Last week, for instance, I craved "Daging Rendang" (one of the most popular specialities in Indonesia together with "Nasi Goreng"), but as our limited budget doesn't allow us to buy superior meat cuts (in Switzerland meat is dear and even lower cuts are quite expensive), I opted for pork liver, one of the cheapest and most nutritive offals on the market.
The best thing about liver is how virtuous it makes you feel after you've eaten some.
- Bruce Jay Friedman, ‘The Lonely Guy Cookbook’ (1976)
Did you know that apart from being delectable, liver is exceptionally beneficial for our well-being as it is fairly low in calories, provides substantial amounts of vitamins (one slice covers 100% of your daily vitamin intake) and is rich in proteins as well as minerals (it contains 6x more iron than meat)? Apart from being a fantastic remedy against anemia, it is also perfect for reducing the levels of homocysteine in the blood as it contains large quantities of vitamins B12, B6, and folate, and as a result, in improving cardiovascular health and decreasing your risk of having a heart attack. No wonder that in the past this superfood was only served to warriors and to hunter!

As you can see, although I cook in a low-costly manner, it doesn’t mean that our plate’s contents are unhealthy or unpalatable. Contrarily to common belief, spending loads of cash on food is not a guarantee of quality. It is the cook who makes the difference as it is he/she who carefully chooses the goods and who transforms them according to his/her knowledge and ingenuity…

This curry was like a performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony that I'd once heard.....especially the last movement, with everything screaming and banging 'Joy.' It stunned, it made one fear great art. My father could say nothing after the meal.
- Anthony Burgess
I found the basic Rendang recipe on Rasa Malaysia and adapted it according to my taste. The beef was replaced by pork liver and for a rounder flavor, I substituted fish sauce for salt (I cannot live without this amazing condiment) and incorporated turmeric as well as shrimp paste to the dish. The sauce was left to simmer longer than indicated and as a result, my "Liver Rendang" was extremely pungent, sumptuous and round. This creamy, seductively spicy, slightly sweet, gently piquant and complexly tasting curry suffused with the intoxicating aromas of coconut and fragrant herbs is so luscious and quirky that you'll want to take seconds and thirds!
Rendang 3 4 bis

~ Liver Rendang ~
Recipe adapted from Bee Yin Low's "Rendang Daging" recipe found on Rasa Malaysia.

Serves 3-4.

Ingredients For The "Spice Paste":
5 Shallots
1 Inch (~3cm) Knob Fresh Galangal
3 Sticks Lemongrass (white part only)
5 Cloves garlic
1 Inch (~3cm) Know Fresh Ginger
1-2 Tsps Sambal Oelek

Ingredients For The "Rendang":
1 1/4 Pound Liver, cut into thickish strips
5 Tbs Peanut oil
1 Cinnamon stick, about 2-inches (6cm) long
3 Cloves
3 Star anise
3 Cardamom pods

1 Tsp Turmeric
1 Sticks Lemongrass, chopped and pounded in a mortar
1 Cup Thick Coconut Milk
1 Cup Water
2 Tsp Tamarind paste

1/3 Tsp Shrimp paste
6 Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves, very finely sliced
6 Tbs Toasted Coconut
1 Tbs Brown sugar/palm sugar

Fish sauce, to taste

For The "Spice Paste":
1. Chop the spice paste ingredients and then blend them in a food processor until fine.
2. Heat the oil in a wok or stew pot, add the spice paste, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cardamom and curcuma. Stir-fry them for about 1 minutes or until aromatic.
3. Add the pounded lemongrass and stir-fry for another 1 minute.
4. Add the coconut milk, water, tamarind paste, shrimp paste, water, and simmer on medium heat, stirring frequently for about 20 minutes.
5. Stir the kaffir lime leaves, toasted coconut, sugar/palm sugar and a little fish sauce into the sauce.

Rendang Mousse 1 5 bis

6. Reduce the heat to low, cover with a lid, and let simmer for 2 1/2 hours or until the sauce has "dried up" (stir often and make sure to scrape the bottom of the wok and add more water if it dries too quickly).
7. A few minutes before serving, place a frying pan over high heat and then stir-fry the strips of liver for 2 minutes in a little oil (the liver should still be pink in the middle.
8. Add the liver to the sauce and more fish sauce, to taste. Turn off the heat.
9. Serve immediately.

For this recipe, I used pork liver, but you can also use beef liver, kidneys or even heart(s).
Rendang tastes even better when reheated.

Serving suggestions: 
Serve with steamed jasmine rice and slices of cucumbers.
Wine suggestions: Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürtzramminer or a dry Rosé.


Rendang 1 1 bis

~ Rendang De Foie ~
Recette adaptée du blog Rasa Malaysia.

Pour 3-4 personnes.

Ingrédients Pour La "Pâte Epicée":
5 Echalottes
~ 3cm de Galanga frais
3 Bâtonnets de citronnelle (partie blanche seulement)
5 Gousses d'ail 

~3cm de Gingembre frais
1-2 CC de Sambal oelek
Ingrédients Pour le "Rendang":
~650g de foie, coupé en lanières assez épaisses
5 CS d'Huile d'arachide
1 Bâton de cannelle, d'environ 6cm de long
3 Clous de girofle
3 Fleurs d'anis étoilé (badiane chinoise)
3 Gousses de cardamome

1 CC de Curcuma
1 Bâtonnets de citronnelle, hachés et pilés au mortier
400ml de Lait de coco épais
240ml d'Eau
2 CC de Purée de tamarin
1 / 3 de CC de Pâte de crevettes
6 Feuilles de kaffir fraîches, très finement émincées
6 CS de Noix de coco, râpée et grillée
1 CS de Cassonade ou de sucre de palme
Sauce de poisson, selon goût

1. Hacher les ingrédients pour la pâte épicée puis les broyer au mixer afin d'obtenir une purée fine.
2. Dans un wok ou un cassoton, faire chauffer l'huile et ajouter la pâte d'épices, la cannelle, les clous de girofle, l'anis étoilé, la cardamome et le curcuma.
Laisser frémir, tout en remuant, pour que la pâte développe ses arômes.
3. Ajouter la citronnelle pilée et la faire sauter pendant 1 minute.
4. Ajouter le lait de coco, l'eau, la pâte de tamarin, la pâte de crevettes et laisser mijoter à feu moyen, tout en remuant fréquemment, pendant environ 20 minutes.
5. Incorporer les feuilles de kaffir, la noix de coco grillée, la cassonade et un peu de sauce de poisson.

Rendang Ruin 1 5 bis

6. Baisser le feu, fermer avec un couvercle et laisser mijoter pendant 2 1/2 heures ou jusqu'à ce que la sauce soit très épaisse/sèche (remuer souvent et racler le fond du wok - ajouter plus d'eau si la sauce est devient sèche trop vite) .
7. Quelques minutes avant de servir, chauffer une poêle à feu vif puis faire sauter les lanières de foie pendant 2 minutes dans un peu d'huile (le foie doit être encore rosé à coeur).
8. Incorporer le foie à la sauce et ajouter un peu de sauce de poisson, selon goût. Eteindre le feu.
9. Servir immédiatement.

J'ai préparé mon curry avec du foie de porc, mais on peu tout aussi bien utiliser du foie de boeuf, des rognons ou du/des coeur(s).
Ce plat est encore meilleur réchauffé.

Idées de présentation:

Servir le Rendang avec du riz parfumé cuit à la vapeur et des tranches de concombre.

Vin: Sauvignon blanc, Gewürtzramminer ou rosé sec.

Rendang 2 1 bis


  1. WOW!!! U've cooked a Malaysian dish :D Well done

  2. Une belle recette qui fait voyager dans le froid de notre hiver.
    Bisous et bon WE au chaud !

  3. i wish you the best in life. it's good that you found a space of yours. :)

    i wonder how duck liver would taste like in rendang...

  4. I'm sorry Rosa, for all the problems life has handed you, but I can tell you're a fighter. As I always tell my daughter, you never know what wonderful thing is right around the corner. Keep the faith. I love your blog and hope you never give it up.
    My mother cooked liver for us all the time (with bacon and onions) but I haven't made it once. Ever. Really was intrigued with this recipe and your photos are fabulous, as ever.

  5. Je ne suis pas fan de foie, mais je te jure que j'ai envie d'en acheter en voyant cette belle recette!

  6. Wonderful pictures Rosa!
    Maybe you don't know this but you always inspired me. Life is tough and at times tougher on some, but you are a strong person. Going through all that and yet produce such beautiful pictures, recipes, and entertaining blog, is a big thing which can be done by fighters like you. I'm sure that something good is on it's way to you. All the best Rosa :)

  7. That's cooked Rendang...not many can do it even a I'm impressed with you Rossa and the rendang look's perfect..Bee will be happy to see this

  8. Fighters never give up Rosa :)....the curry looks yum...i'm planning to make a liver curry tomorrow...will post if edible :D

  9. Rosa, you are such a talented writer, cook, baker, photographer, and, more importantly, you have a kind soul. You're definitely destined for something beautiful and great. Perhaps the Oscar Wilde quote sums it up best. :)

  10. Quelqu'un qui a autant de talents que toi trouvera certainement sa voie un jour Rosa. Ne te decourage pas et continue a chercher. Et a nous faire de si jolies recettes. Bises et bonne fin de semaine.

  11. It is unfortunate someone has not snapped you up to work for them..It is clearly evident you are an excellent photographer/stylist..and your grammar in both French and English are perfect.
    Those things alone are like a University art:)
    I am not just saying that.
    And you are learning from different venues etc..Curious..intelligent..
    I am happy for blogs..Many people do live quite solitary lives.. and these blogs open up a world of insight.
    This recipe sounds very interesting..I loved liver when I was expecting my daughters some 35 and 37 yrs ago..I think I ate too much:)

    Tu sais.. je crois que tu serais surprise de voir les gens.. qui te lisnet..les surprises.. que tu aurais..

    We're all a little bit alike in some ways..
    have a nice day Rosa..I LOVE your photography..and from all the comments I have seen you post ..on blogs.. you are a gentle,nice human being.

  12. Your blog and writing are beautiful and an inspiration, Rosa. You are truly talented! Lovely recipe and photos, as always. xo.

  13. Rosa, I cannot believe people don't fight for you as an employee! You are so talented in photography or writing skills! I have also thought that being bilingual, as you, in French and English, opens the door to many job positions. I am sorry for your long unemployment period, but I hope you find some good sides of being in this situation too. I cross my fingers for a quick change of your professional situation.
    I eat liver very rarely (most often foie gras), but I am a big fan of beef rendang. It's one of the rare beef dishes I adore, so I'm sure your liver version tastes excellent!
    I'm sorry, it's none of my business, but... why don't you buy meat (and not only) in France? My French butcher has free range meat (even free range turkey!) and I go there often simply by city bus. I don't eat lots of meat but if I had to pay the Swiss prices I would be ruined if I wanted the free range quality.
    I wish you good luck with all your dreams or projects!

  14. SISSI: Thanks for your kind words and comment! Well, that's how life is sometimes... ;-) Yes, I do go to France and the meat is fabulous there as well as a lot cheaper (so is the cheese), but my budget is VERY tight so that's already quite an expense...

  15. I agree with Sissi. You put so much life and creativity into your blog, your recipes and your photos. It's just wonderful. We're lucky to have you and those employers don't know what they're missing! This recipe looks delicious. Keep stomping around in your heavy-booted optimism :-)

  16. If only you could become a professional blogger because you have such a talent for it! I am constantly inspired by your always stunning photography. I struggle a lot to find inspiration for the blog which sometimes stresses me out, but I think it is a wonderful thing to maintain! :)

  17. Such a divine flavor! Of course, your photographs making more drool worthy ;).

  18. With the kind of writing skills, proficiency in two languages & photography talent you have, you could easily land in a job in a magazine!
    Though I don't know how the job market & opportunities in Switzerland are like, all I know is employers there are missing out.
    Good luck, Rosa.
    I'm kinda in a same boat too - have a Masters degree but just at home all day with my life revolving within the four walls as a housewife, unable to work here because of the visa issues.
    At least the positive comments on blog posts gives some boost to a dull day :)

  19. Unemployment is such a difficult situation, not only because of the financial problems. It is not related to a person's real skills and abilities unfortunately, and in this society, which is so far from being inclusive, many talents are wasted just because they don't fit in perfectly. My talented sister had to struggle for years and is still without any financial security.

    I hope things do pick up for you, and I truly admire your resolution, and your incredible talent and cultural background. Sending you a big hug.

  20. The dish looks so tempting! Your photography is exceptional!!!

  21. I am so touched by your honesty aobut your life in this post Rosa. I hope you get a job even of they say you might not.
    You never know you are such a talented writer you may get some online writting job.
    Best of luck Dear Rosa, and I agree we all have met and made wonderful friends trhough our blogs.

  22. I just want to tell u that u're a great writer, photographer... And u should never loose faith! I know it's not easy being unemployed... I had the same experience for 5 years when i lived in france and my only occupation was my blog and the net. I wish u all the best!!
    The liver rendang looks awesome ;)

  23. I always find your successful blog inspirational and enjoy the stunning photos which completely transport me to wherever or whatever you may be writing about - don't feel disheartened! This dish is completely different for me and it's so interesting to learn about new cuisines.

  24. I like cooking liver, and this recipe seems exotic and delicious inviting one to try it. Thanks for sharing it. Your are a wonderful blogger and definitely on that brings cheers! I feel like that at times, but it then it goes away soon :)I wish all you ask for will come available to you soon.


  25. Hi Rosa, I am so sorry to read of your situation. You write so well and are so talented it is unbelievable to me that an employer hasn't discovered you. I like Indonesian food too and I love you you take a recipe that's out of your budget and make it work for you. Well done and my 2012 be your year!

  26. Sounds great! I havent had a "real job" since 2002. I feel like I ride coat tails all the time. For me my blog is a means to an end so to speak as well. I WANT to make it big with cooking somehow some way because its the one thing I've found in life that I can do without credit to anyone else. Even if I get nowhere relating to other bloggers is great for me. I love writing and sharing. I love when others share as well! (Especially You! :p) Chin up!

  27. Rosa, I understand and I really appreciate what you say, your honesty, and I share many of your feelings... keep up this good work and this lovely writing.
    I love this recipe... and I love the ninth symphony as well ;)

  28. io pensavo che tu lavorassi già per qualche rivista, il tuo blog è così completo....foto bellissime, ricette curate, bilingue......mi dispiace non sia così, te lo meriti, ma devi tenere duro è impossibile che prima o poi qualcuno non ti noti ....combatti ^___^ tifo per te, ciauzzzzz

  29. Rosa, I'm looking for a recipe for nonpareils. Do you know how to make them or where to look? I can be reached at or where you dropped a note ages ago.
    About your post, this sounds depressing. Take it seriously and see somebody who may be helpful. (no religion, eh). I just finished writing my first novel and am waiting for the copyright. Then it goes to Amazon Kindle.
    I'm concerned and I'm pulling for you.

  30. Thank you, Rosa for the kind answer. I'm happy you don't mind me intruding like this... Even though I have a job I'm far from being rich and I'm always glad to be able to save some money on food, especially if it doesn't mean losing the quality.
    Good luck in the pursuit of your dreams! Je te tiens les pouces, as say the Swiss ;-)

  31. SISSI: You are welcome! Don't worry, you were not intruding... I totally understand you. Nowadays, having a job doesn't mean that you have much money as the middle class has become the new working poor! You do save a lot of money when you go to France to buy meat and cheese. I fetch most of my "luxury items" there. Merci pour ton soutient! xx

  32. All the quotes found me and touched me in different areas. I think true-soul-satisfying work is just not the work that the world is set up for - rare are those who are well-off from many of those pursuits. It still makes them worthwhile - and not - not - a hobby! And you managed to elevate liver to new heights. In theatre - it's all in the timing - and that's partly true in cooking - but of course it's all in the ingredients.

  33. You are one of the most creative women I have met through venue and I look forward always to reading your posts. An inspiration!

  34. Luce tan lindo éste exquisito y sencillo plato me gusta el higado presentado en forma armoniosa como ud lo hace ,sus fotos son espectaculares y me encanta su talento para escribir,saludos,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  35. EXREMELY PROUD of this recipe, being a Malaysian ;)

    Writer's block is something I've been struggling too. But I love your motivation to continue no matter what. Bravo :)

  36. its evident u are a fighter, it needs a lot of spirit & gumption to stay as positive as u are amongst harships... i really admire this virtue (amongst many many others). i think there is no need for me to say this as u must have heard it a thousand times, u are a fantastic photographer, writer & cook... i am in awe of ur cakes & bakes & cannot fathom why nobody has recognised ur many skills & approached u yet. all i can say is, i see very good things happening to u in the future, for sure. also ur encouragement & positive comments are something i always look forward to :)

  37. je rejoins Gracianne dans son commentaire. patience. En tout cax, je t'embrasse.

  38. Hi Rosa!
    Reading through your post I thought I saw me in u. Like u I didnt find my place like u I have not worked somewhere long enough in europe to recieve Arbeitslosengeld and like u I am dependend of my darling. my cv is a mess too since I have been in india since I finnished college. we had our restaurant business for 3 years in goa but we had to close it last year because of our drunken cook and because we couldnt find a replace and because the indian goverment doesnt allow me to work here in india till I get my freaking Pio card, which I have applied for 14 months ago.
    Switzerland is the most expensive country in europe to live in (next to the UK) and I know what it means to stare at wonderful food in the shops there, knowing that u wouldnt be able to buy all that wonderful stuff. maybe Rosa u and your boyfriend would like a country like india or some other in Asia were u can live peaceful and u have all the essentials. Lots of ppl have been moving from europe to goa the past months.
    Rosa u just have to be discovered by somebody who sees cash in your art. Live of an Artist is for sure not easy but u love doing what u r doing right?

    coming back to your liver rendang... I am intending to try this recipe out since I am a liver fan and because I have all ingredients lying at home. I just dont have peanutoil, can I use somethings else instead?

  39. De belles saveurs....qui réunies font un plat très très gourmand....comme je les aime !
    bravo Rosa et bon weekend !

  40. As I always say to my sons, "no matter what happens in your lives, never give up". I love your blog which suggests that you're such a strong and special person.
    Lovely dish Rosa! Have a great weekend!

  41. We certainly follow different paths and yes, some are less fortunate than others...however, please don't give up...your talents are unique Rosa.

    Just a suggestion from my own experience. When I graduated from achitectural design, there were absolutely no paying jobs at the time. After much disappointment and much aggravation, I had decided to offer my services for free. After a few months and the fourth working place later, I had landed a very decent project and it was history after that. Through that whole time, I became very enrichened with experience etc.
    I hope this tiny part of my life encourages you to do the never know ;o)

    Hopefully going forward, your path will smoothen out Rosa.
    Ciao for now,

  42. Lots of exotic ingredients goin' on in might convert some liver haters still!

  43. trekking your blog!!!
    thank you for the gift certificate! Love it so much! I posted my orders on my blog. hehehe


  44. I have learnt that there will always be some one who is seemingly richer, smarter, happier and more successful than I am. However, I also constantly remind myself that despite the problems that we face, there are still millions of people who would die to have my life... in that sense, I am still blessed and I know I am in a better position to make life even better.

  45. Hi Rosa,
    I LOVE your blogue and I always admired you, your writing and photos but, after today, after what I read, I admire you even more and I so wish you all the happiness and the good you deserve!!
    Cheers, thanks for another amazing and very emotional writing, for your superbe pictures and for sharing with us another fantastic recipe.

  46. Rosa, your blog is a wonderful accomplishment--and continues to be! This dish is another example of the creativity you present here. I love these flavors, and I want to attempt a rendang one of these days.

  47. Wow! amazing dish. Have a great week-end!

  48. I have never prepared rendang at home..can't even remember when I last had pork liver..must be a decade ago..
    This looks really mouthwatering and great with rice.

  49. I'm so impressed with this dish, Rosa! I generally don't eat liver very often but would certainly make an exception for this!

  50. What a heartfelt post. I feel for your situation Rosa, and can sympathise. I am sure that such a talented woman as yourself will be snaffled up in no time at all when a publisher or magazine editor reads this post! Best wishes for the future.

  51. love the henry rollins quote.
    not a fan of this dish BUT I do love the spices in it.

  52. Your writing and photography are both so full of creative energy, what you are doing seems a perfect vehicle for your talents... minus the paycheck :( But you are able to really spin gold with what you have Rosa, I'm glad you have found something that makes you happy, and am glad to be able to share it with you!

  53. Dear Rosa: You are one of the most creative, talented, and successful people I know. Most important, you're very inspiring! xoxo

  54. very nice!! I love the idea!

  55. you must be a miracle worker, rosa--you've managed to make liver look tasty to me!

  56. There have been many times over the past few years that I have been unemployed myself. Even now I work on one year contracts so the future is uncertain. Regardless through photography, through writing, through being creative we see the beauty all around us and take pleasure in the small things. Never stop dreaming Rosa because it brings us inspiration.

  57. Rosa *hugs*. I'm going through almost exactly what you're going through. Why do you think I started the stories about my first love? I've lost a lot of inspiration due to many things. Even my cooking and baking isn't what it used to be. However, you have so many readers and so many who support you and your beautiful blog, including myself, so I hope that helps a little. You are gifted and talented, and your posts only seem to get better. OK, on another note..I don't like liver, but your adaption of this liver redang makes me want to eat it! :)

  58. I love spices :) nice the photo with the grass!
    see you soon

  59. Hi Rossa, I love how you always found your inspiration! This looks so lovely :) Stuning photos!

  60. Reading this post has me a bit sad but at the same time I can identify with the blank screen, low pay & frequent creative struggles. Yes, our lives don't parallel each others in many ways ~ but then no ones does.
    As artists we are touched with a gift & at the same time a curse. My emotions ride a daily roller coaster of elation & confusion. Finding a middle ground is best.
    Rosa, you are such a wonderful person + I am so happy to have you as my friend even though we have never met for reals.
    Hang in there girl. Your talents are astounding. You bring so much rich culture into this world with you recipes, gorgeous photography + brilliant prose. I do believe you will be rewarded with riches of many kinds. The likes of Travel + Leisure should hire you & I do hope that happens one day soon! xoxo

  61. This spice paste is divine! Beautiful flavors all around :)

  62. Oh Rosa...I hear you and I am so sorry you felt discouraged sometimes. I was just wondering, with your baking and cooking skill, is it possible to send some of your items online?

    For example, like selling cookies for a start and see what is the response. Perhaps this is one way of getting some sort of an income? I am not sure if this could work there.

    Wishing you all the best Rosa :D

  63. Rosa - inspiring post as always. Most impressive that you've actually made a Malaysian/ indonesian dish with your own twist, and without using any shortcuts when comes to the spice mix. A big thumbs up to you from a Malaysian cook:)

  64. You really have great talents. Your photography is truly amazing and you write wonderfully in an engaging manner. I am sure there are wonderfulthings in store for you. Good luck.. I am gonna try this recipe with chicken livers..

  65. Liver Rendang is new to me but wouldn't mind trying it.

  66. HELENE DSOUZA: Thank you for your support and kind words! It is interesting to know other people who have experienced the same problems as me and who have found a way to exist in this society. Well, I'd love to live somewhere in Northern Europe (UK or Scandinavia - a dream). I'm not sure I could move somewhere hot as I suffer from the heat... Unfortunately, moving to a new country is difficult when one has absolutely no money and no working experience. :-( Yes, hopefully, someone will discover me...
    Regarding the Rendang, you can make it with any neutral tasting oil (sunflower or grapeseed oil). I hope you'll like this recipe. xx

  67. Rosa, I so appreciate your honesty and opening up. the fact that you are a fighter will make it happen for you...probably not at the time you would want it, but hang in there, do what you do with gusto like you have been doing and at some stage life will perceive your efforts and open that door for you. I wish that with all my heart.
    In the meantime, I'm looking at this recipe and with our cold here in Europe...this is something that will bring warmth to body and soul(like your blog does for so many of your readers!).

  68. Dear Rosa,

    It takes a lot of courage to go through hardships like that and I know you are a super-strong-woman. Look at that dish. I am a vegetarian and am tempted to taste some ;-) ..that is power of YOU.

    Love all the quotes and they jell so well with the article :D


  69. This looks and sounds amazing Rosa! You are amazing and what a fantastic post.

  70. Dear Rosa, I'm SO proud of you for continuing with your blog, for making and finding beautiful things in life, especially when your circumstances are so painful and feel hopeless. I'm in a similar situation. I can't go "home" and I'm not allowed to work in Australia so I'm dependent on my man too. It's such a difficult place to be in, but I trust things WILL get better for both of us one day soon. Big hugs to you. :-)

  71. Your heart and your gut often hold the best answers to what you really want to do in life. And a little liver goodness along the way is sure to make everything all right. ;)

  72. En ce moment, je lis attentivement les recettes de Gordon en Asie... Une belle idée autour du foie Rosa.

  73. Hi Rosa! This post actually surprised me as I couldn't realize that you are going through hardship by coming to your blog and seeing beautiful work of writing and photography. Just remember - not everyone can do what you do. Luckily world is smaller than before and there are more ways for you to work worldwide. You give so much inspiration to others all the time and it will come back to you to give you strength and luck. As always astonishing work and thank you for being so open and talk about some personal things. I'll be thinking of you!

  74. I really wish to thank you all for the kind and heartwarming comment you left on my blog!
    You rule! xxx

  75. Hang in there Rosa!! Your blog is a gem, really your talents are amazing and each recipe with ophots only get better and better. I wish you the best and send you abrazos from Texas!

  76. Wow - those flavours sound incredible together! Like you, I struggle to find out what it is that I am meant to be doing in life - or rather, what I want to do does not pay. But I am lucky enough to have a job and I am very grateful for that. I admire your resilience in the face of such negativity.

  77. That dish looks and sounds amazing Rosa. It is indeed hard - especially in this day and age - to be unemployed with no immediate outlook to a better future. We're in no way the same situation, but since Tom is also unemployed I do know a little bit how hard it is to find a new job. And if that lasts for years, you're entitled to get depressed every once in a while. You could maybe become a professional blogger. Not sure how that would work but there are loads of people that do it, so why not you?
    You certainly have the necessary skills! Wishing you all the best and hope the situation improves soon!

  78. Rosa-I continually look at you for inspiration. You are deep, kind and extremely talented! As for "very few friends" you have ALL of us bloggers! You're such an amazing photographer and cook!

    Katie {Epicurean Mom Blog}

  79. Rosa, you are an artist. I write this often to you...It shows in everything you write and post.

    You took a basic food source and brought it to a new level. Amazing. This is a creative and passionate dish.


  80. God this post really touched my heart Rosa...
    I have to tell you my friend you are an awesomely talented person, with your writing, photography and cooking skills any publication will be jumping to have u on board. My grandmom use to say, sometime its just about being at the right place at right time. And trust me that will happen. Good things happen and I believe that.
    Everytime I visit ur blog I spend time thinking can I vere take a picture like her, you inspire me and so many others..... U are truly gifted.
    Love love this dish, so creative and delicious. Yum!!!!

  81. What a remarkable dish, Rosa. With your recipes and amazing photo's you really are an inspiration.

  82. Rosa, thank you for your kind words :) I hope I'll hear from you soon :)
    Love this recipe, and the photos are amazing, like I said :)

  83. Great blog, I love your recipes and post!
    I´m your new follower.
    I invite you to visit my blog, I hope you enjoy it.
    I have a google traslator, so you can read without problems!
    Kisses from Spain ^^

  84. Dear Rosa You have talents and I do hope you find your place in the world soon. You say you don't leave the house most days. I say take your camera and start walking first thing each morning. I find it always helps me when I'm feeling down.

  85. rosa, rosa, rosa..... as you can see from the above messages you received, you are someone expceptional but YOU need to believe it !!! I'm not telling you this bcz I'm your friend but you a gifted person but believe it and go ahead, don't worry the world isn't completely bad as you think !!
    We need to see each other, let's set a date next week :)
    Hugs mon amie !!

  86. Rosa, what a marvelous recipe for liver, unfortunately my husband does not eat liver, therefore, I just can enjoy it from the computer screen ;-)
    Hope you are having a great week!

  87. Rosa , I waited a few days before writing :your post moved me so much because I " know" what you are talking about . I felt just like you and I had t leave my country after losing everything I had ( and I'm not twenty anymore ) so..I had to begin my life again , I had no money , nor a real work , even if I had a really good one BEFORE . But I believed in myself and I never stopped dreaming ,and today my dreams are coming true . You must believe in yourself , in your amazing talents . Believe , Rosa ....

  88. Keep positive and keep doing what you are doing - you are good at it! I hope that something changes soon for you to bring you that joy that you deserve.

  89. Rose, hang in there babe and you will feel better. I had no idea you were going though all these frustation but staying at home all day and with veru few friends around plus no job can make you go mad. It does to me too! Your blog is beautiful and i know very soon you will get some offer from somewhere for something that you like doing. Have faith sweetie (((HUGS)))

  90. Rosa, considering all the bad in your life your attitude is commendable. Good for you for looking at things as positive as you can. Everything has a way of working out,and I'm sure things will for you. But in the mean time the work you have done on this beautiful space is something to be VERY proud of.

    You are so right on the expensive food thing. I am frugal and make good inexpensive food choices. The most humble of ingredients can be transformed into the best food ever! Just like your liver rendang - it looks amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. Hugs!

  91. Rosa,
    Never sell yourself short. You are a creative soul. The creative people seem to be the closest to God even if they don't know him. We are created in his image and he is master of creativity. You are valued more than you know. Firstly, your photos are styled with such finesse and your writing is raw and worthy. Sometimes when we lose touch with who made us, we sink a little. Just know you are loved greatly by the one that put all that creativity inside of you. Keep doing what you are doing. It brings a light to the world.

  92. After reading your article I need to let you know that we pretty much all suffer from these doubts. You are very normal and quirky and interesting and good at what you do. I would never heave guessed that you try to do things on the cheap or that you doubt yourself in any way. Some of your ideas and your photos are amazingly original and give many many people inspiration. I wish you lived closer to me because I waste a lot of ingredients , as I am given a lot of things from the wholesale business that I have just finished working at....... its unfair. Still I think you do so well because you have to really think about it. Good luck lovely Rosa

  93. Isn't it hard to pull oneself up by the bootstraps when we feel so low? Why do we have to fit into a certain mold to feel accomplished, happy with oneself or just plain content? You have broken the mold, Rosa. You are an amazing human being with unbelievable talents. Think of all of us that you have touched through your recipes, photos and stories. Why does it need to be more than that in our society? No reason. You share your love of life with us every day. I, personally, want to thank you so very much. Meeting you and getting to know you through your blog has meant so much to me. Don't ever sell yourself short. You are an amazing human being every single day. Thank you for being there. xoxo

    PS DIVINE was my code word. SEE!!!! You are DIVINE!

  94. I am not the biggest liver lover but I think I may have to try this one.

    Just know that there are so many people that you have a very positive influence on with your incredible work. We're sending warm thoughts your way.

  95. Rosa, I appreciate your honest text. There are many people in a similar situation. A couple of decades back it wasn't such a disaster if someone didn't have a career. My mother, for example, stayed at home by choice. She was never bored or unhappy about it. Today there is more pressure, and not having a job is considered a failure. The values of our society dictate that we must define ourselves by economical criteria. How narrow minded identity and world view is that!

    There are many levels of understanding and inner wealth that are beyond the materialistic definition of oneself. We, as living beings, are more than our looks, mental or intellectual capasity, education, job description, bank balance, nationality, race, religion.... Therefore, happiness and satisfaction are open to us in all circumstances, even in the middle of external misery.

    It is better to be financially poor than internally or spiritually. The best things in life are free: love, compassion, wisdom, truthfulness...

    You are intelligent enough not to let a populistic idea of success to blur your judgement. You are perfect as you are, even if your situation doesn't allow it to be recognized by the community.