Monday, September 3, 2007


It's incredible how time passes fastly... A year ago, the first "La Festa Al Fresco" (see round-up Part 1 & Part 2) was launched successfully (see my recipe) and now, the second edition is already taking place (deadline: 3 Setpember at midnight)!

"La Festa Al Fresco" is hosted by it's talented creator Yvonne of "Cream Puffs In Venice" from Toronto (Canada) and the lovely Lis of "La Mia Cucina" from Ohio (USA). Both would like to celebrate the final days of another glorious summer with an outdoor feast, but are desperately in need of ideas. Therefore, we wre all invited to prepare any dish we like for their party, as long as it features one fresh seasonal ingredient (see infos).

This time, I was inspired by a Mexican and Mexican-American (Tex-Mex) dish called "Chile Verde" or "Green Chili" (in English). You see, at home, Tex-Mex food is highly appreciated. I regularly have a strong craving for this unique, exotic conforting, spicy, fresh and tastebud-bashing cuisine. So, I strongly believe that with this course's festive characteristics, it is the perfect food for such kinds of events.

"Chile Verde" is somehow a distant cousin and a lighter version of the beef chili we all know. Although, it is generally made
with tomatillos, mine uses bell peppers as a replacement.This meat stew is the ideal filling for the "San Francisco Burrito". You'll find it in many taquerias in this part of California...

My "Pork Green Chili" is very interesting flavor-wise as the bell pepper and the chili confer an uncomparable fragrance that is very summery, delicate and "green". It has the extraodinary power to transport you out of your environment, to a dreamlike place where the waters are turquoise blue and the beaches are white. A wonderful culinary experience that will make your delighted tastebuds ask for more! And, as it's moderatly hot (very mild) and spicy, that dish should please everybody. Believe me, after your guest have tasted to this wonderful "Chile Verde", you are going to be the life of the party!

~Pork Chile Verde ~
Recipe by Marlena Spieler "Les Meilleures Recettes - Cuisine Mexicaine" and adapted by Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums.

Serves 2.

600g Pork neck/shoulder, cubed
1 Large onion, chopped

2 Laurel leaves
1 Large garlic head, unpeeled and cut i n half (horizentally)
1 Chicken stock cube
Enough water to cover the meat
5 Cloves garlic, chopped
3 (450g) Medium tomatoes, c
1 Big green bell pepper, chopped
1 Green chili, chopped

3 Tbs Peanut oil
1/2 Tsp Sweet chili powder (Ancho or New Mexico)
1 Tsp Ground cumin
1/2 Tsp Sugar

Salt to taste
For the topping:
A bunch (6-8 tbs) fresh coriander, choppped
1 lime cut in quarters

1. Put the pork, chopped onion, laurel leaves, halved garlic head and the stock cube in a pan.
2. Cover the meat with water and bring to the boil.
3. Reduce the heat to low and gently simmer until the meat is tender, about 45-60 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, put the chopped garlic, tomatoes, chili and bell pepper in the bowl of a mixer and process until you obtain a smooth puree.
5. When the meat has finished cooking, heat the oil in a pan and pour the puree into it, then add the meat, sieved juice (in which it cooked), the chili powder, ground cumin and sugar.
6. Let simmer for 30-45 minutes or until the sauce has become thick.
8. Salt to taste and r
ectify the seasoning if needed.
9. Serve with some chopped coriander and lime juice sprinkled
over the top (from the lime quarters).

Instead or pork, you can use skinless and boneless chicken thighs cut into pieces.
You'll need one "Anaheim Chili" (see link) for this recipe. You can substitute it by "New Mexico Green Chile" (hotter), "Poblano Chile" (sweeter & slightly hotter) or "Big Jim Chile" (hotter).
Replace the "Sweet Chili Powder" by ground paprika or ground "Cayenne Pe
You should use about 225ml sieved juice from the meat. If you don't have enough, then add a little water.

Serving suggestions:
Serve with warm homemade "Tortillas", either wrapped in them in order to create a "Burrito" or using them to dip into the sauce.
Another ideal accompaniment is "Guacamole" or/and "Salsa".

Visit Marlena Spieler's site here...


  1. Dear Rosa--you make me want to go into the kitchen and make this chile verde myself! (I'm so happy you like this, as i am author of the book you've chosen it from).

    but first, i must read through your weekend of cat blogging. from the picture featured, it would appear that my own dealy beloved and dearly departed Freud was having a visit to your home.

    so now, off to get some anaheims and maybe even a poblano or two? its totally weather for chile verde right here right now.

    thanks for reminding me, and i hope you're turns out as well as....well as well as mine is smelling right this minute.

    xoxo marlena

    Dear Marlena,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the very kind comment!
    I really loved your recipe! It was fantastic! Your book is also great and interesting. I've seen many recipes that I'm looking forwards to making one of those days! That kind of food is ever so fine...

    Unfortunately, here in Switzerland, it is very difficult to get all those different kinds of chilies. Tex-Mex food isn't as big as in the US or in the UK.

    Mmmhhh, I could just eat another "Chile Verde" now! Maybe I'll make one of your recipes for the weekend...

    I'm glad you like my WCB posts!




  3. C'est le genre de recette qui me plaît beaucoup !
    Avec du guacamole ou de la salsa, ça doit être divin...

  4. c'est amusant, les deux blogs suisses que je lis me donnent l'impression de voyager bien plus loin :)))) exotisme quand tu nous tiens ...

  5. hummmm ça à l'air super bon!!

  6. Hi Rosa,

    It is indeed really hard to believe how quickly time passes by. But I'm so thrilled that through all this time, you have remained such a wonderful blog friend.

    Thanks for coming to the party two years in a row and bringing this incredible dish. I'm really into Mexican food right now so I think I'm going to sample your dish before any others!

  7. merci rosa pour ton message.
    ton assiette a l air bonne
    avec klk gouttes de citron vert..miam

  8. Dis donc... ca irait vachement bien avec ma soupe d'avocat! Moi en entrée, toi en plat principal??? Qui fait le dessert??! ;-D

  9. Tout à fait ce que nous aimons à la maison :o)

  10. pour moi ce sera avec du poulet
    quel honneur d'avoir la visite de l'auteur du livre qui t'a servi pour faire cette recette

  11. MINGOUMANGO: Merci! Oui, avec le guacamole et la salsa, c'est mortel!

    MARION: Hehe, on doit bien rêver avec cet été maussade qu'on a eu! J'adore l'exotisme...

    PETIT HIBISCUS: Merci! C'est délicieux, crois-moi...

    IVONNE: Thanks for your kind comment! I love you blog, so it's always great to visit it. I'll be there next year (if nothing exceptional happens before ;-P)...
    I hope that you'll like this gorgeous dish as much as I did!

    BENISOU: Merci! C'est un plat que je te recommande vivement!

    CLAIRECHEN: Oui, tout à fait! On est sur le même longueur d'onde ;-P... J'ai trouvé, Brigitte (Café Créole) à fait le dessert (crème d'avocat)!

    SYLVIE: Vous avez bon goût ;-P!!!

    MOUNET: C'est aussi sûrement très bon avec du poulet! Oui, ce fut un vrai honneur d'avoir sa visite et si rapidement après la publication de la recette!!!...

  12. Bon alors à 3 on a le menu complet
    Peut être un jour le réaliserons nous ensemble, it will be so fun

  13. Hum, superbe recette, contente de te retrouver, bises !

  14. I know! It doesn't seem like it was a year ago when I was drooling over your mojo verde!

    And now it's your Pork Chile Verde - it looks very tasty and something my husband would go crazy for!

    Thank you so much for joining in on the party again, Rosa!


  15. Je ne connais pas le chili vert, mais ce porc est bien veux bien apporter le dessert.

  16. Comme je te retrouve dans cet univers épicé mexicain ! J'adorerai pincer ce quartier de citron vert sur ces morceaux de viande et y planter ma fourchette, en attrapant une belle feuille de coriandre au passage ;)

  17. This is the second spicy pork dish I am seeing today and now I am craving pork :)

  18. Ah ! Encore une fois, tu la vends bien, ta recette. Après la manière dont tu en as parlé, qui saura résister ? Pas moi, en tout cas ! ;o)
    Bises et bonne journée

  19. J'adore ce genre de plat et là ca me donne vraiment faim

  20. BRIGITTEGUYANE: On est fortes, hein?! J'aimerais tellement réaliser ce menu à trois, ça serait sympa... Bises!

    GUYLAINE: Merci beaucoup! Moi de même! Bises...

    LIS: Thanks for passing by and for the very kind comment!
    It's terrible, I know. Time passes too fastly! No, it doesn't feel like one year has gone by since I posted about that "Mojo Verde".
    I'm looking forwards to seing your round-up!

    MAMINA: Merci! Tu es la bienvenue avec un dessert ;-P!...

    MARION: Merci :-D!...

    CYNTHIA: Yes, pork and spices go well together!

    HÉLÈNE (cannes): Et oui, il faut bien faire saliver les autres ;-P! Merci pour ce gentil commentaire. Bises et à bientôt!

    PAPRIKAS: Merci! Tu devrais l'essayer...

  21. Un beau plat plein de saveurs qui nous fait voyager un peu...
    Bonne journée Rosa!

  22. CHRIS: Merci! Contente qu'il te plaise... Bonne journée!

  23. Can I have some of that turquoise water and white sand? ;-D That description is out of this world and I love the taste of lime with chili peppers. Your recipe is a tribute to summer, Rosa!

  24. Merci Rosa pour ton petit message, je craque pour ton plat vraiment très appétissant.

  25. Recette sympa et exotique !

  26. j'adore ce style "mexicain"....

  27. GATO AZUL: I'd love to give you some, but I see none here ;-P! Thanks for the compliments!

    DOMINIQUE: Merci pour ta visite et ton gentil commentaire, Dominique! Bises...

    EDITH26: Merci :-D!

    SAB: Merci!

  28. ta recette me titille et je ne vais pas tarder à la mettre dans mon assiette

  29. Un plat haut en couleur et en épices ! Ca se fait rare ici avec les filles...mais j'en mangerai bien un de ces jours...

  30. Ce plat semble tout à fait délicieux. Il me tarde de l'essayer pour faire un peu changement.

  31. DOMIE: Contente qu'elle te plaise! Tu me diras ce que tu en auras pensé, ok...

    TIUSCHA: Merci! C'est vraiment délicieux, mais tout de même assez légèrement épicé (de manière délicate)...

    MISS DIANE: Merci, Diane! J'espère qu'il te plaira! Tu m'en donneras des nouvelles, ok?

  32. Mumm et une bonne bi�re pour accompner ce plat mexicain. Rien qu'en lisant la liste des ingr�dients, mes papilles s'agitent.

  33. HÉLÈNE: Merci et contente de savoir que j'ai fait frétiller tes papilles ;-P! Avec une bonne bière, c'est le paradis sur terre...