Sunday, July 22, 2007


This week, the gorgeous Kashim and Othello at "Paulchen's Foodblog" (Austria) are happy to announce that they are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #111 (see link)...

To submit your kitty picture(s), you can either leave a message in their blog's comment section (with your permalinks) or contact them via e-mail without forgetting to give all the needed informations.

Fridolin and Maruschka are still very calm.
The heat of the last days has had positive effects on them.
When it's hot and the air is humid, the two "monkeys" are real sweethearts and aren't like jumping peas on drugs!
Even Maruschka isn't as food-obsessed as usual...
A real miracle!!!


  1. Ils sont vraiment beaux tous les deux, jamais je ne retrouverais les miens ainsi dormant dans le même panier ! Bises et bon dimanche !

  2. Anytime, Rosa... I'll be glad to bake some corn muffins and scramble some eggs. Poor sweeties look like they are prostate with the heat. Can't say Feliz is too warm - it's just not happening this summer! Thanks for your picture choice. I'm happy for the feedback. Have a great Sunday.

  3. hübsch und friedlich liegen sie da.

  4. sweet pics of your two sweethearts!
    thanks fopr joining WCB!
    purrs and hugs K&O

  5. You both look very cute. :) I hope it cools down for you soon!

  6. Fridolin and Maruschka look so sweet - now how could they ever act so wild? :) Happy WCB! Purrs to you all- try and stay cool! Hugs

  7. Darlings, I bet your humans like it when you are calm and napping rather than fighting.

  8. aww, poor things. We're getting some rain nowadays so that's better for the kitties as it cools things down a lot.

  9. Such sweet faces! I hope the weather cools and you can get back to normal and raising all the heck you can.

  10. Oh, they both look so sweet relaxing in the heat.

  11. Your kitties are so cute! I want to join weekend cat blogging, but I don't quite understand what it is.

  12. Ils sont adorables tes chats ! Cela me donne envie d'en avoir un...
    Bises, Marie

  13. GUYLAINE: Merci! Les miens sont plutôt calmes. Bises...

    GATO AZUL: I'd love to eat your fine food! One day maybe, who knows?... Yes, they don't like the heat. Have a nice day!

    LAMIACUCCINA: Danke! Ja, sie sind ziemlich friedlich...

    ASTRID, KASHIM & OTHELLO: Thanks! Hugs...

    DRAGONHEART: Thanks! I don't, but I guess they do ;-P!

    BAD KITTY CATS & MEGAN: Thanks! Well, they are little devils ;-P... Hugs...

    KITIKATA-SAN: Yes, we humans LOVE it!!!

    BOO_LICIOUS: Yes, but the masters don't like it ;-P!...

    LHK: Thanks for passing by and for the kind comment! Yes, I bet they are looking forwards to that ;-P!

    SAMMAWOW-CHINA CAT-WILLOW: Thanks very much!

    VKO: Thanks for your visit and kind comment! WCB is an event that takes place every weekend. For more infos here's is a useful link:

    I hope it helps...

    MARIE CUISINE: Merci beaucoup! Je ne peux que te recommander d'en avoir ;-P... Bises!

  14. They looks so beautiful--and mellow! So, the heat is a very good thing for them! :):)

  15. SHER: Thanks, Sher! Yes, the heat acts positively on them ;-P!!!