Sunday, September 2, 2007


This week, Astrid, Kashim and Othello at "The Catboys Realm" (Austria) are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging under the sign of silence and rememberance...

The Cat Blogosphere, Maruschka, Fridolin and myself are very sad and ask you to light a candle with us on your blog on Friday, Saturday or Sunday in Remembrance of all our dear furriends we had to say goodbye lately and those who came before.

Rest in peace little cuties, dearest companions:

Anastasia, Oscar the Puppy Cat, Ubee, Paul, Taboo, Sundance, Chatham, Suzanne, TeaCup Zephaniah, Biscuit Sinatra (still missing), Elijah Bob (still missing), Jack Skellington (still missing), Echo Baby, Captain Kitty, Abby, Jetta, Whiskers, Brendan, Mo
, Ariel, Buzzerbee, Mignon, Ariel, Murphy, Mia, Brandwyn, Celeste, Slinky, Haiku, Cricket, Gunther, unnamend woofie friend of Peach, Whiskers, Edith, Keiser, Ebony, Davidson, Lola, Stumpy, Scooter, Scrappy, sister Peanut the Ferret, sister Fiona Ferret, Uncle Tiger, Mama Kitty, Doggie Bonnie, and the Fish, woofie furrends Suzy and Pluto, Athena, Edloe, Piper, Krissie, Freda, Morris, Mao, Mao 2, Mao 3, Mao (Uncle Mao), Joonyer, Perl...


  1. They bring so much to our lives, and don't really ask for much in return. Have a nice Sunday, Rosa

  2. C'est toujours triste de perdre un animal... mais on sait ausi que leur vie est quand même plus courte que celles des humains.

  3. oh lala il me fait rappeler trop mon chatton il me manque tellement

  4. Je comprends ton chagrin.Ce chat était tellement beau !
    Bises et à bientôt

  5. BLUE CAT: Yes, that's true! They are a continual source of enchantment... Bises!

    MAMINA: Oui, bien sûr. Quelle que soit la durée de vie d'un être, ça fait mal car lorsqu'on a une relation privilégiée, les sentiments sont forts...

    BANISOU: Ton chatton devait être beau...

    CYNTHIA: Great! Thanks in the name of all the people who have lost their dear cat...

    PAOLA: Merci! En fait, je n'ai pas perdu Maruschka (fort heureusement elle est toujours en vie :-D)... Par contre, ce billet est dédié à tous ceux qui ont perdu leur compagnon(s). Bises!

  6. FLO: Oui, un vrai de vrai ;-P! Bises...

  7. Hi Rosa,

    Was busy looking for some pictures of Hermance and found your site.

    As a fellow foody, I have vivid memories of a restaurant I visited in 2005, by the lake where I ate lake perch al fresco, and am trying to confirm it is in Hermance.

    Let me know if you know of this restaurant.