Sunday, July 29, 2007


This week, Kate and the beautiful Puddy at "A Byootiful Life" (Australia) are happy to announce that they are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #112...

To submit your kitty picture(s), you can either leave a message in their blog's comment section (with your permalinks) or contact them via e-mail without forgetting to give all the needed informations.

A very long time ago, Kitikata-San (I think... Thanks anyway!) had tagged me for a meme. It took me very long to do it and I'm very sorry for having made you wait an eternity for my answers...

Here are the "Seven Things About My Cat(s)":

1. Fridolin is a cheeky little monster who likes to create havok in the apartment. This morning, I had washing drying in the bath. He tried to pull down a towel and, of course, the clothes horse fell over with one awiful big clatter. All my stuff (make-up, combs, mirror, etc...) spilled over the bathroom floor... Grrrrrrrrr, sometimes I could strangle that cat!!!!

2. Maruschka is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She can be the usual sweet Maruschka for hours and hours, but as soon as her "food program" starts, her personality changes. She is then unreacheable, bizarre and looks like a lost soul walking up and down in the living room and staring at me like a ghost on acid! That's when she starts to make me go up the walls, no matter how much I try to not see her and act in a zen way!!!

3. Fridolin has a kangaroo leg since he had his accident (jumping out of the fifth floor window while trying to catch a pigeon). He is not handicaped, although he is a "cyborg" (metal in his leg) and jumps everywhere without problem, but when he sits, his leg doesn't really bend normally. Instead, it is kinda straight and points in front...

4. Maruschka likes to leave "presents" (poo, pee and barf) when she decides to show her discontent. For example, once she could not get a fly, well, two minutes later there was a nice smelly thing in the bathtub!!! I find it the most "pleasurable" (I'm being ironical, of course...) when I walk on one of her presents while coming out of the bedroom after a good night's sleep. Eeesh...

5. Fridolin is a finicky eater. For weeks he'll swallow his food like a crazy kitty and from one day to another, he'll refuse to touch it although he's hungry like a lion! The worst part is that he wants to eat, but nothing pleases him and he walks away with his nose up... Little snotty brat!!!

6. Maruschka doesn't really like to play. She gets bored very fastly (before me...) and just sits there looking at me trying to get her to move. Without success...

7. Fridolin and Maruschka love one another, but it doesn't stop them from fighting like two rabbid monsters. I hate it when they do that as hair flies in all directions, they make a disharmonious racket and you can be sure that Maruschka will be injured. The idiot! But my question is: why doesn't she fight back? I mean, she's a lot bigger than him, but prefers to be dominated. I guess it's that boring male/female thing...


  1. Your kitties sound darling, and infuriating, and brilliant, as all kitties are.
    How wonderful it is to chat with kitty slaves continents away!
    Thanks so much for visiting us and commenting. We so enjoy broadening our too domestic horizons and meeting kitties and their persons of other countries.
    Paws Across the Planet!
    Mosaic Cats, your new friends.
    (Mosaic Lady loves to eat and drink wine, so we'll be sure she comes back to see your food blog in the morning. She's in bed so we're up surfing.)

  2. Ha! Maruschka sounds like Max! He will play for about 10 seconds and then get totally bored :)

  3. Fridolin and Maruschka keep you on the go ! Nice stories.

  4. LOL!! Loved reading those!!!!! I have had cats that do things similar to your darling duo! And Upsie will barf if she's really annoyed at not being fed. It's so charming! But, we love them--so they know we will just have to deal with their tactics!!!!

  5. I enjoyed learning more about Fridolin and Maruschka. :) Maruschka, you sound naughty leaving those "presents" for your human. Fridolin, I'm a fussy eater too.

  6. LAURAW: Thanks for visiting my blog and for the very kind comment! Yes, all kitties are great! It is indeed wonderful to chat with "slaves" from around the world... I hope that your mom will enjoy the recipes on this site! Cheers from Maruschka and Fridolin...

    ANN: I see that Max is also a lazy cat ;-P...

    LAMIACUCINA: Yes, thanks!

    SHER: Hehe, I love their behaviour! Charming little animals ;-P... Yes, we love them so we are ready to put up with their ways and tactics!

    DRAGONHEART: She is a "naughty" little devil, but she is also soooooo cute ;-P! Fussy eaters are a real pain in the neck ;-P...

  7. Pour la 2 ème et dernière fois cet été, tu as vu Gustave sur mon blog... ça y est, il est reparti chez lui... je ne peux que photographier ma petite Miarbelle maintenant peut-être pour un dog blogging!

  8. heheheee you made me laugh while reading your describtion of your kitties.
    Kashim will do the same than your Maruschka, they could be siblings...

    but you two are sweeties anyway!

  9. MAMINA: Au revoir Gustave! Je crois qu'il existe un Weekend Dog Blogging...

    ASTRID, KASHIM & OTHELLO: Thanks! I see that you are also "unlucky" to have a dirty cat at home! Yes, when you think about it, it's funny, but on the moment, it makes you go up the walls!!!...