Sunday, June 24, 2007


This week, rock star and super hero Scampy at "" (USA) is happy to announce that he is hosting Weekend Cat Blogging for the very first time on the occasion of this 107th edition!

To submit your kitty picture(s), you can either leave a message in his blog's comment section (with your permalinks) or contact him via e-mail without forgetting to give all the needed informations.

This weeka has been pretty calm here as the summery weather we've been enjoying seems tohave calmed Fridolin and Maruschka down.
When it's very hot in the apartment both kitties generally don't move and just lie around like two flat pancakes!
It is really great for me as they are then very brave and don't act like little two children who need to be spanked...
This week, I've added a guest kitty called Teli.
She's the sweet darling of my friend Rai of "The Ugly Fruit".
Rai has two beautiful cats (see link) who are really loveable and very friendly.
Both are still babies and they are ever so cute.
As Rai is going to move back to the US on Tuesday, Gizmo and Teli are going to have to take the aeroplane (in the cabin) and get used to a new home as well as a totally foreign environment...
I hope that they'll settle well!

As for you Rai, I wish you good luck with you new life and may your dreams come true!!!
It was a big pleasure to get to know you and to share some good (foodie) times with you!
You're already missed...


  1. les photos sont magnifiques, comme d'habitude.

    Bon dimanche

  2. Kashim and Othello act the same: its hot here in vienna and all they do is napping, sitting at the open window, drinkikng a lot and eating (but not very much).
    I think they don't like the summer too much. 'ceppt for the weekends we spent out of town at my parents, where the are able to attend the garden, fresh grass and shaddowy trees.

    hugs for maruschka and fridolin!

  3. Yes, it is so hot here too that the kitties are in bad moods hence no model poses from them. Lots of kisses to maruschka and fridolin and hope yr friend's cats settle in with their move to the USA.

  4. Il faut vraiment que j'essaie de photographier le monstrocat en pension chez moi pour l'été...
    Il a de si beaux yeux bleus!

  5. Pancake kitties are always nice to have and pet. Sorry fo you, to hear your friend is moving to the US. YAY for us in the USA to get back a Foodie! Safe travel to Rai and the 2 kitties.

  6. il est trop craquant !

  7. every week I get in new troubles, which are the most beautiful cats in the blog scene, is it Fridolin, Maruschka, Othello or Kashim ? Ce weekend c'est Fridolin !

  8. Hi Rosa!

    Thank you for your always-wonderful support of everyone and your participation in this week's WCB!


  9. Hey best of luck to your pal Rosa :)

    I've enjoyed all the kitty pics!

  10. Il est trop mimi !

  11. Il ressemble un peu à mon chat. Il est adorable et d'un beau pelage.
    Bisous, Doria

  12. Toujours superbes les photos de ton chat! Il prend bien la pose...

  13. They both look pretty content in those photos!

  14. not only are they being good but they are beautiful, as are the babies you gave the link to.

    thanks! see you all next week, i hope.

  15. Ils sont mimis comme tout ! je n'ai pas eu le temps de faire le cat blogging ce week-end ! Bises !

  16. MINOUSCHKA: Merci!

    ASTRID, KASHIM & OTHELLO: Your parents' house seems to be a great place for your cute kitties! My cats seem to suffer from the heat, especially when it's humid... Hugs!

    BOO_LICIOUS: Thanks for your kind words! My kitties are always in the mood for playing the models! Kisses to your cats...

    MAMINA: J'attends de voir sa photo! Les chats aux yeux bleus sont super beaux!

    LANNAE: Yes, they are great to pet when they lie like pancakes ;-P! Thanks for your kind words... Yes, a foodie more for you and one less for us :-( !

    SOUMIA: Merci!

    LAMIACUCCINA: Thanks ever so much for your nice compliment! I'm very happy to hear that...

    SCAMPERDUDE: Thanks to you too ;-P!

    SHIONGE: Thanks very much!

    SYLVIE: Merci :-D!

    DORIA: MErci beaucoup! J'adorerais voir ton chat... Bises.

    CHRIS: Merci, Chris :-D! Oui, il sait comment prendre la pose car il est zen ;-P...

    KATE: Yes, indeed ;-P!

    TABOO & WHALESHAMAN: Thanks for the kind comment! See you next week!

    GUYLAINE: Merci! J'espère qu'on verra tes chats la prochaine fois! Bises..