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I have had a very bad experience with seaweed and until not too long ago the sheer thought of eating that sea veggie gave me shivers. After having had a very bad encounter with seaweed in the past I have never trusted myself to give it another try...

Well, you have to know that the reason why seaweed repulsed me to highest point and made me feel unsecure is due to the fact that when I was a child I was forced to take kelp tablets. As I could not swallow
them they were crushed with littel jam. That combination was absolutely horrid! It took me hours to get that mixture down and I had to struggle a lot in order to finish it. That episode traumatized me and from then on seaweed became a taboo subject.

Anyway I am a daring person who likes to try out new things (well, maybe not ALL things), so when my friend Corinne proposed to give me a box of mixed seaweeds
I could not refuse her offer. There was no way I was going to chicken out. I had to make my own experiences with those sea plants that are highly nutritious, healthy and extremely abundant.

"Love is like seaweed;
even if you have pushed it away, you will not prevent it from comin
g back"
- Nigerian proverb

As a matter of fact, apart from being interesting culinary-wise, the health benefits of seaweed are plenty. All of the minerals we need are present in sufficient amount and they contain many trace elements as well as vitamins. Certain seaweeds are up to 30 times higher in minerals than land food and can cleanse the body of toxic polluants (brown algae). They are also good for the hair (growth, shininess, thickness...), the mental health and the metabolism, they help regulate the hormones, awaken sexual desire, enrich the bloodstream and give a youthful skin color. A perfectly balanced natural food; Mother Nature's gift. Da bomb indeed!

Well, as I am not acquainted with that special vegetable gro
wing in our seas I did not know how I should use it. After a little research on the net I found out that it was not difficult to cook with seaweed since it can be prepared just like any other veggie. As it somewhow reminds me of spinach I decided to prepare it in the same way as that plant. If we can make creamed spinach why can't we also make "Creamed Seaweed With Lemon"?

The result was fantastic! The garlic and shallots bro
ught lots of flavor to that dish, the lemon took away some of the smelliness/fishiness of the seaweed and the cream added a little roundness to it all. It wasn't bad at all!

I must say that my "Creamed Seaweed With Lemon" had a refined taste and was very enjoyable. Something I will definitely try again and again.

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~ Creamed Seaweed With Lemon ~
Recipe by Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums 2010.

1 Shallot, finely chopped
1 Clove garlic, finely chopped
1 Tbs Unsalted butter
2 Cups Mixed seaweed (brown, green and red seaweed/dulse, kelp, wakame), thouroughly washed & chopped coarsely
The juice of 1/2 lemon (or to taste)
5 Tbs Double cream
Sea salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste

1. Over medium high melt the butter and let it brown.
2. Add the shallot and fry for about 1 minute, then add the garlic and fry for another 1 -2 minute (the shallots have to be transluscent).
3. Add the seaweed and stir fry for about 2 minutes.
4. Add the lemon, stir fry for another minute.
5. Add the cream, season to taste, mix well and cook for 1 minute more.
6. Serve.

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You can use one small onion instead of a shallot.
The cream can be replaced by light cream or cream cheese (use 4 Tbs instead of 5 Tbs)

Serving suggestions:
Serve as side dish together with fried/steamed fish (salmon, trout, tilapia, tuna, etc... ) or fried/poached/scrambled eggs (or omelet) and boiled/fried potatoes or rice.


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~ Algues Au Citron Et A La Crème ~
Recette par Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums 2010.

1 Echalotte, finament hachée

1 Gousse d'ail, finement hachée
1 CS (15g) de Beurre non-salé
100g (2 tasses) d'Algues mixtes (brunes, vertes er rouges/dulse, kelp, wakame), lavées et coupées en morceaux grossiers

Le jus d'un demi citron
(ou selon goût)
5 CS de Crème double
Sel de mer, selon goût

Poivre, selon goût

Seaweed Picnik collage 6 bis
1. A feu moyennement élevé, faire fondre le beurre et le laisser brunir afin d'obtenir un beurre noisette.
2. Ajouter l'échalotte et faire revenir pendant 1 minute, puis ajouter l'ail et faire revenir pendant 1 à 2 minutes supplémentaires (les échalottes doivent être translucides).

3. Ajouter les algues et les cuire pendant 2 minutes, tout en remuant.

4. Ajouter le citron et faire cuire pendant une autre minute sans cesser de remuer.

5. Ajouter la crème et assaisonner et faire cuire 1 minute supplémentai
re en oubliant pas de bien remuer.
6. Servir.

L'échalotte peut être remplacée par un petit oignon blanc et la crème double par de la crème légère ou du fromage frais Philadelphia (4 CS au lieu de 5 CS).

Idées de présentation:
Servir avec du poisson frit/cuit à la vapeure (saumon, truite, tilapia, thon, etc...) ou des oeufs au plat/pochés/brouillés (ou de l'omelette) et des pommes de terre cuites à l'eau/grillées ou du riz.

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  1. Ohhh Original et très étonnant pour moi Rosa, ça me tente beaucoup et le côté Healty m'attire énormément aussi ...
    Jolies Photos comme toujours !
    Bon week-end ;)

  2. Lovely clicks Rosa! Like the sunset click with the riots of colors.

  3. Je n'aime pas les algues, par contre sur tes photos ca donne envie d'essayer !

  4. Such a wonderful recipe Rosa, it reminds me of those childhood memory when I was a kid. The seaweed, we called this "bulung" in Balinese language, was a fresh seaweed right out from the ocean that my parent, sisters, and I would gathered together. We did on the weekend, we'd go all the way in the middle of the ocean when the tide were low. My sisters and I would be singing out loud. Then, we'd brought this to my grand mother's house, she would toasted fresh coconut, and made spices to go with it. The seaweed was eaten fresh or uncooked. The main ingredient would be galangga. They used to even sell this dish "bulung salad" on the beach. Not sure if people in Bali still picking up this fresh seaweed now days. I never even seen bulung vendor on the beach anymore, such a shame.

    Anyway, your recipe sounds delectable, and love that proverb. It is so true!

  5. You make me dream with your flying recipes! I wish I could share with you some of your plates at this foodies picnic! Which is unfortunately a bit too far away from me..

  6. bravo Rosa !! super ! anything else you are scared to try ;)
    A bientot !

  7. You are really brave! I guess, if I had such childhood memories, I wouldn't touch seaweed ever again! Maybe one day I am gonna give this a try.

  8. I've never tried seaweed in this preparation, very unique and sounds excellent!

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  10. Beauty and delicious Rosa!! Have a lovely weekend! xx gloria

  11. i try it! looks delicious:) yumyum :)

    ps: heyyy honey, did you get my e-mail ?

  12. So interesting, Rosa! :-) I know seaweed is VERY good for you, but I really haven't known what to do with it apart from sushi. Thanks for this recipe! :-)

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    I like the latest song on your sidebar but I don't see the name of it....


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  17. I actually find you very daring, culinary wise! I love coming to your blog and finding unusual ingredients and exotic dishes. This one is certainly intriguing!

  18. Hey Rosa, this is a great dish. I'm going to show it to my Mom, as I believe seaweed helps people with thyroid problems. She'll love it!

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  25. Hi Rosa,

    I'm very curious how it tasted... I have never tried fresh sea weed yet, only dried one / sushi wraps...

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Margot

  26. your dish looks amazing,rosa!

  27. I never have eaten seaweed prepared in this way, looks great, I can imagine how well your dish tastes. We always have Nori sheets at home, sometimes I use Wakame, others I have never seen in shops around here. Too bad.

  28. What an interesting recipe! I actually really like seaweed so intrigued to try this!

  29. I am very glad you are a daring person, I don`t think I would have even try to give it a second chance having had such experience at childhood.
    As always your work and Blog is an absolute pleasure to visit and see.
    Lovely photos and colours ♥

  30. Bravo for moving past the unpleasant memories and forging forward. A fantastic dish, I adore seaweed but would not have thought to use it in such a dish. Splendid :)

  31. you know what, i'm going to make this just now for lunch. We have packetsof dried seaweed, a gift from our departing healthy brother, that I had no idea how to use. tell you how it goes but i already think its going to be yummy. - krsta

  32. I can just imagine the taste of that seaweed in a tablet mixed with jam! enough to traumatize anyone! This dish though is lovely and light and delicious!

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  34. un petit coucou de passage

    bon dimanche rosaaaaaaaaa

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  36. As a landlubber, I have never tried seaweed. I would prefer to make it from pieces of leek. Liebe Grüsse.

  37. Wow, i would have never thought to do this, but it looks like a success! Thanks for sharing the health benefits of seaweed too, it is such a great superfood.

  38. Absolutely enticing. All the health and mental properties of seaweed are news to me! And I love me some seaweed! Nice, nice work, Rosa girl!

  39. Vraiment une bonne et heureuse idée très iodée et originale... et le plus, chez toi, l'enchantement des photos magnifiques partout où tu passes... bises

  40. I am so impressed that you gave this a shot. Your experience is something like my cod liver oil experience as a kid, which pushed me over the brink and made me hate anything fish. I am inspired by your story, and post... the seaweed dish sounds light and flavourful! How very creative. Well done Rosa!

  41. I would eat all of them! :) lovely!

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  46. There are a couple of things I still have a hang up about eating - a throwback from my childhood when my parents would force us to eat things that were 'good for us'. Luckily seaweed isn't one of them :)

  47. Kelp tablets and littel jam....sounds horrible! I used to have to swallow crushed tablets-normal tablets that it- because I couldn't swallow them whole. That was traumatic enough......
    But that sounds like nothing compared to kelp tablets.....

    Luckily I've had good experiences with seaweed =D I've always loved it. I usually eat it in an asian salad I think.....but this looks like a really delicious way of cooking it!

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  51. Rosa...if I'm served in a very reputable Asian restaurant...I will usually have a seaweed salad...especially if there's a slight sweetness to it.
    I've personally never made it myself.

    Gorgeous, dreamy photos ;o)

    Ciao for now,

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    Delicious captures of seaweed, btw!

    Sawadee from bangkok,

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